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What We Can Learn From a Traveling, Talking, Mime

Master storyteller, Bill Bowers, shows us how to make the invisible visible in his new solo show about traveling the world as a mime who talks.

The Surprising Psychology of Baby Naming

Your name was, in all likelihood, selected by your parents and you, in turn, will select names for the kids you decide to have. Here's what might influence that decision

Are Men and Women Portrayed Differently in TV Ads

By Adrian Furnham Ph.D. on April 23, 2016 in A Sideways View
Does television mirror or mould attitudes to gender differences? Why are males portrayed more often as professional authorities and women as naïve consumers all around the world

Can Renouncing Promiscuity Help You Find Monogamous Love?

By Zhana Vrangalova Ph.D. on April 11, 2016 in Strictly Casual
Most people prefer to date nonpromiscuous partners. But what if someone puts their promiscuity behind them and fully commits to monogamy?

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Why Do Women Strive for Abdominal Perfection?

Abdominal workouts that promise sexy, sculpted abdominals fast are common. Why are we enticed by their promise?

Seven Lessons I Have Learned in Therapy with Men

What is involved in a man exploring his inner world? Hint: it looks different than a woman exploring hers.

The Woman's Erotic Zone

Think you're familiar with the woman's pleasure point? Think again.

Why Intersex and Transgender Are Very Different

People hear way more about Transgender than they do Intersex, while Intersex is important to know about.

The Upcoming Genderal Election for President

Is it time for a woman president? Absolutely. In fact, it’s past time – and that’s a possible problem for Hillary Clinton.

Are We All Hypocrites?

Is hypocrisy bad, or is it in fact just the natural state of the human psyche?

SPSSI Calls for Female UN Chief

As women rise more rapidly into political leadership around the world, choice of a woman as Secretary-General would signal endorsement of this progressive change

Reflections on the 1st Annual Alt Sex NYC Conference

The 1st Annual AltSex NYC Conference was held last Fri April 22, and here are my reflections on the highlights and implications of this historic event.

HB2 as Cultural Narrative

What must it be like to have 'dread'—and perhaps even 'shame' and 'inadequacy'—coded into brain circuitry linked to the urge to use a bathroom?

Why Is the Truth So Important?

Are you confused about your own experiences? Did they really happen or are you or your therapist distorting them? Who is the expert?

The Prenup Trap: Premarital Agreements and Coercive Control

Swept away by romance & pressure from their betrothed, people sign prenups without realizing how these can be traps. Prenups can contribute to abusive control in a couple.

Two New Spins On "Never Too Old"

By Robin Marantz Henig on April 27, 2016 Cusp
Two newspaper articles appeared last week about late-life transformations that showed that no matter how old you get, you might still be in for more than your share of surprises.

How Women and Men Interpret Unspoken Messages

Women interpret both message channels, verbal and nonverbal, when assigning meaning to the message as a whole.

Women, Blackouts, Sexual Assault, and Slut Shaming

Alcohol blackouts leave women very vulnerable to sexual assault.

3 Clues to Help You Figure Out if It's the Real Thing

These three clues can help you to determine whether your relationship is marriage material.

After the Death of Dr. Rose Polge - Who Cares for Doctors?

The suicide rate in female doctors was higher than in the general population, but the rate in male doctors was lower.

Fringe Benefits of Dog Ownership

What makes dog owners so attractive as romantic partners?

Tattoos and Sexual Attraction

By Mark D. Griffiths Ph.D. on April 13, 2016 In Excess
Scientific studies on women’s tattoos tend to show that most people view them negatively. But does that include sexual attraction?

The Surprising Benefits of 'Bromance'

Studies show there's more to male friendships than beer chugging contests and fist bumps.

Double Mother Suckers

By David P. Barash Ph.D. on April 09, 2016 Pura Vida
You might have noticed that people aren’t elephant seals. But a close look at these creatures reveals a lot about male-female differences in our own species.

All Psychotherapy Is Feminist

Every contemporary therapy is feminist therapy or it is unethical and unapproved.

Who Does the Chores?

Housework is an unpleasant chore, and the added people in polyamorous and other blended families can make it even more complex. There is ongoing research on poly household labor.

5 Steps for Moving Forward in Spite of Regrets

Regrets can haunt you all of your life. If you find yourself dwelling on what could have been, follow these steps to positively shift into motion.

Men's Top-Dog Power Gestures Make Them Seem Untrustworthy

In a new study, male speakers making lots of wide-reaching arm gestures (like Trump's) were generally seen as dominant. But they were also seen as fakers.

Why Bottling Up Emotions is Central to Masculinity

Society has an incentive to socialize men to hide their emotions.

Is a Sexy Voice More Attractive Than a Pretty Face?

The upside to having a sexy voice, the downside to having a partner with a sexy voice.

The Psychology of Mansplaining

Mansplaining has become a cultural trope, along with other male-bashing portmanteaus. But what exactly is mansplaining and why has it captured the popular imagination?

Gender Identity and Eating Disorders

New research indicates that transgendered individuals are at heightened risk for eating disorders.

Is All Psychotherapy Feminist?

If you are in any form of psychological treatment today, chances are you are in feminist therapy, whether you know it or not.

Why Women Don't Ask: The Negotiation Dilemma

For some women, it’s almost like they need permission before they can request more. Some may lack confidence or not have enough self-esteem to realize that they should be asking.