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When Adults Struggle With Their Relationships

At holidays, the focus is on family - some siblings do not get along though

Causes of Students’ Emotional Fragility: Five Perspectives

Teachers, professors, employers, parents, & students explain students’ problems.

5 Tips to Help Children Cope with Threats of Terrorism

Being Resilient in Times of Threat

Why Are Kids Sexting?

The leading pundits tell us not to worry, just chill. The pundits are wrong.

Recent Posts on Parenting

What Men Talk About When They Talk About Love (and Marriage)

Love and marriage in an era of disappearing signposts is confusing, or is it?

Understanding Our Children’s Dreams

By Dennis Rosen M.D. on April 07, 2013 Sleeping Angels
We all dream during sleep. While we may not always pay attention to the content of our dreams, they can be extremely vivid, and associated with a wide range of emotions (sadness, fear, elation) that carries over into wakefulness. This is as true for adults as it is for children: in fact, many adults can recall in great detail dreams that they had decades earlier.

The Great College Hoax

My office was filled with tears and virtual (and some real) hair-pulling this past week as not just high school seniors, but their parents struggled to cope with letters telling them that their dream of getting into a top tier college was not going to coming true.

Teen Sexting - The Real Issue

Today the information superhighway is vastly changing. The internet is revolutionizing the way we communicate with each other, and teens are some of the first to experiment with modern technology. With a camcorder, radio, television, camera, and phone all wrapped into one little package called a Smartphone, teens have accessibility to friends and worldly happenings 24/7.

5 Tips for Winning Over Your In-Laws

By Alice Boyes Ph.D. on April 07, 2013 In Practice
Five conversation topics that can help create positive relationships between you and your in-laws.

Boost Your Confidence By Saying Less

Feeling compelled to justify preferences and decisions is common but doing so undermines self-confidence.

Boys Have trucks! Girls Have dolls!

By Emily Matchar on April 06, 2013 Homeward Bound
The hilariously depressing world of juvenile gender expectations.

Sex Talk – For Women (Mostly)

Imagine being a young, athletic, extremely intelligent, successful attorney with a healthy sexual appetite and a loving husband. Life is made more perfect when you have your first child. But you weren't counting on another baby when the other is still in diapers. How do you handle being intimate?

DSM Fantasies

By Lawrence D. Blum M.D. on April 05, 2013 Beyond Freud
The DSM is built on the fantasy that we can ignore fantasy and mind in psychiatric diagnosis. A further remarkable fantasy of the DSM is that doing so leads to more scientific, rather than less scientific, diagnosis. This article explores some of the key fantasies upholding the DSM.

A Story About the Very Old and the Very Young

By Fredric Neuman M.D. on April 05, 2013 Fighting Fear
An old man worries about how his granddaughter will manage when he is no longer around.

Is Technology Ruining Our Lives?

The incursion of technology into our homes means less down time. Smart phones and Blackberries rip into relationships and thwart leisure pursuits. And work/life balance seems to be a thing of the past.

Creative Occupations and Psychological Disorders

Are there more mentally ill people in creative occupations than in the general population? How are first, second, and third degree relatives of mentally ill individuals represented in creative occupations?

Greatness Redefined

Wanted: Are you special? You don't have to be famous or rich. We desperately need heroes. And, you may be the right person for the job.

Was Magic's Biggest Assist Supporting His Gay Son?

Magic Johnson and wife Cookie, publicly embrace their gay son who came out on TMZ..Tips for Parents of a Gay Child Who Wants to "Come Out'.

Male Masturbation

Masturbation is the most common male sexual behavior, but, in spite of being a universal behavior, professionals and the public know very little about the topic. How should males, their romantic partners, and even their mothers respond to self-pleasuring?

Living An “Ordinary” Life With Extraordinary Abilities

A nurse, wife and Mother with synesthesia

What, No Mother???

By Aaron Cooper Ph.D. on April 04, 2013 Modern Family
The default cultural belief is that children require a mother for healthy psychological development. What's a single gay father, or gay male couple, to do when encountering this notion? And how might this belief be operating in the gay father's own belief system, perhaps outside their awareness?

Behind Every Complaint There’s a Vision

There's a skill to hearing complaints, which often reflect a feeling of powerlessness in the complainer, and then to going deeper to help the complainer find their vision.

Crowdfunding Embodied Cognition Research

In a previous post, I talked about the importance of warmth in social relations. But how far can we extend this? Does warmth even confer positive effects in operative contexts? Read this post and you (may) find out!

Doctor-Patient Communication: Part V

The continuum of our discussion on communication between doctor and patient has thus far dealt with the importance of that state and what actually constitutes the ideal. Today's blog is more an attempt to explain what influences the doctor ability to lead and help develop the relationship so important to the cancer experience.

Know You're a Good Person

By Rick Hanson Ph.D. on April 04, 2013 Your Wise Brain
Try to take in the good of feeling cared about; recognize goodness in your acts of thought, word, and deed; sense the goodness at the core of your being; see the goodness in others; give yourself over to goodness. Enjoy this beautiful goodness, so real and so true.

Listening Is a Ministry and Discipline

To listen to another asks that we create a safe place; hold their truth; and behold their highest nature.

Abusive Coaching is Not About Anger, It’s About Approach

The video that went viral of Rutgers Men's Basketball Coach Mike Rice abusing his players was, unfortunately, not an isolated incident. The line between intense and abusive coaching may be blurry to some, but society and athletics need to make it clear that going over that line won't be tolerated. Fear and intimidation are not at the core of effective coaching.

To Compromise or Not to Compromise

Many popular psychologists preach that compromise is the key to resolving relationship conflict. But when people compromise too readily it leads to unsustainable resolutions and more difficult relationship problems to resolve in the future. Relationship conflicts are not merely problems to resolve; like arrows, they point to the next step on the paths of relationships.

Improving Motivation to Learn

When it comes to learning, motivation is way ahead of whatever is in second place.

Will Princeton Replace Match.Com and eHarmony?

Patton's advice to marry early is directed towards girls only because “It's amazing how forgiving men can be about a woman's lack of erudition, if she is exceptionally pretty." The implication, of course, is “Honey, with your IQ we all know you ain’t exceptionally pretty. If you were pretty, you wouldn’t have had to go to college. You'd have been married in high school."

Enslaved by the Past

By Anneli Rufus on April 03, 2013 Stuck
Raised by a parent who almost certainly had Borderline Personality Disorder, I have lived my life wearing the chains of fear and self-loathing that were given me as a family legacy. Passover is a holiday about the sweetness of freedom and the bitterness of slavery: Is it finally time to break free?

Just Say "Bye, Bye" Before You Say "I Do"

Jerome Kern wrote, "When you're in love, smoke gets in your eyes." And that smoke can quickly turn into a smokescreen that you are unable to see through to see if your love relationship has any chance of lasting.

Dogs That Bite and People That Don't Listen

Since dogs are often viewed as being part of a family, it is not surprising that, in the same way that we deny and try to explain away misbehavior in our children, people often do the same for dogs that act aggressively. This appears to be particularly the case for those attempting to deny the aggressive tendencies of the pit bulls breeds.

Replace Head Start With Re-form Schools?

The Head Start Program needs re-evaluation in order to be successful.