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The Future Has Come and Gone: You Just Missed It

There is no data on the future where breakthrough innovation happens.

Does Creativity have its Dark Side?

When creativity turns malevolent, you'll want to stay out of its way

Science and the Online Dating Profile

Using evidence to connect electronically

Make Your Dreams Come True, Be Extreme

Put yourself on the road to success by being excessive

Recent Posts on Creativity

A Brief Rant About Paris and Satire

Time to quote Mark Twain: "For your race, in its poverty, has unquestionably one really effective weapon—laughter..."

The 15 New Books to Read in 2015

By Adam Grant Ph.D. on January 07, 2015 in Give and Take
The most exciting books coming out on psychology and work

Irony: Brain Games Don’t Increase IQ, But Measure IQ?

Do brain games essentially function as IQ tests? Research suggests they do.

How Reading Can Change You in a Major Way

The myth that personality becomes set in stone early in life persists despite growing evidence that change is possible, and occurs throughout life. New research suggests a simple, and surprising way to jump start the process.

The Multifaceted Native American Naming Tradition

Native Americans have a multifaceted and evolving naming tradition that can revive and inspire our own sense of identity.

Why We Love Sad Songs

Happy music can elevate our mood and share our joy. So why would we risk losing our good mood by listening to sad music?

A Simple Formula for Getting Noticed & Getting Laughs

By Judy Carter on January 05, 2015 in Stress Is a Laughing Matter
Whether you're a speaker, a comedian, a psychologist, or the counter person at a McDonald's -- there's one thing you can do to take all your interactions to the next level, get laughs and get noticed. Read on to find out what that is...

The Top Innovations We Should've Seen in 2014

By Jeff DeGraff Ph.D. on January 05, 2015 in Innovation You
Of course these are just the beginning. What about a reverse crowd-sourcing app that takes money away from people with stupid ideas? Because for every Kickstarter, we also need a Kickstopper.

What Makes a Book or a Blog Sell?

By Sheila Kohler on January 05, 2015 in Dreaming for Freud
How to sell your book or blog.

Transforming Thoughts into Action: Putting C-IQ to Work!

Culture transformation is an advanced leadership skill. The primary way to change a culture is to use your Conversational Intelligence to create an environment that infuses energy and commitment into relationships, teams and the whole organization. Too often we get stuck in habit patterns of “taking about” but not creating change.

Can the Right Music Make You Feel More Powerful?

Do you ever get a sense of feeling “pumped” when you hear certain kinds of music? A series of experiments suggests that some music can indeed give listeners a sense of power, as indicated in power-related cognitions and behavior.

Meet the Enemy: It Is Us

By Molly S. Castelloe Ph.D. on January 05, 2015 in The Me in We
By owning your aggression you can turn it to good use.

The Shape-Shifting Malleability of 'Universals' in UG

By Vyv Evans Ph.D. on January 04, 2015 in Language in the Mind
If we assume something for which we have no evidence, and which cannot be falsified—Universal Grammar—we can indeed call it a “research programme”. But we cannot then generate “hypotheses” on the basis of it, which we then claim to be falsifiable, and claim to be doing science.

The Pleasures and Perils of Fighting Among Ourselves

The Pleasures and Perils of Fighting Among Ourselves. A polarized group becomes less effective as its members become more certain. By Susan Kolod, Ph.D

Success is Not a Straight Line

By Katherine Ramsland Ph.D. on January 04, 2015 in Shadow Boxing
A book on leadership from a certified coach uses a vacuum cleaner as a surprisingly appropriate metaphor to demonstrate ten simple but powerful lessons for success.

How To Spot and Stop Narcissists

Pathological narcissists often come across as grandiose, egotistical, manipulative, self-absorbed, and highly conceited. It's not easy when you have such an individual in your personal or professional life. How can you spot and stop a narcissist? Here are seven important keys...

Why I Stopped Psychological “Interpretations” with Clients

By Sam Louie MA, LMHC on January 03, 2015 in Minority Report
With the advent of neuroscience on brain development, science is focusing on the nonverbal and unconscious emotional world underlying clients within a therapeutic context. As a result, there is a rich world that awaits therapists willing to plumb the depths of not only their client's affective world but their own as well.

One Simple Way to Improve Your Ability to Focus

By F. Diane Barth L.C.S.W. on January 03, 2015 in Off the Couch
Debbie is on her way to work after the long holiday break. She’s thinking about what she did during her vacation and musing on a trip she’s planning for her next time off. She’s so caught up in these daydreams that she misses the turn off to her office building.

Happy Thoughts Can Make You More Competent

By William R. Klemm Ph.D. on January 03, 2015 in Memory Medic
Have you chosen to be happy?

Resolution for a Better Sex Life in 1 Weekend, 3 Commitments

How many times have you wished for a better sex life? Resolve with these concrete suggestions to make in happen in the new year! Prioritize your intimate life, fine-tune what works and expand your sexual repertoire. Here’s your step-by-step instructions to recommit to and re”vamp” the bedroom!

7 Keys to Increasing Your Self-Esteem Today!

Self-esteem can be defined as healthy respect for yourself, as well as healthy self-worth. In our competitive society, the propensity to be affected by low self-esteem is chronic and pervasive. The good news is that having low-self-esteem is largely a learned phenomenon. Here are seven keys to enhancing self-esteem...

Never Stop Creating

By Kimerer LaMothe Ph.D. on December 31, 2014 in What a Body Knows
What is creativity? It is easy to link it with artistic ability, and assume that some people are creative while others are not. In this view, those who are creative make, design, and produce things. What if creativity is not so cerebral? Not so intentional? What if creativity happens every minute of every day, in the movements of our bodily selves?

How Babies Tell Us They're Musical Before They Can Speak

By Siu-Lan Tan Ph.D. on December 31, 2014 in What Shapes Film?
How do infants express musicality before they can form their first full sentences?

Getting into the Flow for the New Year

Whether you call it getting into your creative zone or flow, make sure you make it part of your health and wellness practice in the new year. Give yourself time to do what you love and reap the benefits of optimal experiences.

Tinder, Accessibility and Geo-Locating Love

From the irrelationship perspective, showing up for love with an open heart and mind—giving ourselves and each other a chance to set ourselves aflame one swipe at a time—might very well be among the most essential strategies for pulling a fast one on the psychological defenses that we use to keep ourselves distant from those who threaten our hearts with real relationship.

Your New Year’s Resolution: Put the Phone Away

Are you resolving to be a better person this year? Build a new relationship? Increase your work performance? Enhance your creativity? There's one simple step that can help you achieve all of these things: controlling the distracting devices that are interfering with your goals. Learn why it's important to put your phone away and focus on what matters.

The 2014 Best & Worst Sex List

These are the 25 most inspiring, incredible, disturbing, and admirable news stories about sex and sexuality in 2014, as selected by Alexandra Katehakis and Center for Healthy Sex in Los Angeles for their annual Best & Worst Sex List. Each story is accompanied by in-depth commentary from a therapeutic perspective addressing why all this matters at this time in our culture.

Transhumanism Grew Rapidly in 2014

By Zoltan Istvan on December 30, 2014 in The Transhumanist Philosopher
It was a great year for transhumanism. The concept of transhumanism and the movement appeared everywhere, from features in mainstream media to international conferences to Hollywood blockbuster movies.

9 Ways to be Happier at Work in 2015

By Tim Leberecht on December 30, 2014 in The Romance of Work
This post proposes nine activities you can incorporate into your workday routine to give you more perspective, become a better problem-solver, and help you build the personal relationships that will keep you motivated. These activities won’t necessarily lead you to a greater rate of productivity (we aren’t robots) or total bliss, but I believe they will make you happier,

How To Give and Get More From Those Around You

By Sheila Kohler on December 30, 2014 in Dreaming for Freud
Giving and getting more from those you care about