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How Your Unconscious Mind Is Keeping You Single

By Madeleine A Fugère Ph.D. on February 11, 2016 in Dating and Mating
Many people are consciously and happily single. But if you are interesting in finding a mate, consider these unconscious factors which may be affecting your status.

Of Mice and Women: A Dark Side of Oxytocin and Conservation

By Marc Bekoff Ph.D. on January 27, 2016 in Animal Emotions
Studies of sex differences in responses to stress now focus on females. Usually data from animal studies are used for humans, but this information is important for the animals.
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Congressmen Shape Laws to Favor Their Daughters

By Ilan Shrira on January 16, 2016 in The Narcissus in All of Us
Children influence their parents' values in ways that parents might not be aware.

Where’s the Nearest Starbucks? Sex Differences in Wayfinding

Are there really evolved sex differences in cognition?

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What Happens When We Really Listen To Someone Else

By Sam Osherson Ph.D. on February 12, 2016 Listen Up!
One filmmaker. Two fictional transgender sex workers of color in Los Angeles. A lesson for us all in seeing people as more than diagnoses and stereotypes..

A Woman President?

Are you caught up in the Hillary vs. Bernie debate? How much of it is a women's issue and how many isolated women's issues are there today?

What if We Voted For First Spouse Instead of President?

By Laurie Essig Ph.D. on February 11, 2016 Social Studies
If we could vote for the First Spouse, I'd vote for Michelle Obama in perpetuity. But if Michelle refused the job, then I'd take Jane Sanders.

Is It Possible That a Dog Could Be Racist?

New data shows that minor actions by a dog's owner can cause it to develop negative emotions toward particular people.

Erased by Your Partner: Stories of "Perspecticide"

Disappearing into your relationship? Perspecticide is one way controlling people force their viewpoints onto their partners.

You Can Still Be a Feminist and Not Vote for Hillary

Feminists are calling on young democratic women supporting Sanders to pledge their allegiance to Clinton. Are feminists pushing too hard on this issue?

Virtual Sexualities Blog Anthology

Is there an app for that? Online environments have transformed possibilities for human interaction, and sexual identity and sexual expression are no exception.

When Stereotypes Affect Our Thinking

Cognitive abilities are affected by many factors. Is the role of gender stereotypes as important as some believe in explaining sex differences in cognitive abilities?

Women's Secrets—to the Female Brain

Are scientists figuring out the difference between the male and female brain?

Sex, Gender, and Testosterone

What is the relationship between hormones and gender roles?

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Moisture

Why do most women think they have to moisturize every day? Why do most men have no idea why anybody should have to do that?

Barbie for President!

By Laurie Essig Ph.D. on February 03, 2016 Social Studies
Is the new Curvy Barbie a revolution? Probably not and here's why.

Dreams of Technology

A word search analysis of 16,000 dream reports reveals which kinds of modern technology have most influenced people's dreams in terms of their frequency of appearance.

Punching Anti-Gay Hate Right in the Nose

By Rebecca Coffey on February 01, 2016 The Bejeezus Out of Me
One amazing organization providing safety and support to homeless LGBTQ kids was bombarded by hate — by a church. What happened next will knock your socks off.

Rape is Not (Only) About Power; It’s (Also) About Sex

By Noam Shpancer Ph.D. on February 01, 2016 Insight Therapy
The common explanation that ‘rape is not about sex’ is long on ideology, but short on accuracy.

How Wives Contest The Australian Open Men’s Tennis Final

Their investigation found married players suffered a significant decrease in ranking points between the year before getting married, and the year after...

The Worst State in the Country for LGBT Rights?

By Rebecca Coffey on January 29, 2016 The Bejeezus Out of Me
Oklahoma's legislators are currently considering 25 bills that would threaten LGBT rights. Don't they know what Sigmund Freud learned—the hard way?

Gender Pay Inequality and Mental Health

Beyond Bullying! It's hard to believe that in this day and age, women are still treated as second class citizens in the workplace.

Boy Is Beautiful

Boys are likely to get the message – from school among other places – that there is something inherently wrong with them if they act like most boys have always acted.

Code Switching Solves Workplace Communication in 2020

The term "code switching" refers to having knowledge of both the male and female cultures or languages and readily swapping between them as you communicate.

Why Choose Cosmetic Surgery?

By Adrian Furnham Ph.D. on January 24, 2016 A Sideways View
Attractive people get treated in life more favourably than unattractive people. Unfair but true. Is this why people choose cosmetic surgery to attempt to make them more attractive?

Do Men Have a Problem With Dating Smart Women?

By F. Diane Barth L.C.S.W. on January 23, 2016 Off the Couch
Years ago, Sara’s mother had told her, “if you want to find a husband, don’t be too smart.” Was she right?

A Practice of Mindfulness Doesn’t Take Time, It Makes Time!

By Rick Miller LICSW on January 22, 2016 Unwrapped
A well-rounded lifestyle should include regularly tuning into oneself — and tuning out the distractions. Being present sets the stage for personal effectiveness and satisfaction.

The 13 Reasons We Have Sex

By Todd B. Kashdan Ph.D. on January 22, 2016 Curious?
New research on sexuality that offers insights into the different motives behind the act.

The One Penis Policy

This blog explores the phenomenon of the One Penis Policy in which some men in polyamorous relationships attempt to limit their female partners access to other men.

Are Women Better Dog Trainers Than Men?

The fact that four out of five companion dog trainers are women may be partially due to the fact that dogs respond differently to men and women.

Male and Female Brains

There are really no male and female brains, pink and blue brains, Mars and Venus brains. Why do so many of us believe this then?

When Teamwork Backfires

By Denise Cummins Ph.D. on January 19, 2016 Good Thinking
Work productivity soars when men and women work on the same team. But men are more likely to get the credit.

Day 1: Bonnie Burstow on feminist psychotherapy and language

Today's interview in the Future of Mental Health Interview series is with Bonnie Burstow on feminist psychotherapy and the power of language

Crisscrossing Layers of Privilege

Why is it so much easier for so many people to say that they are "fortunate" than to say they are "privileged"?