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Believing in Ghosts, Goblins, and the Candy Witch

By Vanessa LoBue, Ph.D. on October 16, 2017 in The Baby Scientist
On Halloween, there is no doubt that children everywhere will have their minds on ghosts, goblins, and witches. But when do they learn that these characters aren't real?
Carl Pickhardt Ph. D.

Adolescence and the Use of Parental Worry

Not fun to do, and often given a bad name, worry can be constructive for both parent and adolescent to do.

Unraveling the Teenage Mind

Adolescence can be a mystifying time for everyone. This new book can help.

Did You Get the Parental Guidance You Needed Growing Up?

As a child, did you frequently feel behind the curve—or eight-ball? If so, what was that like for you? And why do you think it was such a struggle for you to blend in with others?

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Your Child's Mind Space

Learn how healthy indwelling and dynamic self-regulation can help your child improve his or her intellectual functioning and emotional well-being.

When Your Child Needs Psychiatric Medication

It is important to understand the real issues related to children and psychiatric medications.

Nonparental Daycare: What The Research Tells Us

By Noam Shpancer Ph.D. on October 05, 2017 in Insight Therapy
Most American children will experience nonparental care. America has yet to adequately address the implications of this reality.

Life Out of Balance? Put Yourself Back on the List

The only way to keep your cup full in the constant vortex of parenting is to tend to yourself even while you tend to your child.

Does Your Spouse or Adult Child Put You in the Middle?

Are you feeling stuck in between your adult child and partner? There are constructive ways to get out.

More Boys Admit to Cyberbullying than Girls

By Sue Scheff on October 05, 2017 in Shame Nation
Over a quarter of young people say they have bullied or insulted someone else online, according to a new study. Nearly a third of boys admit to cyberbullying over girls.

9 Time-Honored Tips for Taming Unruly Bosses

When we think of analogies between a family and workplace dynamic, it’s often the boss who’s the authority figure. But with a bad boss, it's time to deploy "parenting up" skills.

7 Reasons It's Tough to Raise Mentally Strong Kids

On the surface, you might think today's parents have it easy. But raising resilient kids who will become responsible adults is a challenge in modern-day society.

Changing the Way We Talk to Teens About Tragic Events

Conversations about tragic events are challenging. How parents respond impacts teens' future resilience.

35 Activities to do with your Child

By Marilyn Wedge Ph.D. on October 03, 2017 in Suffer the Children
Melinda Gates warns about the negative effects of technology on today’s children
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How Does It Feel? Finding Freedom In and From Our Family

By Brad E Sachs Ph.D. on October 03, 2017 in Emptying The Nest
Thoughts on grief and growth upon my father's passing

Talking With Children About Death and Tragedy

By Nancy Berns Ph.D. on October 02, 2017 in Freedom to Grieve
Here are some specific questions that you might have about how to talk with children about tragedy.

Changing Roles, Changing Boundaries

By Jane Adams Ph.D. on October 02, 2017 in Between the Lines
Do you feel excluded from your kids' married lives? Why that's a good thing and why it's about them, not you.
Aspiring Families Press

Support Kids Who Lost A Loved One In The Vegas Mass Shooting

By Azmaira H. Maker Ph.D. on October 02, 2017 in Helping Kids Cope
A new book and tips to support the kids who lost a loved one in the Las Vegas Mass Shooting.
Carl Pickhardt Ph. D.

Last Stage Adolescence, 18-23, and What Is Consensual Sex

Keep sex consensual, because when it is not it becomes intimately hurtful and does a lot of lasting harm.

Vlog: Build Self-esteem in Your Young Athletes

By Jim Taylor Ph.D. on October 02, 2017 in The Power of Prime
Sports are a venue in which children are exposed to experiences and challenges that can foster healthy and resilient self-esteem.

ADHD in Some Children Could Be Due to Insufficient Sleep

Biological delays in sleep onset at night, hectic family schedules, and artificial lighting have been linked to too little sleep and lower attention span in ADHD. courtesy of

How to Co-Parent with a Narcissist

Here are the things that you need to know to help your children when your co-parent has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Born To Be Wild: Why Teens Take Risks, and How We Can Help

What happened to that wonderful, even angelic child we knew before he or she turned teen? Did we do something wrong…

The Balance Between Online Privacy and Monitoring

Many teens know how to cover their tracks making it virtually impossible for parents to monitor their online activity.

The Global Epidemic of Online Hate: This Is Us?

By Sue Scheff on October 01, 2017 in Shame Nation
New survey shares the rise of online incivility. Most Americans blame social media and the internet. Tips to take this shame nation to a civil nation online.

What Parents Need to Address About Sex

Talking with your kids about sex to open an ongoing and effective exchange requires engaging them on five levels. Can you address the five areas where your children need you most?

How To Be Your Child’s Friendship Coach

Recent research suggests that parents can play an important role in helping children learn social skills. Here are some ways to be an effective friendship coach for your child.

How Parents Can Warn Their College Kids About Sexual Assault

By Seth Meyers Psy.D. on September 30, 2017 in Insight Is 20/20
Parents can play an instrumental role in trying to reduce the risks of sexual assault with their children if they routinely discuss the issue and remind them how it happens.
Image courtesy Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Why Is It Important for Black Parents to Talk About Racism?

Research shows that talking about racism is protective against negative mental health for Black youth.

Help Your Child Learn to Forgive

Holding onto resentment is emotionally costly. Here are some forgiveness guidelines to help your child figure out when to let go.

Test Anxiety Is Alive and Well

By Kailey Hockridge, MA, EdM on September 29, 2017 in Finding Forward
Is your child struggling with test-day jitters? Your steady support could make the difference.

Yom Kippur: When the Baby Was Not Inscribed in Book of Life

By Carrie Goldman on September 29, 2017 in Modern Day Parenting
How does a Jewish parent observe Yom Kippur after her baby is not inscribed in the Book of Life?

Can Self-Care Be Prioritized When Life's "Super Busy"?

By Suzanne Gelb Ph.D., JD on September 28, 2017 in All Grown Up
How to prioritize self-care when life’s “super busy” and everyone “needs” you.

"Just Tell Me What to Say!"

The truth is, what you say is not nearly as important as your attitude. Your child feels your warmth and love even when you don't say a word.