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How Do You Feel About Depending on Others?

Can you count on other people?

Celebrate Your Shame, It’s Getting You Healthy

Shame attacks could mean you're getting well

I Feel Different

I realized that I've always felt different from everyone else around me.

Friendship Matters

The miraculous power of girlfriends to transform our health

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Declarations of Independence – he’s self-identifying as….

By Joseph Cooper on July 02, 2015 in Pauses and Moments
The self-identification phenomenon is truly transformative. There’s the lure. It’s liberating. It’s a “passport” to guises and territories he can only imagine. Embarking, he tips back into his recliner chair and begins to redefine himself – as commissioner of the NFL, president of FIFA, the head of Disney motion pictures, the president of the United States…

My Self-Destructive Pursuit for Perfectionism

I learned the hard way this past weekend about the connection — for me in particular — among stress, asthma and the pursuit for perfectionism. And I won’t even throw in the effect all this has on migraines.

Finding Your Voice

By Laura Deutsch on June 29, 2015 in Memory Catcher
We all have something to say. What matters is how we say it - with details, with images, with tone. Not every first person piece you write has to have the same tone, but you want to write in your authentic voice. Tone is the voice we hear as we read. Like the voice we hear when we talk to somebody. It affects how we respond - whether we go on reading or turn the page.

Acceptance: It Isn't What You Think

Acceptance is viewed by many as a negative resignation, surrender, giving up. Not only is it not quite as simple as this, it has been found to be an effective strategy for lasting happiness. Combined with appreciation and resonating with the positive, science has demonstrated this is a powerful force in improving one's quality of life.

How Do You Feel About Depending on Others?

By Judith Fein on June 26, 2015 in Life Is a Trip
Having to count on others brings up a lot of feelings.

Celebrate Your Shame, It’s Getting You Healthy

By Victoria Maxwell on June 26, 2015 in Crazy for Life
I had some monumental shame attacks learning to accept my long history of therapies, treatments, shrinks and all that 'stuff'. But all that 'stuff' – like my friend and her path, and you and yours - is bringing us to more awareness, self-compassion and wellness. So celebrating shame isn't so crazy after all.

That Negative Voice Wants to Help

By Sarah Fader on June 25, 2015 in Panic Life
Your inner critic has good intentions.

I Feel Different

I’ve always felt different. Since I was a little girl and somehow I knew that I was the only child who kept her room pristine with everything in order. And made her bed every morning. And later, when I was a teenager and had to hide the fact that my father lost his job and that he was a drunk

Holding Hands

By Ken Siri on June 21, 2015 in A Dad's Diary
As Fathers Day 2015 approaches, I am thinking about Fathers Day 2008. That’s when my son Alex came to live with me in Manhattan. I am thinking that Alex (age 9 in 2008) on his first day in the city would walk down the streets and in the parks holding my hand as I showed him around.

Friendship Matters

The miraculous power of girlfriends to transform our health

My Doctor Saved Me From Stigma

By Allie Burke on June 19, 2015 in Paper Souls
Stigma regarding the mentally ill is a real problem.


We never know what challenges we will be dealt in life. Exploring scenarios that put to the test the different skills and attitudes of resilience is the purpose of the game Bounce Back.

Stop Being Good

Being real means never having to be good again.

5 Ways to Help Bereaved dads on Father's Day

By Tara Shafer on June 15, 2015 in To Begin Again
Bereaved dads are often forgotten and their grief may be overlooked. On Father's Day, do remember to support loss dads we know and love. Here are some ways to help.

Denying and Minimizing is No Way to Cope

Confronting the truth in an emotionally abusive relationship is not easy. Often victims allow the abuse to continue because they are full of self-doubt and self-blame. If you feel bad about yourself in your relationship, you may be denying and minimizing the truth about your mate. Mistreatment is never the fault of the victim.

Well, Speak of the Devil

How often do you notice coincidences? Do you attach any meaning to them? Is there a unseen power or force which directs particular events to happen such that we consider them coincidences?

The Special Gift of Bipolar Eyes

By Terri Cheney on June 13, 2015 in The Bipolar Lens
Art keeps me alive.

Embracing The Possible

By Ken Brack M.Ed. on June 10, 2015 in Unspeakable Gifts
Parents who have lost loved ones to opiods addiction, as depicted in the new film "If Only," are among those committing their grit and sweat to bring about change.

A Father Figure Reigns Benevolently (But Anxiously)

By Joseph Cooper on June 09, 2015 in Pauses and Moments
In “The Cider House Rules” – the page-turner of the summer of 1985 – the orphanage’s medical director resigns himself to “the feelings of fatherhood,” which “completely ruin one’s objectivity.” Neither “Gray’s Anatomy” nor a text on Cardiology had prepared him for the realization that the heart – his heart – “functioned as much more than a muscle”: the true organ of love.

Every Road Leads To A Lie

One of the corporate trainers coaches his daughter’s softball team. I mentioned that I was quite the jock in my youth, playing varsity basketball and softball in college and then on three softball teams in Central Park while I worked in the advertising and marketing industries in Manhattan. I couldn’t help but mention that one of the teams was a men's fast-pitch team.

How to Talk to Your Tween (Watch Ellen)

Talking to a tween can be difficult, but Ellen Degeneres' show makes it easier to start the conversations.

The "I" in SHINE

By Cami Ostman M.S. on June 05, 2015 in Second Wind
To build a friendship with someone, you have to BE someone YOU like. The number one thing you need to have in place in order to have good relationships with other people is solid self-esteem.

Schizophrenic Heart

By Allie Burke on June 04, 2015 in Paper Souls
She does not really wake up like anyone else who is not a morning person

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Communication will be key. Members of our Armed Forces often don't seek help for the problems they know they may have because of fear and stigma associated with doing so.

I Took a Nap

By Allie Burke on June 01, 2015 in Paper Souls
When taking the medication, I never know if it's going to be like hey, no hallucinations, let's go to work now or hey, no hallucinations, go to sleep right now or die.

My Father Was a Wonderful Mother

By Laura Deutsch on June 01, 2015 in Memory Catcher
My father loved to plant things and watch them grow. He planted roses that twined on a split-rail fence, French strawberries tiny as gumdrops, and pears that ripened like big-bottomed ladies. He nurtured his garden, just as he did his children.

The Virtues of a Single-Sex School (or Not)

By Laura Deutsch on June 01, 2015 in Memory Catcher
The email from my classmate asked when I had realized the benefits of attending a women's college. "Never," I replied. I escaped to Madrid and London for Junior Year Abroad and flourished in the co-ed existence.

Regret and Shame By The Fire Pit

When I started my prior job at the clinic seven years ago, I went shopping with my cousin Jamie. It was the middle of the summer in June of 2007. As I pulled long-sleeved blouse after long-sleeved blouse off the rack, she asked me “What are you doing that for? It’s June. You’ll sweat to death.” “My scars,” I said quietly. “I’m afraid they’ll see my scars.”

The Voice in My Head

By Sarah Fader on May 31, 2015 in Panic Life
I respectfully disagree, voice in my head that tells me that I can't do anything right.

What Your Superpower Might Say About You

In 2001 a humorist and historian offered "This American Life" his informal study of how and why people choose invisibility or flying when offered a choice of these superpowers. He then proffered that perhaps the question indicates whether you want to embrace your dark side, or simply move toward being all you can be.