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Amidst Pain, Soaring Together

By Ken Brack M.Ed. on April 27, 2016 in Unspeakable Gifts
Parents and families fresh in their grief are lifted by a surprising, and sometimes unthinkable source: others walking the same road

Give a B*tch a Break

Do you or someone you know have Resting B*tch Face?
Dnalor_01/Wikipedia Commons/(CC-BY-SA 3.0)

Four Principles of Survival My Characters Taught Me

By Dale M. Kushner on April 17, 2016 in Transcending the Past
What can fictional characters teach you about survival? I learned four principles of survival from the characters in my first novel, but only after I had finished writing.

Becoming One's Own Good Mother

I can count on my one hand the women I know—friends or patients—whose relationship with their mothers is not the root of their most troubled selves.

More Posts on Personal Perspectives

Does Your Job Put You At Risk For Terrorist Acts?

You work for a company that contracts with the U.S. government to provide services to the military. Your boss decided that he wants you to travel to the Middle East, to Baghdad.

How to Let It Go

Letting go is not the same as trying to make oneself stop thinking about it. And while there's not a five-step, easy-peasy plan for letting go, we can learn how to do it.

On This Anniversary Of My Father's Death

Today, April 24, 2016 is the 3rd anniversary of my father’s death. He died after spending 10 days in Cavalry Hospital in the Bronx, NY which is devoted to palliative care.

I Tried Cryotherapy as a Treatment for Depression

By Anna David on April 22, 2016 After Party Chat
Every week for two months, I went into a freezing cold chamber for two minutes because studies showed that this could help with depression. But did it work?

The Fear of Terrorism

Terrorism is about instilling fear, restricting peoples’ lives, creating stress. If you are unable to control your fear, you basically are giving the terrorists what they seek.

You're So Selfish

Self-centered behavior is natural, but is detrimental to interpersonal relationships and an impediment to personal growth. Awareness can lead to using it to one's advantage.

Men Grieve Baby Loss Differently But No Less Accutely

By Tara Shafer on April 13, 2016 To Begin Again
Perinatal loss strains and sometimes ends relationships. This does not have to be the way of it. We can do better to support men in grief - and families overall.

Confessions of a Mr. Mom

My Dad passed away when I was 19; it was a loss that would deeply influence every aspect of my being a parent.

Asthma and Migraines Are Painful, but Depression Hurts More.

I’ve been struggling with my physical health — migraines and asthma to be specific and the combined fight has been taking a toll on my energy so I haven't been posting.

How I Learned to Work Through My Issues

By Anna David on April 06, 2016 After Party Chat
Turns out that sobriety, while the beginning of my road to peace and happiness, wasn’t the entire trip.

Presidential Politics: That's Entertainment

We can enjoy the entertainment value of this political season, yet I would encourage us not to ignore it. What is happening is serious business.

Therapy and Spiritual Abuse

How can we establish a real connection to a divine entity if we don't even know who we are?

Coming Back from Depression

By Terri Cheney on April 03, 2016 The Bipolar Lens
The greatest happiness on earth is the absence of pain.

Mental Health Stigma Is Evaporating (Allegedly, Anyway)

By Anna David on April 01, 2016 After Party Chat
According to CNN, the stigma against mental health seems to be shifting. But accepting something's important and not judging it aren't exactly the same.

A Place Where There is Absolutely Nothing to Do

By Judith Fein on April 01, 2016 Life Is a Trip
What happens if you are in a place where there is nothing to do.


By Laura Deutsch on March 31, 2016 Memory Catcher
I was the queen of negativity. Then I started sending a friend three things a day I was grateful for. Amazingly, my attitude changed.

How to Be a Successful Writer

By Laura Deutsch on March 31, 2016 Memory Catcher
All writers love to read, right? Reading a lot is one of the secrets to becoming a successful writer. This article tells how I do it.

Confessions of an Addiction and Recovery Writer

By Anna David on March 26, 2016 After Party Chat
In the middle of a coke-binge, you don’t think you’ll be telling audiences about your addiction one day, let alone focusing your entire career on the topic.

Dealing With Death

Finding the purpose and the meaning of our lives is something that often comes up when we have lost someone close to us.

I Went Off My Meds to Be More Spiritual

By Victoria Maxwell on March 20, 2016 Crazy for Life
Well ok – let me qualify that. I reduced my meds.See there’s always been this niggling feeling if I could just reduce & eventually not take any medication I would be better off.

Think Buddha. Be a Buddha

Everyone has Buddha nature hidden underneath layers of conditioning. Recent science demonstrates thinking you are something brings your behavior closer to who you want to be.

Stones Hold Secrets to the Past

By Judith Fein on March 19, 2016 Life Is a Trip
At a remote site in New Mexico, you can time travel to the distant past.

557 Block - Where Writers Speak About Disability

By Sarah Fader on March 18, 2016 Panic Life
Allie Burke uses disability and mental illness to inspire writers to speak their truth.

Hooray! My Memoir Is Published!—Oh No! I’m Exposed!

So you really really want to publish your memoir? What if you succeed?

The Day I Almost Died Taught Me I Wanted to Live

By Sarah Fader on March 14, 2016 Panic Life
The irony of this story is that I did not want to die when my hand went through that window.

Is the Robin Williams Tunnel Such a Great Idea?

By Anna David on March 14, 2016 After Party Chat
As people's perceptions about suicide and mental illness change, so could their feelings about renaming a tunnel after the famed Bay Area icon who took his own life.

3 Steps to Acknowledging Your Perfectly Hidden Depression

By Sarah Fader on March 14, 2016 Panic Life
These steps are a beginning. They will get you out of hiding and into plain sight, where healing begins.

I Stole the Hope Diamond and Caught Leprosy

“There was this one time, when I was twelve years old, that I accidentally stole something. And, I probably shouldn’t be talking about it because I could still get trouble for it.”

I Have a Disability But I'm Afraid to Check The Box

By Sarah Fader on March 11, 2016 Panic Life
I believe it starts with being candid with your diagnosis in every day dialogue. Until that day, I don't feel comfortable checking that box.

Beating Obsession: Tip #2

By Laura Deutsch on March 11, 2016 Memory Catcher
I wanted to take the “easy” classes, like Sumi watercolor painting and guided meditation, but forced myself to attend more active classes. I knew exercise could bust obsession.