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Creating a Social Circle

5 tips we can learn from a poker game

A Death Knell is Ringing for White Middle-Aged Americans

Research reveals alarming new statistics

Success and the Oozing Nature of Work

One of the issues we face is that we devalue child care, or any care.

Depression and Diagnostic Overshadowing

When your mental illness distracts healthcare professionals

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"You're the Worst" On Love

Romantic-Comedic television shows exaggerate what people experience in their lives. In the case of "You're The Worst", the show exaggerates the selfishness and what Maslow described as Deficiency-Love common in many relationships. However, just because it is "normal" (meaning the majority do it) doesn't mean you have to settle for it.

Coloring Books: The Expressive Art Form Reborn for Adults

Adult coloring books can help reduce anxiety, depression and stress. Read more here to learn about this growing trend

Creating a Social Circle

Thinking of starting a new friendship group? Heidi Messer's women-only poker series deals up great guidelines.

Gratitude, Blessing, and Joy

By John F Evans Ed.D on November 20, 2015 Write Yourself Well
Beyond PTSD and TBI to Post-traumatic Growth

Talented and Gifted

How you feel about present situations with an ex-spouse may be rooted in old hurts and a lot of anger from the past.

The Waiting

By Kerry Cohen on November 17, 2015 Loose Girl
Clients wanted to know how to change. They wanted to know what they had to do in order to be free of all the parts of themselves that continue to ruin their lives.

What You Can Do About Terrorism

By Judith Fein on November 17, 2015 Life Is a Trip
Ten things you can personally do about terrorism.

Fear Works; but Why the Hell Would You Use It?

He slashed the air like a sword fighter in a movie, “If anybody messes with me, I’m gonna cut ‘em good.”

The ‘Amnesia of Depression’

By Victoria Maxwell on November 13, 2015 Crazy for Life
An odd phenomenon happens when I get depressed. I forget I was ever well. I forget I’ll come out the other side (I always do). I forget there even is another side. Because depression feels permanent.

How to Help Lonely and Depressed Seniors

Do you know a lonely or depressed senior living in a residential facility? Researchers propose a fresh, revolutionary solution.

The Octopus That Stands in My Way Now

I’ve known for a while that it’s difficult to write when I’m not feeling well emotionally, as evidenced by my seven month hiatus from this blog during the recurrence of my depression last year. What I didn’t realize was that it’s also difficult to write when I’m not feeling well physically which is what I’ve been experiencing since being hospitalized in September.

The Psychopathic Boss

Do you have a psychopathic boss?

A Death Knell is Ringing for White Middle-Aged Americans

White middle-aged Americans are dying? How do we reverse the trend?

Flounder or Flourish - Guest Post by Catherine G. Lucas

By Victoria Maxwell on November 04, 2015 Crazy for Life
Why do some people going through a mental health crisis flounder and others flourish? It’s all to do with the quality of support we get.

Puzzling Out Your Life’s Work

By Ken Brack M.Ed. on November 04, 2015 Unspeakable Gifts
Does everyday life feel estranged from what you really want to do? Changing course to pursue a higher purpose, whether finding greater joy or a sacred duty, is possible with commitment.

Looking for a Job in a Foreign Land

Once a highly regarded professional in your home country, now that you're living abroad, it seems the only jobs that people think you qualify for are a nurse’s aid or a fast food worker.

The Virtues of Being Rude

By Terri Cheney on November 02, 2015 The Bipolar Lens
Why good fences create good neighbors.

Success and the Oozing Nature of Work

By Hope Perlman on October 28, 2015 Unmapped Country
Scene: Kitchen. Three women, two on the passenger side of a kitchen island. One on the cockpit side, deveining shrimp. All three are mothers. One is a professor, one is a painter of the visual artist variety, not the interior/exterior house variety, and the third is a writer. The professor is cooking. The other two are her guests. What I left out ....

No, It's Not Okay You Tried: Try Harder

By Allie Burke on October 28, 2015 Paper Souls
There is a balance to be found, I think, in living for today, and getting way too comfortable.

How To Not Take it Personally

By Sarah Fader on October 26, 2015 Panic Life
If you are struggling with taking things personally, I encourage you to employ the tactic of asking yourself "this person is showing me a flaw about themselves. What is it?" None of us are perfect, but we are all human.

Pink is the New Black

What's the right color for breast cancer?

The Question You May Not Know How to Ask

By Judith Fein on October 26, 2015 Life Is a Trip
Sometimes it is really awkward to ask a question.

It's My First Time - Guest Post By Courtney Keesee

By Sarah Fader on October 25, 2015 Panic Life
It’s my first time, being treated like a human being and not someone’s property to do with as they please.

Why You Shun Enlightenment

There are a number of reasons people profess wanting enlightenment yet don't follow through, fall short, or deviate from the path. The easy answer is that it is hard. But what makes it hard? What makes it so attractive to remain unconscious?

S.P.A.C.E.: How to Create Mental Health & Vibrant Wellness

By Victoria Maxwell on October 23, 2015 Crazy for Life
The S.P.A.C.E. (Small Positive Actions Change Everything) phenomenon works every time.

The Asteroid

What type of crisis will it take for you to think about the big picture? Another terror attack? A terminal illness? An asteroid hitting the planet? This might be a good time for some deep thought about what you see as the meaning of your life and your purpose in this world.

Depression and Diagnostic Overshadowing

Diagnostic overshadowing is defined as a process where health professionals wrongly presume that physical symptoms presenting are a consequence of their patient’s depression. Learn more about this form of stigma and find tips for handling this common bias by reading more here.

The Internet Screams

By Pia Savage on October 18, 2015 Odd Girl In
Once I was a top ranked blogger. Then came Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more. As a person with NLD I found myself retreating because the Internet became so noisy. And my lack of technical ability made me come in last. No it's not a race but it sure feels like one.

Please Don’t Tell Me I Just Have a Chemical Imbalance

By Victoria Maxwell on October 15, 2015 Crazy for Life
This is what I’d like to ask of clinicians, doctors, and advocates for mental illness in general and bipolar disorder specifically: Please don’t tell me I just have a chemical imbalance. There is a whole lot more going on inside my mind and my relationships and my world than the balance of serotonin or dopamine or norepinephrine.

Sh*t people say to people with OCD

By Sarah Fader on October 15, 2015 Panic Life
You are so OCD.