Essential Reads

A Basic Map of Political Positions

The political positions on a simple grid.

How the Iran Deal Differs from the Earlier North Korean One

Some say the Iran deal is doomed. Just look at North Korea. They're wrong.

Paging Dr. Ben Carson: Homophobia Calling

Homophobia, the shadow, and the problem of projection

What Do Hypoactive Sexual Desire and PTSD Have in Common?

The politics of challenged disorders and drug development

Recent Posts on Politics

Is Screen Violence Making Us Stupid About Gun Control?

By Jeremy E Sherman Ph.D. on October 09, 2015 Ambigamy
Those who oppose gun control could be influenced more by their Netflix account than by the NRA. Availability bias explains why.

Women in Science: What Explains Gaps? Part I

By Lee Jussim Ph.D. on October 09, 2015 Rabble Rouser
A guest post by a female physicist argues against discrimination as the sole factor producing a gender gap in STEM and for scientific work practices that are compatible with raising families.

Personal & Professorial Ethics: Does Turpitude Trump Tenure?

At what point does someone’s personal behavior interfere with the performance of their professional functions?

Through the Looking Glass: Unqualified Candidates Poll Well

In Wonderland, persons who have never served in public office are viewed as best qualified to serve in public office.

Top Psychiatrist's Stunning Announcement About Gun Violence

American Psychiatric Association speaks the truth about gun violence and mental illness, but politicians ignore her.

A Basic Map of Political Positions

A quick and simple map of the major political positions in America today.

The Transhumanist Party Turns 1-Year-Old

On October 7th, 2015, the Transhumanist Party reached its first birthday. Started as a way to introduce forward thinking and futurist politics into government, the party has caught on around the world and now has over a dozen national parties. The motto of the Transhumanist Party in America is: Putting Science, Health, and Technology at the Forefront of US Politics.

What Do Roseburg, Chicago and Baghdad Have in Common?

By Renee Garfinkel Ph.D. on October 06, 2015 Time Out
Although geography and culture, politics and narratives may differ, pathological narcissism is the driving force behind individual and collective acts of extreme violence.

Ten WHYS? (Agonizing, Infuriating, Shameful), and One WHEN?!

The United States is an outlier among Western nations in their healthcare, preschool education, and other social programs, but the most glaring, humiliating way we stand out is in terms of the sheer numbers of privately owned weapons we harbor, and the extraordinary numbers of shooting victims in homes and public places, especially in schools.

The Psychology of Guns

By Joe Pierre M.D. on October 04, 2015 Psych Unseen
If meaningful gun reform is to ever occur, legislation much acknowledge the beliefs of the Americans who own guns.

Because Someone’s Got to Do It: How to Be a Critical Thinker

Why it's good to resist the allure of black and white thinking, single sources of information, and conversations only with persons who always absolutely agree with you.

Cooperation and the public good

Social scientists differ about the relative virtues of top-down verses peer-to-peer actions to secure public goods like clean water and air and safe foods and pharmaceuticals. Recent decision experiments suggest that in modern societies, both dimensions are necessary, and that they’re complementary to each other.

The Door in Trump's Wall

By Fredric Neuman M.D. on October 02, 2015 Fighting Fear
Mr. Trump has suggested a literal wall separating Mexico from Texas. He went on to suggest a "beautiful door" in the wall. An examination of that suggestion.

What Men Need to Play With—It's Not Guns

By Paul Joannides Psy.D. on October 02, 2015 As You Like It
With each new mass shooting, we've allowed the NRA to further its agenda. We've allowed it to use senseless tragedy after tragedy to help our gun culture flourish.

Putting Trump and the GOP on the Couch

The GOP presidential candidates appeal to needs for safety and security through grandiosity and paranoia. Psychologists can help us understand how American Exceptionalism and xenophobia function to counteract feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, isolation, and self-blame, all of which are on the rise. Paranoia and grandiosity are pathological solutions.

Womb Transplants and the End of Gender

By Laurie Essig Ph.D. on October 01, 2015 Social Studies
As womb transplant become increasingly popular for women without a womb, the very real possibility of womb transplants for men is upon us. If reproduction becomes something that anyone can do, regardless of gender or genitals, then the end of gender is upon us.

The Hidden Agenda Behind 21st Century Learning

By Victoria L. Dunckley M.D. on September 30, 2015 Mental Wealth
High-stakes testing, obsessive data collection, and lofty promises of technology’s potential to “revolutionize” education are contributing to alarming amounts of school-based screen-time—without regard for screens’ numerous impacts on learning and mental health. Teacher and public education advocate Tara Ehrcke describes the deceptive web behind 21st Century Learning.

Should We Make Doctors Disclose Religious Bias?

By David Niose on September 30, 2015 Our Humanity, Naturally
Should your medical provider's religious beliefs dictate the care you receive?

Why We Love to Hate Politicians

You may think politicians deserve the hate spewed at them because others seem to feel that way. It helps to know that the mammal brain bonds around common enemies. The mammal brain seeks safe ways to oppose power. The mammal brain mirrors others and relies on old pathways. Your inner mammal feels good when you hate politicians, which lures you to forget that it's hate.

Angry Young Feminists

By Karen L Smith MSS, LCSW on September 29, 2015 Full Living
Here is my current contribution the perennial debate about why some folks hate feminists and the concept of feminism. I am going to “blame” it on angry young feminists. Okay, I don’t really mean I am going to blame it on them, but I am going to speculate on how the period of waking up to sexism effects young women and the people around them.

Is This the Kind of Country We Want to Be?

By Allen J Frances M.D. on September 28, 2015 Saving Normal
"Fraud, Theft, Waste and Private Profits: The Fate of Money Intended to Treat People With Serious Mental Illness” is an shocking report exposing a disastrous misallocation of resources that leads to shameful neglect, avoidable imprisonment, and massive homelessness.

The Pope Would Like H.R. 2646

Whether Pope Francis’ visit is a pastoral one or a political one, his messages of inclusiveness and humanity must be heeded. It’s long past time to demand that our federal legislators pay attention to the needs of citizens with serious mental illness.

What Are The Chances of a Clinton or Fiorina Presidency?

By Shawn M. Burn Ph.D. on September 26, 2015 Presence of Mind
Cross-cultural data on women’s paths to head of state suggest that Clinton’s chances are better than Fiorina’s. But it's hard to say. The first woman president or prime minister of a country usually arrives somewhat unexpectedly.

Pope Francis for President? The Master of One-Downmanship

By Mark Goulston M.D., F.A.P.A. on September 24, 2015 Just Listen
Of course that’s not going to happen. But there’s something about the Pontiff that is touching a nerve in many people—Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

How the Iran Deal Differs from the Earlier North Korean One

By David P. Barash Ph.D. on September 23, 2015 Pura Vida
People desperate to reject the nuclear agreement with Iran claim that since the one with North Korea failed, this one will, too. Here are a dozen reasons why they're very wrong.

A Foundational Approach to Economic Anxiety

By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on September 22, 2015 How To Do Life
Capitalism is vulnerable. What will replace it, and how can you be happier?

70% of Wives Kill Their Husbands: I Read It on the Internet

By Kyle D Killian Ph.D., LMFT on September 22, 2015 Intersections
The internet and TV are wonderful sources of fictional truths. Consume multiple sources critically.

What Is the Most Overlooked Symptom of Narcissism?

Are you aware of the one habit that can prove most vexing if there's a narcissist you often deal with in your life? Recognition of this habit also can help you be sure not to vote for political candidates whose narcissism makes them poor decision-makers.

Open Letter to Angela Merkel from 100 Social Psychologists

How will Germany deal with the massive influx of Syrian refugees? Will there be a backlash--and how best to deal with it?

Paging Dr. Ben Carson: Homophobia Calling

The simple truth—that being gay is an expression of nature’s beauty, truth, and love—is not available to a mind closed by orthodoxy. Instead, our gay sisters and brothers are projected upon and viewed as sick and dangerous. Here's some light to illuminate the shadow of Carson's thinking.