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What I Learned from Having Breast Cancer

6 Ways to Develop Resilience

How Do You Feel About Depending on Others?

Can you count on other people?

Celebrate Your Shame, It’s Getting You Healthy

Shame attacks could mean you're getting well

I Feel Different

I realized that I've always felt different from everyone else around me.

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The Fever

As young children we learn about resilience from the actions of our parents.

Hand me that Cape; I am Schizophrenia Girl

By Allie Burke on July 27, 2015 in Paper Souls
I mean, it’s more than that, right? I’m more than that?

A Sudden Death

By Pia Savage on July 27, 2015 in Odd Girl In
None of us met Carl in real life. Yet we mourn his death as much or more as anybody who knew him.

Is Luxury Good or Bad for You?

By Judith Fein on July 27, 2015 in Life Is a Trip
Our culture seems to crave luxury--but is it good for you?

Coming To Terms With The Experience Of Psychosis

When I was in the hospital for the second time last year following my suicide attempt, in April of 2014, I experienced psychotic symptoms. They were delusions, beliefs about situations that I believed in some respect to be true. They were not. For me, they were incredibly frightening and distressing.

Everyone Has Won, And All Must Have Prizes

"Everyone has won, and all must have prizes." The Dodo Bird Verdict, as it is now called, is from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The Dodo Bird suggested a competition where everyone ran around to dry off. Since no record was kept of how far or long everyone ran, when asked who won the dodo bird proclaimed all had won. This was later used to proclaim all therapies work.

The Importance of Setting Writing Goals

By Laura Deutsch on July 25, 2015 in Memory Catcher
When I asked a group of writers what would bring them satisfaction them in terms of writing, their answers ran the gamut: publish an article, finish a book proposal, stay with the writing process and be present in life.

Why Making New Friends Doesn't Have to be Intimidating

Our biology opens the door to new friendships.

When Did Sensitive Become a Dirty Word?

By Deborah Ward on July 22, 2015 in Sense and Sensitivity
One of my struggles with being a highly sensitive person is saying to people, ‘I’m highly sensitive,’ knowing that the response will be laughter, ridicule, scowls, fear or expression of disapproval. Have you ever tried to explain your trait to someone?

It's Time To Terminate Therapy

I’ve made an earth-shattering decision in my therapy with my psychiatrist and therapist, Dr. Adena (not her real name). I’ve decided to enter the termination phase of treatment. Now before we all jump out of our seats, let me mention that I also determined that this phase will last between twelve and eighteen months.

Breaking BAD

Are we missing out on discerning real from unreal, because we are so busy trying to label good and bad?

Fighting The Rip

By Ken Brack M.Ed. on July 15, 2015 in Unspeakable Gifts
Standing ground where life's paradoxes and ironies collide is vital, tortuous work.

Going Into Business for Yourself

Understanding, facing and dealing with the challenges of going into business for yourself using the skills and attitudes of resilience.

The Meaning of Life

By Allie Burke on July 14, 2015 in Paper Souls
I would like to go to sleep, but I had to work today. So I have coffee.

The Pursuit of Pure Joy

Joy seemed to come so much easier when we were children, now it seems like we spend the rest of our lives trying to find those precious moments again. So what is joy, and how can we find it as adults?

Tattoo Art

It’s a little known secret but I have a tattoo. It’s a small, discreet design of a Shira symbol which represents the fluidity of water and its rough translation is that “everything’s gonna be okay.” I got the tattoo on my right shoulder in 2008 which was at the end of a three year run of a serious breakdown.

What I Learned from Having Breast Cancer

People are always asking me what I’ve learned from my experience with breast cancer. They’re looking for some sort of important inspirational life lesson.

The Witch Inside My Head

By Sarah Fader on July 09, 2015 in Panic Life
Deep down, I know that I am a good person. The witch knows it too. She wants me to succeed and accomplish my dreams.

Mastering Self-Control. Or Not. Part 2

By Hope Perlman on July 08, 2015 in Unmapped Country
Here's a video about Walter Mischel's book, The Marshmallow Test. I'm demonstrating one of Mischel's strategies for developing self-control: distraction.


How to use the skills and attitudes of resilience when dealing with a prescription drug addiction.

Not So Silently Through the Night

By Victoria Maxwell on July 07, 2015 in Crazy for Life
As a Canadian (privileged) white woman, I sheepishly admitted I only had a vague notion of what was meant by ‘the strong black woman’. Christie Neptune, artist & trailblazer explains the phrase comes from the ability to endure, overcome and live through extreme adversity. “I am forced to tuck away my feelings; my grief, my hurt, my pain for the sake of moving forward.”

What Business Is Peres of Mine?

By Per Smidl on July 07, 2015 in Breaking Up the Routine
The first hundred were difficult. The next are going to be easier.

Choosing the Bright Side of Life

By Allie Burke on July 06, 2015 in Paper Souls
If you are negative today and tomorrow is the same as yesterday, you are negative every day, and you will never break the cycle.

Anxious People Get Sick Too

By Sarah Fader on July 06, 2015 in Panic Life
The moral of this particular story is: no matter what a patient tells you, take it seriously. A person is not fabricating symptoms.

The Art Of Breathing

Pranayama is the yoga practice of breathing. According to Yoga Magazine, “pranayama begins with the regulation of the breath. Breath, like electricity, is gross prana, while prana itself is subtle.”

Declarations of Independence – he’s self-identifying as….

By Joseph Cooper on July 02, 2015 in Pauses and Moments
The self-identification phenomenon is truly transformative. There’s the lure. It’s liberating. It’s a “passport” to guises and territories he can only imagine. Embarking, he tips back into his recliner chair and begins to redefine himself – as commissioner of the NFL, president of FIFA, the head of Disney motion pictures, the president of the United States…

My Self-Destructive Pursuit for Perfectionism

I learned the hard way this past weekend about the connection — for me in particular — among stress, asthma and the pursuit for perfectionism. And I won’t even throw in the effect all this has on migraines.

Finding Your Voice

By Laura Deutsch on June 29, 2015 in Memory Catcher
We all have something to say. What matters is how we say it - with details, with images, with tone. Not every first person piece you write has to have the same tone, but you want to write in your authentic voice. Tone is the voice we hear as we read. Like the voice we hear when we talk to somebody. It affects how we respond - whether we go on reading or turn the page.

Acceptance: It Isn't What You Think

Acceptance is viewed by many as a negative resignation, surrender, giving up. Not only is it not quite as simple as this, it has been found to be an effective strategy for lasting happiness. Combined with appreciation and resonating with the positive, science has demonstrated this is a powerful force in improving one's quality of life.

How Do You Feel About Depending on Others?

By Judith Fein on June 26, 2015 in Life Is a Trip
Having to count on others brings up a lot of feelings.