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How Can You Know if You’re Depressed?

By Richard Taite on December 09, 2016 in Ending Addiction for Good
Though we’ve come a long way in the treatment of mental illness, there still is not consensus on the diagnosis and treatment of even the most common metal illnesses.

10 Things to Try When You’re Feeling Lonely

By Toni Bernhard J.D. on December 07, 2016 in Turning Straw Into Gold
Anyone can feel the pain of loneliness. Here are ten ways to ease the pain of loneliness.

3 Things Most People Get Wrong About OCD

By Linda Esposito LCSW on December 06, 2016 in From Anxiety to Zen
The bizarre, random and irrational thoughts and behaviors are not that important when treating Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Here's what is.

Amish Asthma Rates Offer Clues to Preventing Mental Illness

By Eric Haseltine Ph.D. on December 01, 2016 in Long Fuse, Big Bang
New evidence that healthy bodies promote healthy minds

More Posts on Depression

Emotionally Abusive Relationships - Part One

Although emotional abuse can be subtle, the impact is profound and can create intense self-doubt, fear, anxiety, anger, and depression.

Holiday Expectations and Stress

By Susan Noonan MD on November 22, 2016 in View From the Mist
Overwhelmed by the thought of the upcoming holidays?

Mindfulness Quiets Unhelpful Thoughts

By Marlynn Wei M.D., J.D. on November 21, 2016 in Urban Survival
A new study finds that mindfulness helps people with depression think more clearly and pay less attention to negative, irrelevant thoughts.

4 Ways You Can Start Treating Yourself Better Today

By Seth J. Gillihan Ph.D. on November 21, 2016 in Think, Act, Be
It can be frustratingly hard to change negative feelings about ourselves. Instead of focusing on your feelings, start with your behavior.'>szefei / 123RF

Are You Worried About the Holidays This Year?

By F. Diane Barth L.C.S.W. on November 19, 2016 in Off the Couch
If events in the world and in your life are making you long to hibernate, these research-based tips can help you get through — and even make a difference.
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Why Collecting Data On Yourself Can Help You

By Pamela D. Garcy Ph.D. on November 18, 2016 in Fearless You
Start collecting data on your mood. Use the data to guide your psychologist!

Growing Up with a Mentally Ill Parent

Growing up with mentally ill parents is never an easy task. Here are 7 tips to help you break the silence with your family members to begin making sense of the past.
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Read Health Care Websites With a Critical Eye!

By Susan Noonan MD on November 18, 2016 in View From the Mist
Not all health-related information on the internet is accurate.

The Mental Health Struggles of Weight Loss Surgery

People who consider and undergo weight loss surgery cope with issues that impact their mental health and relationships, not only their bodies and wallets.

Digging Deep

By The Book Brigade on November 17, 2016 in The Author Speaks
Digging in the garden may be the perfect antidote to our tech-heavy times. It connects us not only to the natural world but also to our inner selves.
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The Secret Shift to Stop Suffering

Shifting from wants to preferences will lead to less suffering and more happiness.

Post-Election Blues

Anxiety and depression among teens are on the rise after the election. How to help them cope.
Dora Calott Wang

Suicide is Preventable, Menninger Clinic President Says

By Dora Calott Wang M.D. on November 15, 2016 in The Kitchen Shrink
Want to Prevent Suicide? Just Set the Goal of Zero Suicides.

3 Tips for Managing Post-Election Emotions

By Alexis Conason Psy.D. on November 15, 2016 in Eating Mindfully
Are you struggling with your emotions in the wake of the presidential election? Here are 3 tips to help you cope.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want !

By Debbie Joffe Ellis on November 15, 2016 in Tried and True
Many people are experiencing intense emotions after the results of the November 2016 election. Those in distress have the power to change their feelings, if they choose to do so.
Liz Swan

Why Trump Is Good for Academia

By Liz Swan Ph.D. on November 15, 2016 in College Confidential
Were there "safe spaces" at Trump University? Probably not.

We All Hate Bullies but Disagree on Who They Are

By Michael Karson Ph.D., J.D. on November 14, 2016 in Feeling Our Way
Depression is often self-bullying.

8 Tips for Coping with Holiday Stress and Holiday Despair

This November has gotten off to a very rocky start for many of us. There have been huge emotional ups and downs that may be attributed to many different causes.

How to Treat Election Anxiety

By Tom Wootton on November 11, 2016 in Bipolar Advantage
How understanding depression helped me through election anxiety.

Despair and Exaltation: Our Country Divided

By Paul Ekman Ph.D. on November 11, 2016 in Face It!
This election season has resulted in a myriad of extreme emotions for many. Dr. Ekman discusses what to do now.

When You Just Can't Get Over It

By Deborah J. Cohan, Ph.D. on November 10, 2016 in Social Lights
The emotional impact of the election is real.

Got the Post-Election Blues? Sad, Mad, or Scared?

The election of Donald Trump has precipitated Post-election depression—plus anger and anxiety—for many voters. Here's a strategy for returning to a state of well-being, asap.

The Unsatisfying Search for Experts With Answers

By Yael Schonbrun Ph.D. on November 10, 2016 in Moderating
Looking for the best expert to give you the right answer? Try seeking out your inner expert.

5 Ways to Build Mental Strength by Getting Physically Active

There are several ways you can use your body to build your mental muscle.

5 Tips for Coping with Post-Election Shock and Panic

By Alice Boyes Ph.D. on November 09, 2016 in In Practice
If your candidate didn't win the US election yesterday, you may be experiencing intense and difficult emotions today. Here are some practical tips for coping.

Defeating Seasonal Affective Disorder

By James Ullrich on November 06, 2016 in The Modern Time Crunch
SAD is a recognized disorder. Sufferers now have treatment options available, but must first recognize signs of this condition before it subtly, sneakily infiltrates their lives.

Jamaica (Roselle): A Tea to Lift your Spirits

Looking for a delicious, antioxidant anti-inflammatory beverage to serve in your waiting room for depressed clients? Or just to drink yourself?

When Someone You Love Is Bipolar

By Temma Ehrenfeld on November 03, 2016 in Open Gently
Self-help books and memoirs can guide you to understand a loved one with bipolar illness.

Suggestible You

By The Book Brigade on November 03, 2016 in The Author Speaks
The power of suggestion lies behind the enigmatic placebo response, but it also plays a big role in your everyday life.

Depressed and Don't Know Why? Or What You Can Do About It?

If you or someone you know has been feeling uncharacteristically irritable, discouraged, self-critical, or down, help is available, now.