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Causes of Students’ Emotional Fragility: Five Perspectives

Teachers, professors, employers, parents, & students explain students’ problems.

5 Tips to Help Children Cope with Threats of Terrorism

Being Resilient in Times of Threat

Why Are Kids Sexting?

The leading pundits tell us not to worry, just chill. The pundits are wrong.

Family Background, Creativity, and Genius

Behind the motivations of science Nobel laureates and literary prizewinners.

Recent Posts on Parenting

Replace Head Start With Re-form Schools?

The Head Start Program needs re-evaluation in order to be successful.

The Bible and Psychology – Adam’s Sweat

By Matthew Shanahan M.Sc. on April 03, 2013 Living It
The punishment assigned to Adam was that he would earn his living "by the sweat of his brow". This valuable lesson applies to the descendants of Adam, too (us). Have you been to the gym yet today?

Teachers Who Fall in Love with Students

Once the possibility of intimacy between students and teachers has become a taboo subject, the experience becomes shameful with teachers obliged to hide and hate their feelings. But if those feelings can be acknowledged and talked about as inevitabilities rather than as signs of weakness or perversity then teachers are less likely to end up crossing any boundaries.

Role Models and Choices

We make choices sometimes in spite of our role models

Our Nursing Home Parents: MDs, Meds, Cultural Issues, Part 2

Finding a facility in which one is confident that a family member is being properly cared is sometimes a rare gift. The Right Nursing Home? Part 1 focused on ratings, activities, and atmosphere. But in the nursing home search there is also the question of illness, the role of physicians, medication, cultural sensitivity, and what you do if change is needed.

Can Moms Make Art?

Lost in Living is a powerful documentary that delves into the emotions felt and the life choices made by mothers who are also writers or artists.

Parenting with an Eating Disorder

As more adults are diagnosed with eating disorders, they are trying to break the cycle so their kids don't suffer as well

Moments of Joy with Alzheimer's!

By Eliezer Sobel on April 02, 2013 The 99th Monkey
I’ll never forget playing “Tangerine Poker,” a card game my niece Julie and I made up as we went along: I would pick a card, and put the tangerine next to the salt shaker. Julie would put a card on top of mine, and peel the tangerine. My mother would study her hand carefully, look down at the table, and eat the tangerine.

Free Will Hunting: A Review of David Sheff's "Clean"

David Sheff's "Clean: Overcoming Addiction and Ending America's Greatest Tragedy" is the best book on substance abuse and addiction in years. Its claims about the role of choice, however, raise far more questions than they answer.

Are Kids Racist?

Do you remember a time your child made a racist comment and you shrunk away in horror? Or do you believe your child is unaware of race, a true product of Dr. King’s dream? Most White parents tend to fall into these two camps and most of these parents deal with race, by not dealing—they avoid talking about it. Recent research has much to say about this current trend.

Understanding and Helping Toddler Sleep--Preparing Success

Practical, tested ways to help your toddler sleep...

Jennie Shortridge: When A Mind Breaks

By Jennifer Haupt on April 01, 2013 One True Thing
"My mission as a child was to figure out my mother's brain: what made her happy and loving on some days, and what made her withdraw or become mean? What made her vacuum at two in the morning, then sleep until well after we arrived home from school the next day? What made her want to terrify us with suicide attempts or acts of violence against us?"

6 Things That Could Be Done Now to Help Autism Families

Our autistic children need help. Many autistic adults need help. But what can schools and legislators do right now to start helping?

What's Behind the 53 Percent Rise in ADHD Diagnoses?

None of the medical doctors interviewed in today's Times article argue that the increasing number of ADHD diagnoses actually represent the spreading of a disease.

10 Assumptions We Make about Teens and Media

Does every teen have a Facebook? What are the best ways to reach out to teens? How are teens using media? The facts about 10 common assumptions made about teens' use of media.

What Do Men Want?

By David J. Powell Ph.D. on April 01, 2013 Game Plan
Men don't ask for help. So, what do men want? How can services best be delivered to men? is your office environment male-friendly, and what does that even mean? How comfortable would a male be walking into your clinic, most likely pushed in the door by someone else, a friend, partner, or employer.

I Have Two Comfort Activities

The brilliant (and gorgeous, not that it matters) Hilary Reyl has been a friend of mine since college, and I’m thrilled that her fabulous debut novel, Lessons in French, has just hit the shelves.

Romeo & Juliet in India

What to do when niece is in love with poor choice

Are You One-Of-A-Kind?

The topic of being or not being one-of-a-kind is a difficult one. Don't rush to a conclusion. Instead, become still with yourself and ask yourself ten questions. You might just get an idea.

Can Video Games Cause Violence?

A recent Supreme Court ruling established that video games were covered under the First Amendment but that video game content could not be regulated by governments. Though psychological research is often used in the courtroom in issues relating to child safety, the lack of consistent findings linking video games to violent behaviour in children was "unpersuasive".

In Defense of Parents

By Kenneth Barish Ph.D. on April 01, 2013 Pride and Joy
Perhaps it has always been this way, but recently it seems that parents are under attack. The criticisms come from all sides. We are over-involved or overly permissive. We fail to teach traditions and values. We over-diagnose, over-medicate, and over-accommodate our kids, often to excuse our own poor parenting. Especially, the critics believe, our children are indulged.

5 Steps to Prepare Your Toddler for College

By Susan Newman Ph.D. on April 01, 2013 Singletons
A new study of college students pinpoints the negative effects of too much parental involvement in a child's life. Find the balance that will benefit your child from toddlerhood through the teen and college years and beyond.

Positive Adolescent Growth Reversals in Young Adulthood

The end of adolescence is not the end of personal growth. In their teenager's young adulthood parents often get to witness positive growth changes they never expected to see.

Coming Back to Bilingualism

A young bilingual child stopped speaking one of his languages when he came to the United States for some 15 months. The linguistic and social strategies he adopted when he returned to his home country and once again became bilingual make for some fascinating reading.

Resyncing the Bodyclock to Treat ADHD

Good news for those with ADHD who prefer a more natural approach. Research shows attentional symptoms may be related to poor sleep and an out-of-sync body clock--and may respond to light therapy and melatonin supplementation.

Young Kids and Educational Programs: What You Need to Know

Educational programming can teach all kinds of meaningful lessons to children. However, in order to get to the positive message at the end, children typically view some sort of negative interaction between the characters first. For very young children, this may be confusing. Researchers examined the potential impact this may have among preschool-age children.

When Adult ADD/ADHD Goes Untreated - Adult ADHD Expert NYC

Do you struggle with focus, attention, organization and procrastination? Have you wondered why therapy or medications haven't helped? Are you looking to overcome your challenges and get help for Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in New York City?

Recovery is a Healthy State, not Weight

Learn more about Recovery as a Healthy State on youtube.

Four Strategies for Becoming Multicultural

Understanding people from different ethnic and racial groups can be intimidating and uncomfortable. A multicultural middle-school student shares the secrets of her success.