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Creating eBooks for Children - Let's Do It Together!

By Michael Hogan Ph.D. on July 27, 2016 in In One Lifespan
Story books for children have a long history and are universally valued by children and parents. Digital stories for children offer new ways to share stories and advance literacy.

The Top Five Gifts of Pokemon Go to Parents

"Thanks Pokemon Go for giving my kids a modern version of a 1970s summer!”

Feathering the Empty Nest

By Ann Smith on July 25, 2016 in Healthy Connections
Couples who were able to maintain their connection through the child rearing years will have a smoother transition into empty nest years.

Work-Family Conflict... and Its Far Prettier Sister

By Yael Schonbrun Ph.D. on July 21, 2016 in Moderating
Are you overlooking the gifts of work-family enrichment?

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Who Decides What Our Purpose Is?

By Steve Sisgold on February 21, 2011 in Life in a Body
Do I know what I am here to do? Is my purpose driven by something I heard from someone else or from a divine spirit or a feeling inside?

10 Myths About Single People: Here Are the First 4

By Bella DePaulo Ph.D. on February 21, 2011 in Living Single
It is time to dispel the myths that the lives of singles are nasty, brutish, and short. Those are among the first 4 myths. Stay tuned for the remaining six.

Happiness and the Real Housewives of Bravo

By Jennifer Baker Ph.D. on February 20, 2011 in For the Love of Wisdom

Your Old Friends

By Nancy Kalish Ph.D. on February 20, 2011 in Sticky Bonds
As a professor of child psychology and adolescent psychology, my university students often talked about the ongoing importance of their early childhood and teen friendships. Do you still have close friends from your childhood? What makes these relationships so important to you now?

Why Arts Education for Children Can Change the World

By Michael Ungar Ph.D. on February 20, 2011 in Nurturing Resilience
Teaching children art is not a frivolous use of resources when with that art comes resilience, pride in one's culture, and a chance to heal the trauma caused by war.

America's Voyeurism and America's Escape from Self

Lindsay, Miguel, Charlie and Brittany, O' My! America; Heal Thyself. America is hypnotized by radio, reality and ravenous attention paid to other people's mental health. Celebrities are easy targets but while we point and laugh, are we not missing teachable moments with ourselves, our children and our culture.

Should a therapist ask a client about birth control, sexually transmitted diseases, and abortion?

By F. Diane Barth L.C.S.W. on February 19, 2011 in Off the Couch
Therapists sometimes feel constricted about talking about abortion, contraception, birth control and pregnancy with clients. How would you feel if your therapist brought these things up? What if he or she did not ask you about them? I want to know what you think!

The Black Swan: A Lesson in Parent/Child Relationships

By Ellen Weber Libby Ph.D. on February 18, 2011 in The Favorite Child

Should This Be the Last Generation?

By Lauren Sandler on February 18, 2011 in One and Only
Considering a philosophy of fewer children

The Person-Language Bond

By Francois Grosjean Ph.D. on February 18, 2011 in Life as a Bilingual
Bilinguals often have a preferred language they use with bilinguals they know well. The language-person bond is particularly strong in very young bilingual children; it helps them acquire and differentiate their languages.

What Your Teenager Wants You to Know But Won't Tell You

By Mark Goulston M.D., F.A.P.A. on February 17, 2011 in Just Listen
Every time one of His children kill themselves, God thunders down at us: "That is not why I gave you the gift of life!"  And then God cries...

How a Baby's Brain Develops

By Kimberly Key on February 17, 2011 in Counseling Keys
Political uncertainty, terrorism and changing technology means raising children to be resilient is more important than ever.

Friends and Enemies in the Movies

By Frank Pittman M.D. on February 17, 2011 in Reel Life
The six movies contending for Best Picture Oscar confront us with what people go through in real life.

Sister Siblings: The Strongest Sibling Dyad of All

By Cathy Cress M.S.W. on February 16, 2011 in Mom Loves You Best
Sisters often forge the strongest friendships of any sibling pairs.

Push-Pull Words

 Push-Pull Words provide people with vital insights into the thought process of the people they are talking to.   

My Daughter's An Average Student: Help!

By Darcy Sterling Ph.D. on February 15, 2011 in Ask Dr. Darcy
Why is it important to you for your daughter to be academically competitive in high school? Let me guess: You want her to get into a top-tier college. And you want her to get into a top-tier college because you believe that graduating from a top-tier college will set her up for success.

Talking Trash or Taking it Out?

By David F Lancy Ph.D. on February 15, 2011 in Benign Neglect
Why do we have such a difficult time getting our children to do chores when, just a generation or two back, household chores were the norm?

Artsmarts: Why Cutting Arts Funding Is Not a Good Idea

By Michele and Robert Root-Bernstein on February 14, 2011 in Imagine That!
Congress is once again making plans to gut the National Endowment for the Arts, so it is time for us to post more data supporting the arts. In previous posts, we've argued that the arts are essential for the development of scientific imagination. Here we argue that the arts stimulate economic development by fostering invention. 

Partners "Helping" (A Word Never To Be Used)

By Shoshana Bennett Ph.D. on February 14, 2011 in Mommy Mental Health

Talking to Your Teen About Sex

By Laurence Steinberg Ph.D on February 14, 2011 in You and Your Adolescent
Valentine's Day should stir thoughts of romance. It should also remind you to talk to your teen about sex.

Love at First Sight?

By Michael W. Austin Ph.D. on February 14, 2011 in Ethics for Everyone
There is love at first sight, but it has nothing to do with dopamine.