Gender Essential Reads

Are Men and Women Portrayed Differently in TV Ads

Does television mirror or mould attitudes to gender differences? Why are males portrayed more often as professional authorities and women as naïve consumers all around the world

Can Renouncing Promiscuity Help You Find Monogamous Love?

Most people prefer to date nonpromiscuous partners. But what if someone puts their promiscuity behind them and fully commits to monogamy?

Consensus Statement on the Implementation of Co-Parenting

As shared parenting has been recognized as a post-divorce parenting arrangement optimal to child development and well-being, its implementation should proceed without delay.

6 Relationships in Every Marriage

Identifying which of the six marital relationships is implicated in any conflict can help the couple come up with resolutions and strategies to prevent future conflicts.

What, Exactly, Is Gender Equality? It’s Not Numbers

Gender differences in behavior may have a biological as well as a social determinant. Can we envisage a time when we accept these as true examples of individuality?

Why the Person Closest to You Needs to Have Your Back

We all need others to help us through life’s tough times. For men and women, the scripts of who helps who and when may prove to be very different.

Supporting Transgender Children

Beyond conversion therapy and news headlines: How do we best to respond to gender nonconforming kids?

Why Women Can't Accept Compliments

By Jen Kim on March 29, 2016 Valley Girl With a Brain
Don't know how to say 'thank you' when someone says something nice? Here's why.

It's Killing Us: Why Neglecting Boys Hurts Girls Too

It is my strong belief that a major reason we have not given youth suicides and ODs the attention they deserve is because they are more of a male problem than a female one.

How Many People Are Actually Interested in Threesomes?

What do young people think about threesomes? Have they had one? Would they? A new study with Canadian undergrads answers these questions.

Why Do People Cheat?

Despite strong consensus that infidelity is wrong, as many as 10-25% of married couples in the US experience sexual infidelity. Why is infidelity so common? Can it be prevented?

What Explains Racial, Gender, and Other Group-Based Gaps?

By Lee Jussim Ph.D. on March 13, 2016 Rabble Rouser
Racial and gender gaps are everywhere. So are social class gaps, political gaps, and all sorts of other gaps. Does discrimination cause all gaps? (Spoiler: Probably not)

Does Sexism Harm Women If It's Covert And Subtle?

Research shows how subtle sexism in the workplace can harm women as much as the overt, blatant form.

Shawn Rubin on Gender Diversity Issues

The future of mental health interview series continues with Shawn Rubin on gender diversity issues.

What Infertility Feels Like for Men

Men often feel like their emotions need to take a backseat, and this can lead to a powder keg of emotions, waiting to explode.

The Oscar Speech I Wanted: Mya Taylor From "Tangerine"

I commissioned Mya Taylor from the film "Tangerine" to give the Oscar speech I wanted this year. Hollywood and the Oscars need to do better to celebrate unsung lives and stories.

To Be Funny or Not to Be Funny--That is the Question

A good sense of humor is considered one of the most important traits in a potential mate by both men and women, but should you use humor if you're trying to attract a partner?

Manhood Through a Hostile Lens

Is our idea of manhood linked too strongly with seeing the world as hostile? Redefining masculinity may help reduce aggression among our kids and political leaders.

What Secret Male Sexual Fantasy Is Surprisingly Common?

Traditionally, men whose wives have cheated on them have been scorned and stigmatized. So why have stories, images, and videos of so-called “cuckold sex” become so popular?

How Being Depressed Can Affect Your Relationships

Your relationships can affect your mood, but did you also realize that your mood can affect your relationships?

3 Ways Your Unconscious Mind May Be Keeping You Single

Many people are consciously and happily single. But if you are interesting in finding a mate, consider these unconscious factors which may be affecting your status.

Of Mice and Women: A Dark Side of Oxytocin and Conservation

By Marc Bekoff Ph.D. on January 27, 2016 Animal Emotions
Studies of sex differences in responses to stress now focus on females. Usually data from animal studies are used for humans, but this information is important for the animals.

Congressmen Shape Laws to Favor Their Daughters

Children influence their parents' values in ways that parents might not be aware.

Where’s the Nearest Starbucks? Sex Differences in Wayfinding

Are there really evolved sex differences in cognition?

A Tribute to Robert Spitzer

By Allen J Frances M.D. on January 08, 2016 Saving Normal
Bob Spitzer, who recently died at age 83, was the most influential psychiatrist of his time and a pioneer in normalizing homosexuality.

Why You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

Find out how you’re really influencing the impression you make on others without even knowing it.

Ten Erection Disappointments That Are NOT “ED”

By Marty Klein PhD on December 31, 2015 Sexual Intelligence
Didn't get an erection last time you wanted to? You probably don't have "ED"--maybe it's just unrealistic expectations.

No Mabel, You DON'T Have to Compete With Porn Actresses

By Marty Klein PhD on December 22, 2015 Sexual Intelligence
Comparing yourself to porn actresses--and feeling resentful? Here's an alternative.

What It Takes to Be a Bomber Pilot

Of course, it takes a myriad of skills to be a good bomber pilot. Some of these skills can be measured by perceptual tests.

If You Give a Man a Gun: Men, Evolution, & Mass Shootings

A lack of attention from others results in a lack of status, resulting in a lack of access to women. Combined with a young man’s testosterone, it creates a toxic, combustible mix.