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A Fresh Look at Millennial Parents, Part 1

By Kyle D. Pruett M.D. on December 07, 2016 in Once Upon a Child
What they are feeling and needing in their parenting

If We Don't Ask, We'll Never Know

By Mitch Prinstein Ph.D. on December 07, 2016 in The Modern Teen
After a few minutes with a mental health professional, this is what parents are shocked to learn about their kids

Ho! Ho! Who? How Kids Understand Live Santa Clauses

By Thalia R. Goldstein Ph.D. on December 06, 2016 in The Mind On Stage
In December, Santa is everywhere—malls, parades, and parties. But how do kids understand this live magical man? Experiences, more than age, seem to matter for understanding.

New Research Reveals Neural Roots of Social Anxiety

People with social anxiety disorder have an extreme fear of new social objects or situations. New neuroscience research shows how observational learning plays into this fear.

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Do We Treat Dogs The Same Way As Children In Our Modern Families?

A new survey shows that dogs are being treated more like children, psychologically and behaviorally, in our modern families.

Sleep Your Way to a Better Relationship

We don't pay enough attention to the role that sleep plays in a healthy relationship.

Creating a Magic Circle for Your Children and Yourself!

By The Psychoanalysis 3.0 Writing Group on May 02, 2011 in Psychoanalysis 3.0
Conversation between parents and children is the best way to counter fears of secrecy and unspoken wild things. But such healing conversation needs a listener genuinely open to hearing whatever it is that will be said.

Second Thoughts on Drug Legalization

By Walter E. Block Ph.D. on May 02, 2011 in Defending the Undefendable

Mindfulness for Moms: The Basics

By Cassandra Vieten Ph.D. on May 02, 2011 in Consciousness Matters
How the Social Network Is Changing Teen Victimization

How the Social Network Is Changing Teen Victimization

By Elizabeth Donovan M.A. on May 02, 2011 in Youth and Tell
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Love or Lust? Let's Ask the Animals

By Dale Peterson Ph.D. on May 02, 2011 in The Moral Lives of Animals

Has Mother's Day Got You Down?

Difficult mother-child relationships can make this a painful day. This technique can make it better.

Balancing Act: Family, Friends, and Holiday Invitations

My husband and I have been close friends with another family for three to four years and we feel hurt by recent events. Short background: Both families have kids the same age; kids are friends; kids are in the same school; we're neighbors and members of the same religious community.

Wishful and Delusional Ideology Trumps Science: The Noble Savage (Part II).

By Gad Saad Ph.D. on May 02, 2011 in Homo Consumericus
In part II of this two-part series, I offer some rebuttals to a recent post that sought to castigate evolutionary psychologists for their apparently faulty views of human nature. This is my third post in less than fifteen hours!

Walking In Another Person's Boots: Backyard Chickens 2

Chickens used to be a pervasive part of people's lives - and that's reflected in our language. Now that I know them, my view of language and literature has changed too.

Pseudodementia and Me

You can’t be grateful and disappointed or possibly even depressed at the same time

Inverting Education

I've been struck by an important similarity between education and medicine: a significant gap exists between the leading edge of research and its implementation. That is, what we now know we should be doing is quite different from what we actually are.

The Narcissistic Family Tree

Clinical experience and research show that adult children of narcissists have a difficult time putting their finger on what is wrong. Denial is rampant in the narcissistic family system.

The Devastating Aftermath of Sexting

You've just caught your teen sexting. What do you do? Who do you turn to? How do you respond?
7 Tips to help a Distracted Child

7 Tips to help a Distracted Child

These simple tips will help a child who is distracted, inattentive, or having problems focusing on his school work. The tips are also useful for any child, and can even prevent inattentiveness in an ever more distracting world.

Gen X Parents - Avoid Sibling Wounds Try Family Meetings

By Cathy Cress M.S.W. on April 30, 2011 in Mom Loves You Best
Family meetings are an excellent tool to let you listen to both sides of a sibling argument

I once was lost, but now am found.

By Kristine Anthis Ph.D. on April 29, 2011 in Who Am I?

Taking More from Menopause than Hormone Replacement Therapy

By The Psychoanalysis 3.0 Writing Group on April 29, 2011 in Psychoanalysis 3.0
Menopause can be used as a growth-promoting crisis rather than the drug-taking opportunity it is often marketed to be

Do Children Know What They Want to Eat?

By Zanthe Taylor M.F.A. on April 29, 2011 in A Million Meals

When Gay Comes Home

By Peggy Drexler Ph.D. on April 29, 2011 in Our Gender, Ourselves