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Relationships Cause Conduct Disorder, Not "Bad Seeds"

No genes or group of genes dictate specific behaviors

Is Coding Camp a Good Thing? Answer: Not to Me

Should kids be spending their summers in front of a screen?

Who Will Clip Your Toenails When You Cannot?

How family connections can affect the littlest things as we age

5 Tips for the Parents of Teens Who Make Rudeness an Art

What can parents do to encourage respect and courtesy in their teens?

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Is Life Just a Sequence of Random Events?

By Po Chi Wu Ph.D. on May 12, 2015 in Jacob's Staff
How do we understand the role of luck in our lives? If value and meaning can only be achieved by a sequence of events, does that sequence reflect a pre-determined pattern? Whose pattern? Where does this line of thinking take us in terms of planning? How are artists and entrepreneurs different from the rest of us? How do we find meaning in life?

5 Things Successful Working Parents Give Up

Successful parents focus their spare time and energy on raising the children - not wishing they didn't have to work

Thank You Notes

Now that my final grades are turned in and I have found some time to sit at my computer, “if you wouldn’t mind” I wanted to first get caught up on a few overdue Thank You notes. Yes, this short blog is inspired by the always entertaining and witty Thank You Notes ritual Jimmy Fallon does on the Tonight Show every week.

Mindful Eating, ADHD and Nutrition

Even if someone with ADHD is not overweight, executive function may impact healthy eating. And poor eating habits do not only affect nutrition. Difficulty with planning, distractibility, and time management frequently have a domino effect.

Kids, Your Dad Wants a Divorce

It's time to sit down and break the news to the kids that their parents are going to divorce, a decision that is not mutual. What's the best way to approach this with the kids?

Friends or Frenemies? Understanding Bullying in Schools

When kids and parents improperly classify rudeness and mean behavior as bullying, we all run the risk of becoming so sick and tired of hearing the word that this critical safety issue among young people loses its urgency as quickly as it rose to prominence.

Adolescence and Goal Avoidance

The closer to reaching a valued growth goal an adolescent gets, often the more ambivalent and resistant they can become.

10 Ways to Become an 'Elephant Teacher'

What can a teacher learn about positive psychology from an elephant? You might be surprised!

Communication: The Essential Element of Effective Mothering

The mother-daughter relationship thrives with open communication.

What is Love?

For Mother’s Day this blog will not address the pressing issues of psychiatry today. Suffice it to say that the harm done by the twin traumas of deprivation and abuse generate all the psychiatric struggles we are all subject to. This is the other side of the story - my appreciation for what I have learned from my wife.

A Challenge to Mothers Everywhere

There is sometimes an unspoken implication that for a woman to be a good mother, she must cast aside other parts of herself that make her who she is. In reality, the best gift a mother can give her children is to be a happy, fulfilled and whole person, in and of herself.

Tics Are for Kids

By Susan Scheftel Ph.D. on May 09, 2015 in Evolving Minds
Tics are common in childhood but can seem mysterious and strange. In fact at least 15% of all children will develop tics during the elementary school years. Understanding what tics are, as well as what they are not, may quell parental anxieties and also relieve a child who has developed them.

10 Ways Mother's Day Provides Life Lessons to Children

By Kate Roberts Ph.D. on May 09, 2015 in Savvy Parenting
Mother's Day is much more than what advertisers make it. It's a chance to celebrate mom, while teaching children some very valuable skills and life lessons.

Three Ways to Be a More Patient Parent

Without this mindset, most parenting strategies will fail miserably.


Join the conversation between two skilled clinicians as they discuss parenting as a thoughtful and creative process.

Mother's Day Blues: Adoptive and Birth Mothers

Most of us have only one mother, but adult adoptees often have two. When adoptions are open, or after a reunion, either the adoptive or the birth mother may feel excluded on Mother’s Day.

Am I a Good Mom?

Being a good mom is for you to decide, not anyone else.

Why Mothers Are So Special

By Gad Saad Ph.D. on May 08, 2015 in Homo Consumericus
Mothers hold a privileged status within the human experience. I address some of the foundational evolutionary principles that explain the mother-child bond. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day: Role Reversal

By Katherine Bouton on May 08, 2015 in What I Hear
My aging mother could hear, but I couldn't. My hearing and her dementia still created a nearly unbridgeable gap. The only way across it was with smiles and hugs and just being there — for her and for me.

Brainlock 101—How We Can't Help Becoming Stuck

You are trapped—by your own brain activity and chemistry, by developmental patterns from the past, by the way your patterns and your partner's patterns interlock with one another, and by social forces that are hard to see. Read about how this becomes "Brainlock" and cements you (in a plural sense) into a state of irrelationship.

A Mother’s Intuition

By Shimi Kang M.D. on May 07, 2015 in The Dolphin Way
Have you ever felt that fluttering feeling in your stomach? The kind that rises up into your chest and makes your heart race and even though you couldn’t possibly have any idea why you’re feeling that way, all you know is that the decision you’re about to make feels either very right or extremely wrong? We all do, and as parents we need to get back in touch with it.

The Importance of Being Wanted

By Robert J King Ph.D. on May 07, 2015 in Hive Mind
Are the children of gay and lesbian parents likely to suffer adverse outcomes?

Discipline, Nurturance, or Living Example: What Works Best?

Discipline is pointing the way. Living example displays the message in vibrant color impacting a child even more than words.

How to Be a Good Enough Mother

Good enough is as good as it gets when it comes to mothering—and it is as good as it needs to be.

Split Decisions

In When Parents Part, psychologist Penelope Leach provides sound practical advice to parents about managing changes that she claims may be good for one or both of them, but "will certainly be bad for their children." In making her case, Leach may not adequately assess differences due to social class, pre-separation experiences and the resilience of children.

When a Parent Is Incarcerated

A two-step process developed by Dr. Glen Palm may help children cope with their parents' incarceration.

Child Custody Issues for Polyamorous Families

Sexual minorities usually fare poorly in court when family members (often an ex-spouse or parent/grandparent) or institutional representative from Child Protective Services challenge their custody of their children. This blog explains five things parents or families who are concerned about custody can do to prepare themselves in case their custody is challenged.

"I'll Try New Foods When I'm 7!"

Kids have good intentions to try new foods. But just like many adults say they intend to diet but then never do, when it comes to how kids eat, there's a gap between intentions and behavior.

How Can We Nurture Our Teens?

What needs to be in place within communities to show teens that they’re not miniature adults, but valued for their stage in life?

10 Notes for Parents of Complex Kids

You thought you were a doer, a go-getter, indefatigable and unsinkable? Think again. And welcome to the club!