Essential Reads

Donald Trump Will Make You Smarter

Donald Trump can make you more self-aware, empathic and humble. Who knew?

How Can We Help Syrian Children Resettle in the West?

By Michael Ungar Ph.D. on January 24, 2016 in Nurturing Resilience
Child refugees have a tremendous potential to integrate, but their resilience depends on the schools and communities we offer them.

Being Anti-Racist, Not Non-Racist

By Gordon Hodson Ph.D. on January 20, 2016 in Without Prejudice
Some people are content to be non-racist. But is that enough? What about the importance of directly opposing prejudices you observe in others?

MLK: The Role of the Behavioral Scientist

The policymakers of the white society have caused the darkness; they create discrimination; they structured slums; and they perpetuate unemployment, ignorance and poverty.

More Posts on Race and Ethnicity

Testing Racial Theories Using Dodgy Statistics

Can Richard Lynn's use of dodgy data on race differences in penis size be defended with crude statistics? The answer is no. Plus, Neanderthal DNA and why it hardly matters either.

A Sports Dad’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Great Day

By Jim Taylor Ph.D. on February 12, 2016 The Power of Prime
We don’t live life in retrospect. If we could look into the future and know how our decisions will turn out, life would be easy…and quite uninteresting.

The South Rises Again

By Molly S. Castelloe Ph.D. on February 12, 2016 The Me in We
Recent racism can be seen as a re-enactment of the trauma of the Civil War by slave-owner descendants, and those who identify with them.

Dolphin Parenting: A Cure for Tiger Moms and Jellyfish Dads

By Shimi Kang M.D. on February 11, 2016 The Dolphin Way
Why dolphin parenting is the answer for 2016!

Is It Possible That a Dog Could Be Racist?

New data shows that minor actions by a dog's owner can cause it to develop negative emotions toward particular people.

Black History and the Filipin@ Community

As we celebrate Black History, I am reminded of the painful reality that many of my fellow Filipin@s still hold prejudices against African Americans and other dark-skinned peoples.

The Naked Truth About High School

By Marty Babits on February 10, 2016 The Middle Ground
Crossing the great divide, experience high school from the front lines.

Worshipping Ancestors, Resenting Parents

By Mark Borigini M.D. on February 07, 2016 Overcoming Pain
In fact, one in two Chinese-American adults experience symptoms of depression and anxiety as a result of caring for elderly parents, according to a report on filial piety.

The Green Effect of Hollywood’s Diversity Problem

Hollywood's diversity problem is making headlines this awards season. Tinseltown's whiteout isn't telling us everything we need to know about race in America.

The Affluenza Defense

Poor black boys who steal booze and cars and recklessly kill people should be treated like the rich white boys, not vice versa.

Cam, Class, and Color

By Sam Louie MA, LMHC on February 01, 2016 Minority Report
Have you wondered why Cam Newton is getting so much vitriol and attention as he will soon make his first Superbowl appearance? Well some believe it's because he's Black....

Confronting a Toxic Racial Climate

A negative racial environment can be costly, resulting in high turnover, discrimination lawsuits, and even forced resignations. What can be done?

Celebrating the Rapid Growth of Filipino American Psychology

Despite being a former U.S. colony and the 2nd largest Asian group in the country, Filipinos are still forgotten and neglected. A psychology group tries to change this invisibility

Your Status as a Single Person Is a Diversity Issue

By Bella DePaulo Ph.D. on January 28, 2016 Living Single
Here's why unmarried status is a diversity issue. In this article, I focus on the workplace.

Cancelling Islamophobia

It's time to stand up for each other’s humanity.

Study Fact-Checks Influence of Immigration on Jobs

By Garth Sundem on January 26, 2016 Brain Trust
Research shows that the diversity from immigration leads to wage growth and higher productivity in STEM fields.

Race Differences in Androgens: Do They Mean Anything?

What can group differences in androgen levels tell us about racial differences in reproductive strategies? Probably not much.

When "Fun" Gets Racist, What Should Schools Do?

Five ideas for creating the right conditions for safe and appropriate outcomes.

A Trump Presidency Can Happen, and Here’s Why

Could a wave of authoritarianism sweep Trump into the White House? Yes.

The Hidden Message of the University of Missouri Scandal

Was the University of Missouri scandal, leading to the President's and Chancellor's departure, about racism? Political correctness? Student activism? Or something more important?

The Oscars Boycott and the Psychology of Race in Movies

Racial bias in newspaper critics means films with a black lead actor and all white supporting cast are scored approximately on average 6 percent lower in movie reviews

Slanted Eyes

By Sam Louie MA, LMHC on January 14, 2016 Minority Report
“Chink!” “Where are you from?” “Do you eat dog?” “Why don’t you go back to where you came from?!” “You speak such good English!" This is part of the Asian-American experience.

SPSSI’s Journal Focuses on Interracial Marriage

Today, nearly 50 years after the US Supreme Court decision Loving v. Virginia legalized interracial marriage, these marriages are increasingly common

What Maine Can Learn from Lowell, Massachusetts

All of this is very much about how we learn from each other to create a vibrant economic future. And it is also about how we do so without losing the past.

Political Correctness Unpacked

I am done apologizing for being a straight white male. Is it ok for me to say that? In this blog, I unpack political correctness, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Is Islam Jewish?

By Izzy Kalman on January 08, 2016 Resilience to Bullying
The realization that Islam and Judaism are versions of the same religion has tremendous potential in promoting world peace.

Lessons from a Trump Rally

By Laurie Essig Ph.D. on January 07, 2016 Social Studies
If we are ever going to solve our problems as a country, we need to replace the anger of Trump supporters with hope for a more collective future.

College Student Protests Are About Resisting the Dark Side

Some say to college students, the world is a hard place; you just have to take the intolerance; “…suck it up.” But we did not say that to members of our military.

Mental Illness: A Smoking Gun

People with untreated mental illness are 16 times more likely to be killed by police than people without, a new study says.

Does an ‘Obama Effect’ Increase Gun Ownership and Shooting?

...the apparent ‘panic’ buying of guns in the months before and immediately after Obama got elected, did permanently increase the total number of guns in circulation.