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The Big Lie Professors Are Telling Their Students

What students (and faculty) don’t know can really help them!

The Evolutionary Psychology of “Above and Beyond”

Turning "good" communities into "great" communities.

A Dust-Up Over College Majors

Will psychology majors work fast food?

Time Management 101

Helping College Students Manage Their Time More Effectively

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On Thanksgiving: Patients Who Gift Their Time to Research

By Jenni Ogden Ph.D. on November 29, 2015 Trouble in Mind
In neuropsychology, functional MRI and other high-tech methods cannot give the detail single cases can provide. And the history of science, whatever the discipline, still has lessons for students and researchers in today's world.

Forensic Psychology Careers with a Bachelor’s Degree

Are you interested in a career in Forensic Psychology, but you don't want to go to graduate school? There are career opportunities available that only require a Bachelor's degree.

The Big Lie Professors Are Telling Their Students

The big lie is this: That a college education is ....

Forensic Psychology: Exciting New Career Opportunities

Are you thinking of a career in Forensic Psychology? There are many possible career options that you might consider.

Psych Majors as Medical Professionals? You Bet!

Leverage your psychology degree to land a job in the medical world.

Medical Careers with a Bachelor's in Psychology

Think you are going nowhere with a bachelor's degree in psychology? Not true! Psychology majors, now more than ever, are much sought after in this field...

The Evolutionary Psychology of “Above and Beyond”

Some people shoot for meeting minimal standards in life. Others go above and beyond. In my job as a college professor, I get to help bright young minds learn the value of going above and beyond — and, without question, such an approach to all aspects of life has special rewards.

Moving Forward With a Psychology Degree

Are you trying to decide what to do with your Psychology degree? Here is some advice to get you moving toward career opportunities.

Art Therapy and Counseling…or is it Art Therapy Counseling?

A looming question remains for those art therapy students who obtain a degree title in either “art therapy” or “art therapy counseling”—will either of those degree titles be accepted for eligibility for counselor licensure in the future?

#ThisPsychMajor Answers Candidate's Claim We Work Fast Food

After presidential candidate Jeb Bush said universities need to caution students who choose "that psych major deal" that "you’re going to be working a Chick-fil-A," psychology majors took to social media (especially Twitter) in reaction. The #ThisPsychMajor responses keep coming. The message: Do not belittle degrees in liberal arts or employment in service occupations.

A Dust-Up Over College Majors

By Jesse Marczyk on October 28, 2015 Pop Psych
Jeb Bush recently suggested that the job prospects for psychology majors are poor. How does this statement match up against reality?

Presidential Candidate Says Psych Degree Means Fast Food Job

Presidential candidate Jeb Bush belittled psychology degrees, saying universities need to warn prospective psychology students that they'll wind up working fast food jobs. Online, people respond with facts, figures, and a lot of information about what they themselves are doing with their psychology degrees. #ThisPsychMajor

Understanding a Parent’s Access to Records

By C Philip Hodson on October 21, 2015 Protect Your Practice
When a parent requests your records for your sessions with their child.

A New Stanford Prison Experiment?

By Dana S Dunn Ph.D. on October 20, 2015 Head of the Class
Do we need a film version of the 70's social psychology classic, The Stanford Prison Experiment? Emphatically, yes—you and your students should watch it.

Should You Major in Psychology?

The Data Doctor answers a question about psychology as an undergraduate major.

Personal & Professorial Ethics: Does Turpitude Trump Tenure?

At what point does someone’s personal behavior interfere with the performance of their professional functions?

My Gap Is Over, Now What? Grad School After a Break

Suggestions on preparing a strong application for graduate school after taking time off from school. The Data Doctor responds.

Replication Crisis?

By Nathan A Heflick Ph.D. on September 30, 2015 The Big Questions
Psychology studies are finding difficult to replicate. Is it time to panic, or due we just need greater appreciation for the complexity of human psychology?

Time Management 101

By Dana S Dunn Ph.D. on September 29, 2015 Head of the Class
College students, especially those in their first year, often struggle with time management. How can they learn to use their time wisely while still reserving some for recreation and socializing? Documenting where and how they spend (and often lose) their time is a good first step.

Best Ethics Ever?

I’m puttin’ out the call. No money needed (I make a lot of money as a college professor….). Just stories. Reply to this blog with stories of professors (or others) who went above and beyond in a way that exemplified competence, respect, justice, prudence, integrity, beneficence, or some other ethical principle or virtue.

Patient Not Business Partner?

By C Philip Hodson on September 24, 2015 Protect Your Practice
Why entering into business with a former patient might mean a big pitfall.

The Coming Boom in Mental Health

How much will we need mental health services? A lot more than we do now.

Which Area of Psychology Are You Best Suited For?

Here are descriptions of some of the specialty areas within Psychology, along with some questions to help you decide which career might suit you best.

How to Help Women With Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders

These strategies are essential to treating perinatal mood and anxiety disorders such as PPD effectively. They work so well, I'm no longer surprised when a recovering woman prepares to leave treatment and shares that one of them made the biggest difference on her road to wellness.

Therapy Classics

This piece acknowledges some of the leading therapy innovators of the last century and their influential books that, sadly, are now gathering dust.

How Can You Make the Best Grad School Choices?

By Sherry Hamby Ph.D. on September 08, 2015 The Web of Violence
How can you find a graduate program that best suits your interests? The Data Doctor responds to a question on applying for graduate school.

A Quick Guide to the Replication Crisis In Psychology

Studying psychology? A lot of what you're taught probably isn't true.

5 Reasons This Isn't Your Grandfather's Psychoanalysis

By Kristi Pikiewicz Ph.D. on September 03, 2015 Meaningful You
The image that many people have of psychoanalysis is from the 1950's or even earlier. Times change. And so has psychoanalysis.

6 Insider Tips for New Ph.D. Students

By Gregg Murray Ph.D. on September 02, 2015 Caveman Politics
Welcome to the Ph.D. “business”! It’s peculiar and you’re probably entering it at a huge information disadvantage. Profit from these insider tips.

What Extracurriculars Will Help Me Get into Grad School?

By Sherry Hamby Ph.D. on September 01, 2015 The Web of Violence
What are the best ways to spend your time outside of class to beef up your grad school applications? The Data Doctor responds.