Essential Reads

Inside the Psychological Care for Refugees in Germany

How do therapists work through linguistic and cultural barriers to help their trauma-afflicted clients?

What Happens When Prejudiced People Meditate?

A new study finds that mediation can be a good vehicle for reducing prejudice towards the "other" who is not part of one's own ethnic group.

Why Dual Ticket Pricing at India’s Taj Mahal is Wrong

Price discrimination done incorrectly victimizes tourists & leaves them feeling humiliated & upset.

Why Are Filipino Americans Still Forgotten and Invisible?

Despite Filipinos' unique history in the U.S., large numbers, and many struggles that challenge the “model minority myth”, they are still ignored and rendered invisible. Why?

More Posts on Race and Ethnicity

Interracial dating—What factors contribute?

What might encourage or discourage interracial dating?

Why Is the Truth So Important?

Are you confused about your own experiences? Did they really happen or are you or your therapist distorting them? Who is the expert?

Hamilton: Making History

The beauty of "Hamilton," in its casting and musical styles, is that it manifests—and makes real—the inclusive potential that was there in the early moments of the United States.

Why Are Some Neighborhoods Becoming Extremely Homogenized?

American families are facing a new housing crisis that could dramatically impact school-aged children.

Stress and Latino Mental Health

The APA Stress in America survey finds that Latinos report the highest stress levels related to sources such as money, employment, family responsibilities and health concerns.

One Immigrant Woman's Story: What I Heard About Ellis Island

Some people cried because we would never see our homeland again in our lifetime except in our dreams. But I looked back and spit.

Race and Religion Are Tough; Don’t Make Them Tougher

There's room for our differences in the workplace.

Jackie Robinson Day And Diversity in Major League Baseball

It's important to reflect on the importance of honoring and celebrating Jackie Robinson's efforts and career but also to pause and consider how far things have truly progressed.

Documentary Film Tells Story of Race, Drugs and Baseball

Dock Ellis: High-flying baseball icon or survivor of drug dependence?

Bathrooms Have Always Been a Civil Rights Issue

NC HB2 controls which bathrooms transgendered persons can use. "White only" we have seen before. Why? If you use the same bathroom, you cannot say you are a more authentic human.

Overwhelmed: Why Trump is Happening Now

Trump supporters show more prejudiced attitudes, but does that explain Trumpism? If you look deeper, research suggests that the story is more nuanced.

That’s Not Fair!

Where do standards of fairness come from? Are they a human universal, part of some evolutionary adaptation that supports cooperation? Or are they socially acquired norms?

Clinician's Corner: Working with African American Families

Cultural competency is important for all therapists regardless of their ethnic or racial background. Included are some reflections on enhancing your skills.

A College Degree Pays Off Less If You Grew Up Working Class

By Denise Cummins Ph.D. on March 30, 2016 Good Thinking
Working class and poor students make one huge mistake in college that ends up costing them thousands of dollars in lifetime earnings.

Finding Home Between Worlds

An insight into the place where children who grew up abroad dwell – between cultures and worldviews – can teach us about understanding ourselves and those around us better.

Outrage and Outrageousness: On Trump's Popularity, Part 3

What’s the nature of Donald Trump's devoted followers—who hardly flinch at the extreme positions he takes, or the strident put-downs or insults he’s so frequently guilty of?

Outrage and Outrageousness: On Trump’s Popularity, Part 2

Part 2: How--in protest--the hurts, fears, and hatreds of Donald Trump's followers have prompted them to espouse The Donald as their vengeful hero.

Tips on Identifying Suicide Risk in Black Youth

Suicide is a serious mental health concern. It often occurs along with symptoms of depression which can be treated with therapy.However, many are reluctant to seek help.

Life: Horse Race, Rat Race, or Amazing Adventure?

Cryptographic Key?, Epistemophilic Impulse? Creating a Self? I Thought I Existed. But---Who I am I, Really?

Outrage and Outrageousness: The Secret to Trump's Popularity

This post will try to make some coherent sense of why so many people who are furious with the current direction of this country now look to "the Donald" to vindicate them.

When Good Intentions Aren't Supported by Evidence

Social science myths make a mockery of evidence-based advocacy and policy.

Anti-Asian Sentiment Taking College Campuses by Storm

By Sam Louie MA, LMHC on March 10, 2016 Minority Report
In nearly 2 decades the number of foreign exchange students on U.S. college campuses has gone up 1000% from 100,000 students to close to 1 million students. Racism is also up.

Terror Attacks, Values, and Attitudes

Do terror attacks increase prejudice? Their impact on values we hold dear has consequences.

One Hundred Plus Years of Celebrating International Women's

What is the point of continuing to celebrate International Women's Day?

Rabble Rouser Roundup: Campus Free Speech Widely Threatened

By Lee Jussim Ph.D. on March 08, 2016 Rabble Rouser
Roundup of alternative perspectives and controversies bearing down on campuses around the country.

Restorative Justice in Urban Schools: A Book Review

Restorative Justice in Urban Schools is an essential book for anyone who wants to understand the challenges that face the restorative justice movement in this particular context.

Race, Sexual Permissiveness, and Questionable Science

According to differential-K theory, racial differences in sexuality should follow a specific hierarchy. However, research evidence suggests that this theory is wrong.


One-upmanship is staying a step ahead of rivals by showing superiority. The converse is gaining an edge by appearing weak, inferior, or victimized. It's trickier but quite common.

#Oscarssowhite: Antidote for Anti-Asian Racism is CAAMFest

Diversity has become an important issue for the Oscars. Yet tonight featured racist anti-Asian jokes. These jokes can perpetuate bullying and worse. The antidote - CAAMFest!

A Neuropsychology of Election 2016

Trump = Dopamine; Cruz/Rubio/Clinton = Cortisol; Sanders = Oxytocin; Kasich = Endorphin; Carson = *