Gender Essential Reads

What Do You Do Right After Sex?

Do you want to snuggle, talk, or check your phone after sex? How is what you do after sex connected to your relationship satisfaction or the hormonal influences of sexual activity?

You Can't Oppose Hate by "Opposing Hate"

By Michael Mascolo Ph.D. on November 28, 2016 in Values Matter
We often think that protesting against bigotry will make it go away. It won't.

A Young Feminist's Compassionate View of Men

The Red Pill is the story of a young feminist who did something few feminists have done: She listened as non-judgmentally as possible to men and women in the men's rights movement.
By sylvar from Tampa, Florida, United States (I'm not a tomboy — I'm just better than you.) [CC BY 2.0 ( or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The New Tomboy

Girls are given more leeway than boys in their gender presentation and, thus, it is more acceptable to be a tomboy than a sissy.

When Sex and Gender Don’t Match

By David Ludden Ph.D. on November 21, 2016 in Talking Apes
Sex and gender are not the same thing. Rather, they reflect the difference between physical reality and psychological experience.

Don't Fall for Political Propaganda

Don't allow our elected officials and their appointees make a mockery of our Constitution as a result of their personal biases.

Sexism and the Election: Accepting Bad for Promise of Bold

By Peter Glick Ph.D. on November 16, 2016 in The Enquiry
Does sexism explain the election's outcome? Gender research suggests how masculine ideals led to voters to prefer Trump because of his masculine misbehavior.

Five Reasons Why Millennials Helped Elect Donald Trump

By Jean M Twenge Ph.D. on November 16, 2016 in Our Changing Culture
How could so many young people have possibly have voted for Trump? Here are five reasons.

Did Hillary Clinton Fall Victim to the Queen Bee Effect?

By Mark van Vugt Ph.D. on November 14, 2016 in Naturally Selected
Why are women leaders not getting the top jobs in politics and business? The Queen Bee syndrome offers an explanation. Finding solutions is important for high potential women.
By Rambler0 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Do Tomboys Grow Up To Be Lesbian?

It is more the addition of masculinity rather than a deletion of femininity that distinguishes tomboy from non-tomboy girls.

Why I’m Single: Then and Now

By Bella DePaulo Ph.D. on November 12, 2016 in Living Single
Why not marry? Guest blogger Joan DelFattore offers one of the best answers I’ve ever read

Are There Gender Differences in Telling Family Stories?

By Robyn Fivush Ph.D. on November 07, 2016 in The Stories of Our Lives
Everyone in the family shares in the telling, but mothers provide the glue that pieces what everyone else remembers into a coherent story that creates a shared history.

Are White Men Really the Problem?

By David Niose on November 06, 2016 in Our Humanity, Naturally
Cultural resistance to gender equality comes from more than just men.

A Great American Gender Bender? US Election 2016

By Dinesh Sharma Ph.D. on November 05, 2016 in Leaders in the Making
The widest gender gap in American elections, where majority of women may be voting for the Democratic ticket and majority men for the Republican ticket?

Soulmate Marriages Are "Greedy," New Research Shows

By Bella DePaulo Ph.D. on November 05, 2016 in Living Single
Is marriage a greedy institution that monopolizes couples’ time and attention? Maybe so, especially when wives think of marriage as a union of soulmates.

3 Strange Laws of Sexual Attraction

By Madeleine A Fugère Ph.D. on November 04, 2016 in Dating and Mating
Forget what you think you know about sexual attraction. We may not actually realize who we are attracted to or why we are attracted to them.

Superficial and Sexual Stereotypes

By Shimi Kang M.D. on November 01, 2016 in The Dolphin Way
How can we close the gap on gender? Media-literacy, now more than ever, is the key.
Robson Hatsukami Morgan

Facebook Gets Ugly: Politics Brings Out the Troll In Us

Making Facebook safe again: How this presidential election is unsocial on social media and unfriendly to our friends, and what to do about it.

Why Communication Between Men and Women Sometimes Fails

By Gregg Henriques Ph.D. on October 30, 2016 in Theory of Knowledge
Two friends, Jack and Sarah receive similar pieces of news, but respond very differently and annoy each other in the process. This blog explains why.

The Advantages of Being a 'Nasty Woman'

When Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman,” he didn’t realize what a backlash he would inspire. A new article suggests how this might work in women’s favor.

6 reasons young victims cannot recognize sexual assault

Donald Trump and Alec Cook obligate us to face forced kissing as on the spectrum of sexual attacks

Are Female Misogynists on the Rise?

By Jen Kim on October 25, 2016 in Valley Girl With a Brain
Has the Trump campaign made women turn on each other?
Wikimedia Commons

Open or Closed Sexual Relationships?

What do we know about consensual non-monogamous relationships? This study is a first step.

Beyond the Gender Binary

By David Ludden Ph.D. on October 23, 2016 in Talking Apes
As academics struggle to reform the English language, they fail to see there’s no problem to be fixed.

Sex, Power, and Risk

By Joye Swan Ph.D. on October 22, 2016 in Up Close and Personal
When it comes to power in sexual relationships, who really controls what goes on in the bedroom?

The Neuroscience of Finger Length Ratio and Athletic Prowess

By Christopher Bergland on October 14, 2016 in The Athlete's Way
Neuroscientists have found a correlation between finger length ratios and brain function. A new study reports that having a shorter index finger may indicate athletic potential.

Why Men Grope Women

Compared to a woman paralyzed or befuddled by being groped, the man may feel like master of the universe.

Does Calling It a Joke Make Sexism More Acceptable?

The door to locker room banter was opened up in last week’s revelations in the now infamous Access Hollywood video. New research shows just how humor can be used to cover sexism.

What's Wrong With Locker Room Talk?

In the wake of Donald Trump's lewd comments, there's a debate about whether "locker room talk" is really all that bad.

How Could Voters Give Trump a Pass on Misogyny? Here’s How

By Ryan P. Brown Ph.D. on October 08, 2016 in Honor Bound
Will Donald Trump's supporters abandon him in the wake of his openly sexist comments, caught on video? Recent research reveals why they might not.