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How Will Artificial Intelligence Change Education and Work?

A new report titled “Artificial Intelligence and Life in 2030” explores the role of AI in various aspects of society and considers implications for our future.

The Ethics of Sharing Client Stories

How can I use my clients as examples in my teaching, while honoring my clients’ confidentiality and therapeutic experience? What are the ethical limits to telling clients' stories?

Sex Too Soon? When Do American Teens Lose Their Virginity?

A new report details statistics about virginity loss in the United States

Reframing Temperament: “Difficult” vs. “Stressed”

By Stuart Shanker DPhil on October 18, 2016 in Self-Reg
Parents need to understand what their child’s limbic system is “telling” them. And when they’re able, children and teens need to do the same.

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Is it ethical to euthanize your dog?

Sadly, most often, our family pets grow old and die before we do. Yet, even in their advanced years and on their death beds, they remain our babies, depending on us for their nurture.

The Family Who Doesn't Understand

By Chris Guillebeau on April 10, 2011 in The Art of Non-Conformity

School Shooting in Brazil: Shock and the Search for Meaning

By Peter Langman Ph.D. on April 10, 2011 in Keeping Kids Safe
Why is it so hard to recognize that violence can happen anywhere?

A Simple Ritual That Will Make Your Goals “Stick”

By Marcia Reynolds Psy.D. on April 09, 2011 in Wander Woman
Do you struggle with sticking to your exercise, diet or "being nicer and more patient" goals? You are probably sabotaging your chances at success by the way you think. This post will give you the steps for stretching and redirecting the pathways in your brain so you can achieve your goals once and for all.
Staring at Sixty: Some Musings About Mortality and the Bucket List

Staring at Sixty: Some Musings About Mortality and the Bucket List

By Stephen A. Diamond Ph.D. on April 09, 2011 in Evil Deeds
In the 2007 film "The Bucket List", Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman play two terminally ill, mid-sixty-ish men who meet in the hospital, receive prognoses of having a year or less to live, and decide to literally list and then actively pursue certain life experiences that had eluded them to that point before "kicking the bucket" (dying).

Childfree Adults— Not All Alike: Three Subtypes Explored

Misconceptions about childfree adults, many of which are unflattering, abound. Such misconceptions lead to typical stereotyping, in which a group of people is treated as a whole, as if they were all exactly the same. The reality is that childfree adults are as varied as any other category of men and women.

The Meeting Eyes of Love: How Empathy Is Born In Us

By Mark Matousek on April 08, 2011 in Ethical Wisdom
From the doting reflection of its mother's eyes, a baby draws its earliest, wordless lessons about connection, care, and love, and about how being ignored--which every child is sooner or later--makes the good feeling disappear.


By Gina Gallagher on April 08, 2011 in Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid!
Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid. Imperfect mothers embrace joys and challenges of raising special kids.

A Strategy for Writing the Dreaded Cover Letter

You never know what small factor might turn a job opportunity your way-- and a well-written cover letter is one way to entice a recruiter to interview you. Want to write a great one? SWOT it.

Autism Spectrum Disorder - Struggling with Communication

By Janine Driver on April 07, 2011 in You Say More Than You Think
Struggling with communication - from the inside out.

Tax Time, part 2

By Regina Leeds on April 07, 2011 in Inner Peace Through Outer Order
What would happen if Tax Time didn't send you into a tail spin?

Autism Awareness: Free On-line Conference April 9 &10 Keynote Temple Grandin

That's why in honor of Autism Awareness Month, I'm co-sponsoring a free on-line conference with on April 9 and 10. Many parents can't attend conferences because of the cost or lack of respite coverage for their child, others live in rural areas. On these two days, they can attend on-line a conference for free.Temple Grandin is the Keynote.

Is Sushi Now Radiocative?

Irrational fears are nothing new. Japan’s disaster is just the latest thing to set our hair on fire.
What Do Singles Spend Their Money On?

What Do Singles Spend Their Money On?

By Bella DePaulo Ph.D. on April 07, 2011 in Living Single
What are single men, single women, and married couples really spending their money on? The Bureau of Labor Statistics gives us the goods.

What’s Wrong With Smart Drugs for All?

By Paul W Cooper CPsychol, AFBPS on April 06, 2011 in The Innovative Learner
Smart drugs are just modern technology which means they are a good thing ... doesn't it?
The ABC's of Psychotherapies for Borderline Personality

The ABC's of Psychotherapies for Borderline Personality

A review of the various psycho-therapeutic approaches to treating borderline personality.

Do You Know Where Your Relationship Is Going?

By Gerry Heisler Ph.D. on April 05, 2011 in Relationship Boot Camp

Passive Aggressive Behavior at Chore Time: Using Benign Confrontation

This article is a follow-up to the previous post, providing a detailed explanation and example of the six steps of Benign Confrontation of passive aggressive behavior.

Why Possibility Matters

By Pamela Gerloff on April 05, 2011 in The Possibility Paradigm
“How can Possibility be a value?” I thought. I had always thought of possibility as just something that existed. A good thing in life, for sure. But not a value to live by.

The Sex You Cannot Speak Of

By Noam Shpancer Ph.D. on April 04, 2011 in Insight Therapy
Wherever you turn everyone seems to be happy to talk about sex, and even to have some. But there is one kind of sex you are not allowed to talk about, let alone admit you are having.

Four Simple Ways to End Your Next Argument

By Gerry Heisler Ph.D. on April 04, 2011 in Relationship Boot Camp

Craving Parenthood: A New Trend on Grey's Anatomy?

By Connie Shapiro PhD on April 04, 2011 in When You're Not Expecting
As I have been watching the ABC medical series Grey's Anatomy recently, I've been struck by how the themes of fertility, unplanned pregnancy and pregnancy loss are sensitively interwoven through so many episodes.

Service Learning: New Ethical Goals and Challenges for Universities

Higher education has embraced service learning--a commitment that entails partnerships with communities. These partnerships create new and different ethical obligations for all involved.