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Empathy for the Undeserving Can Be a Useful Strategy for Changing Families

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Why middle age truly is the prime of life

Having a Baby: When You Don't Agree

Different visions? Find the problem under the problem.

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Creativity’s Monsters: Making Friends with Complexity

By Lisa Rivero M.A. on February 08, 2015 in Creative Synthesis
Creativity is about more than what time you wake up or what apps are on your phone. Being more creative requires us to be open to all the voices in our heads, even—or especially—the crazy ones.

Asian Dating

By Sam Louie MA, LMHC on February 07, 2015 in Minority Report
Are you dating an Asian or dating a different Asian ethnicity? If so, there may be cultural landmines to navigate as you go against cultural norms and expectations from your family, culture, and/or ethnicity.

6 Ways to Get Past the Pain of Unrequited Love

By F. Diane Barth L.C.S.W. on February 07, 2015 in Off the Couch
It sounds romantic – to love someone with all of your heart and soul, whether or not they love you back. But the reality is very different. The pain of loving someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you can be almost unbearable. It certainly doesn’t feel romantic. It just feels devastating. How do you deal with the feeling?

The Doomsday Clock and Me

By Judith Eve Lipton M.D. on February 07, 2015 in Pura Vida
The hands of the Doomsday Clock are now at 3 minutes to midnight. This means that famous scientists think that the threat of global extinction is as close as it was during the Cold War. Nuclear weapons modernization, global warming, and international tensions have created this threat. The only sane response is to work to abolish nuclear weapons, and reduce global warming.

Looking For Approval In All The Wrong Places?

To heal means “to make whole” and unless we come to terms with our brokenness, we can’t experience ourselves as whole. When we regain the experience of wholeness we become more able to trust the validity of our own experience even when others opinions contradict it.

10 Essential Parenting Tips From the New England Patriots

By Kate Roberts Ph.D. on February 06, 2015 in Savvy Parenting
The New England Patriots' behavior during the pre-Superbowl deflategate scandal can be applauded and emulated. How people respond under the pressure of scrutiny and stress often defines true character. 10 ten take aways for parents will help them guide their children to a better outcome when the stress is unavoidable.

Childhood Trauma and Masturbation

Often when a child undergoes abuse or trauma there are not sufficient outlets for all the rage, despair and grief that results from the betrayal. Masturbation is one of the most accessible and available forms of numbing out, because you rely only on your own body to produce the intoxicating chemicals that soothe the pain.

My Seven Healthy Obsessions

By Jennifer Haupt on February 06, 2015 in One True Thing
Cooking has always been celebrity chef Jesse Schenker's first passion and true "addiction." After getting out of jail, he flipped the switch and put the same tenacity and passion that he had for drugs into his cooking. Here are some of his other healthy habits he's become addicted to.

Make Time for the Pain

By Leon F Seltzer Ph.D. on February 06, 2015 in Evolution of the Self
When someone comes into therapy essentially requesting a major mental and emotional overhaul, I typically warn them that we’ll be doing a lot of grief work. That is, if we’re to accomplish a major transformation of their self-image, they’ll need to revisit many of the times and places where their painfully felt insecurities and self-doubts originated.

Forget Co-Parenting with a Narcissist, and Do This Instead

By Linda Esposito LCSW on February 06, 2015 in From Anxiety to Zen
While co-parenting with a narcissist is nearly impossible, these strategies can help you and your child(ren) thrive when drama and emotional intensity threaten to derail your mental health.

What Is Mindfulness and How Does It Work?

By Gregg Henriques on February 06, 2015 in Theory of Knowledge
Mindfulness is one of the most important developments in mental health in the past twenty years. Understand what it is and how it works.

Irrelationship's Performer—Human Antidepressants

The song-and-dance routine of the "Performer" is driven by the need to distance himself from his own anxiety and pain by taking care of his primary caregiver (usually a parent). He will often develop into the do-gooder, caretaker, rescuer or hero, but those are roles cultivated from childhood, usually emerging from a distinct relational—or irrelational—pattern.

Learning To Live With Failure

By Nick Luxmoore on February 06, 2015 in Young People Up Close
In work with young people, do we fail because we're lazy or complacent? Or because we all have limitations? Can we ever accept and live with those limitations?

Is Electronic Recreation So Bad?

By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on February 06, 2015 in How To Do Life
The case FOR TV, videogames, Facebook, etc.

Mindfulness and Acting

By Thalia R. Goldstein Ph.D. on February 05, 2015 in The Mind On Stage
We often ask "but what is acting" or "what are actors actually doing?" Perhaps the answer is "being mindful".

What Straight Couples Can Learn from Gay Couples

By Rick Miller LICSW on February 05, 2015 in Unwrapped
Ten things that gay couples know that every couple should learn. Gay couples often have had to fight for their relationship against great odds: the upside is they know how to do it and why it is worth it.

How Alcohol Advertising Affects Adolescents

By Richard Taite on February 05, 2015 in Ending Addiction for Good
Remember all those great Super Bowl ads for beer? According to a study by researchers at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center (NCCC) and Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock (CHaD), seeing and liking alcohol advertising on television among underage youth was associated with the onset of drinking, binge drinking and hazardous drinking.

Children Who Kill Are Often Victims Too

By Robert T Muller Ph.D. on February 05, 2015 in Talking About Trauma
Research shows that, while extremely rare, children who kill often come from chaotic and abusive backgrounds, are not fully emotionally developed and do not fully understand the severity of their crimes.

Are Medical Records Safe?

By Mark Banschick M.D. on February 04, 2015 in The Intelligent Divorce
According to the Wall Street Journal, a major insurance company just reported a breach of patient's records. What do electronic medical records mean for our society, and for our right to privacy? It's a debate worth having, even at this late hour.

The Vaccine Controversy: Through an Evolutionary Lens

In recent weeks, non-vaccinating parents have been blamed for being ignorant, stupid, or worse. But calling someone stupid does not seem like an effective way of getting parents to agree to do something that they believe might harm their child. Another way to look at parents’ fears about the risks of vaccinating is to look at decision making through an evolutionary lens.

Birthdays Can Be Tough

If you lend your child the support he needs, his party will go more smoothly.

Teen Sexting

Once sexual photos are released online, they can be easily be shared or leaked. Many teens may buy into the facade that their online activity is private, but no matter how hard they try to convince themselves, in truth, there is no such thing as "online privacy".

Selfish Politicization of Vaccination is Dangerous

By David Ropeik on February 04, 2015 in How Risky Is It, Really?
Making vaccination a political issue is selfish, dishonest, and dangerous.

3 Things a Parent Should Never Say to a Kid

By Erica Reischer Ph.D. on February 04, 2015 in What Great Parents Do
Avoid these 3 toxic phrases when talking to kids, and say this instead

The Low Legal Threshold To Say "I Do"

By Marlynn Wei M.D., J.D. on February 04, 2015 in Urban Survival
What does the law require of the mental state for marriage? You might be surprised to find out that most states require more mental capacity to sign an apartment lease than a marriage license.

Individual Students, Literacy Research, and Policy

By APA Division 15 on February 04, 2015 in PsychEd
When our theories, research, and teaching promote effective literacy learning in the classroom for each individual student, we succeed as a discipline dedicated to improving education.

Treating Parents Helps Kids

By David Rettew M.D. on February 04, 2015 in ABCs of Child Psychiatry
There is mounting evidence that mental health problems can run in families and that treating parents can improve child behavior. Putting this knowledge into practice, however, has been slow.

An Expert Guide to Lies and Liars

By Adrian Furnham Ph.D. on February 04, 2015 in A Sideways View
We are all both good liars and hopefully good lie-detectors. Much of social life involves behaviours that are designed to cover up facts and create a particular impression. It makes sense to try and distinguish the types of lie that most people tell on a regular basis

Pizza: The Downfall of the American Diet

When future generations are digging around in the smoldering embers of America’s eating habits, wondering, “What went wrong?” they are going to discover one thing: Pizza.

Parents Who Ignore Science Make Their Children Sick

By Michael Ungar Ph.D. on February 03, 2015 in Nurturing Resilience
When parents ignore the advice of scientists, children are needlessly exposed to mental, physical and spiritual dangers. Anxiety disorders are rising dramatically, measles have infected hundreds of children, and a lack of critical thinking among children are all problems caused by the same thing: misguided parenting practices.