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Running, Writing, and Deep Play

By Alex Pang Ph.D. on June 28, 2017 in Rest
We often think of hobbies as a distraction from our busy working lives. In fact, the right kind of "deep play" can help us be better at our jobs, and even be more creative.

A Quick and Painless Way to Manage Social Anxiety

One of the most common forms of anxiety people experience involves an extreme fear of being judged by others. Find out how you can identify and cope with social anxiety’s symptoms.

Are You Hiding Behind Your Texts?

By Zack Carter Ph.D. on June 27, 2017 in Clear Communication
Could relying solely on texting with someone you're close with actually be driving you apart from them?

Three Surprising Ways Nature Leads to Success and Joy

By Emma M. Seppälä Ph.D. on June 27, 2017 in Feeling It
Green spaces boost happiness, make you smarter and more creative. So many science-backed reasons to go take a hike!

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By Emily T. Troscianko on June 15, 2017 in A Hunger Artist
Reliving a small insight.

What’s Your Relationship With Your Life?

We have a relationship with our lives and a story that we've created that shapes its outcome. You have the power to nurture the relationship and change the story.

Looking out for Number One

Consider these steps if you are a giver and need to start taking more, that is, taking care of yourself!
DepositPhotos/VIA Institute

Gen Z: A Strong Generation. New Data on Why

New insights and approaches in connecting with Gen Z. You'll want to thank the next Gen Z person you meet.

The Three Types of Complaining

There are three types of complainers. Which are you?

How to Gain Confidence in Your Life and Loves

By Sheila Kohler on June 13, 2017 in Dreaming for Freud
To maintain absolute truths with great conviction, often expresses the opposite: a basic insecurity. Doubt cannot be envisaged or the whole edifice would crumble.

Falling in Love…again

When you are with someone who has your back, whatever the world throws at you can be handled. It’s amazing how much power there is in a loving relationship.
Gretchen Rubin

Some Thoughts on My Daughter’s High School Graduation

By Gretchen Rubin on June 13, 2017 in The Happiness Project
What I want most for my daughter and all these kids is for them to go forth unafraid, strong with love and strong with learning.

My Husband Is Not My Soulmate, but Could He Be?

By Jennifer Haupt on June 12, 2017 in One True Thing
I used to love telling how my husband and I met. How I knew he was “the one” but wasn’t attracted to him in that gotta-have way. Read why I stopped telling that story.

What Can You Do When Nothing Is Working?

By Rick Hanson Ph.D. on June 12, 2017 in Your Wise Brain
Sometimes it helps to change the channel, shake things up, distract yourself, rest or enjoy something. A respite or some sort of pleasure will help to refuel you for challenges.
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Study Reveals Key to Happiness, Leaves a Question Unanswered

By F. Diane Barth L.C.S.W. on June 11, 2017 in Off the Couch
An almost 80-year longitudinal study out of Harvard offers a suggestion for happiness, but leaves one big question unanswered.

Why That Person Who Hurt You Will Never Apologize

Here's why the person who hurt and betrayed you won't get it and feels no remorse.

6 Ways Public Swimming Pools Have Changed

Gone are the unadorned rectangular pools of yesteryear. Now, public pools are full-fledged aquatic complexes that proffer an immersive experience.

Match Made in Heaven:Couples Who Pray Together Stay Together

Praying with and for your partner may increase relational commitment and satisfaction and decrease chances of straying.

Creating (or Renewing) Intimacy

Intimacy and sex are not the same thing. It's helpful to know the difference and how to achieve either or both.

Happiness and Your Immune System

Positive emotions are good for our health. Research shows that happiness increases the effectiveness of the immune system, including protecting us from the common cold and the flu.

Your Mental Health Musts

Nine essential habits for good mental health

Early Childhood Memories: Endure or Drift Away?

How stable are early recollections, and why does it matter?

Making a Molehill out of a Mountain

We don’t have to believe everything we think. We can choose to accentuate the positive by doing what works and focusing our attention on that which is fulfilling.

Money FAQs: Personal Finance 101

By Michael F. Kay on June 08, 2017 in Financial Life Focus
How much money will I need to retire? What should I do if the stock markets make me nervous? Do I need a will?

For Millennials, One Key to Happiness

For sound mental health, Millennials should reconsider this pervasive hobby.

2 Minute Ways Couples Can Avoid Drifting Apart After Baby

By consciously pursuing two-minute actions that bond, repair, or boost a relationship, couples can help prevent a "silent drift apart after baby."

The End of Guilt

Has shame taken over from guilt as the marker of American culture? Or was guilt never very important in the first place?

Silliness, Seriousness, I and Thou

By Bernard L. De Koven on June 06, 2017 in On Having Fun
You have to play in the and to hear the music.

Taking to the Hut at Midlife

By Karin Arndt, Ph.D. on June 05, 2017 in A Hut of Her Own
Feeling stuck, disoriented, or vaguely depressed at midlife? It may be time to shed your old skin and make space for something new. The hut can help.

What Your Radio Knows About You

One day not so long ago, I was flipping through channels on my car radio, looking for the song that would hit the spot.
JD Mason | Unsplash

Is It Time to Get Your Hearing Checked?

By Shari Eberts on June 05, 2017 in Life With Hearing Loss
Do you or someone you love have a hearing loss? Here are five reasons to find out. Your health and happiness depend on it.

Who Do You Trust?

Whether we trust others with our hearts or our heads, trust is an elixir for our relationships.

Does Being Obese Make You Socially Invisible?

You're overweight. You lose weight. Suddenly you recognize that you were judged on appearances. See the real you took care of yourself and lost weight for health rewards?