Essential Reads

Playing With Politics vs. Playing Politics

By Scott G. Eberle Ph.D. on February 15, 2017 in Play in Mind
Is the game of politics play?

Purposeful Quirks Can Help You Build a Can-Do Attitude

By Susan K Perry Ph.D. on February 11, 2017 in Creating in Flow
I interviewed dozens of famous writers and wrote a book about them. One of the nicest was Carolyn See. Read my interview with her now.

Manipulating Memory With the Mind's Eye

New research suggests that shifting the visual perspective of our autobiographical memories can shape and potentially restructure how we remember.

Seeking Idea Sparks

By Wilma Koutstaal Ph.D. on February 06, 2017 in Our Innovating Minds
What helps us as inspiration seekers?

More Posts on Creativity

Playing Around Is Good

By Bernard L. De Koven on June 30, 2016 in On Having Fun
To "play around with no particular end in mind" can be the very pathway to discovery.

How Wonder Plays a Key Role in Collaboration

By Jeffrey Davis M.A. on June 29, 2016 in Tracking Wonder
Creative professionals often think they must suffer their projects alone. They’re often mistaken. Collaboration is essential for creative productivity and innovation.

Love in Outer Space - Or Just in Your Head?

Water worlds? Kelper 62f? Stanislaw Lew’s sci-fi novel "Solaris" gave them a living angry mind. Tarkovsky’s and Steven Soderbergh’s psychological films saw it differently. Why?

Art Making and Stress Reduction

Is art making always a stress-reducing experience? Cumulative research points to "it's complicated;" the art psychotherapeutic relationship plus biomarkers may hold the key.

The Benefits of Creative Visualization

By Abigail Brenner M.D. on June 25, 2016 in In Flux
Creative visualization is a tested tool to help us achieve our goals and overcome limitations. By accessing the subconscious we can change our beliefs & ultimately,our reality.

Making Love with Your Bliss

By Dana Klisanin Ph.D. on June 24, 2016 in Digital Altruism
Spring has sprung with a leap and a bound. Sooner it seems, than in previous years.

Creative Recovery

By Molly S. Castelloe Ph.D. on June 24, 2016 in The Me in We
Some benefits of cognitive flexibility.

Scientific Innovation Needs the European Union to Succeed

Scientific innovation doesn’t just happen on its own. It takes stable economies, free societies, and open-minded governments. The European Union is good for that.

Tony-Nominated Director Liesl Tommy Makes More Than History

When we share our authentic stories and listen carefully to those around us, we all win. And we can thank people like the Tony nominated director Liesl Tommy, for showing us how.

Myths About Creativity

By Susan Weinschenk Ph.D. on June 23, 2016 in Brain Wise
Are some people more creative than others? Here are some of the truths and myths about creativity.

Superfluidity: Fluid Intelligence Goes Beyond Brain Size

New research debunks the idea that brain size alone dictates fluid intelligence.

Ian Anderson’s Progressive Path

By Michael Friedman Ph.D. on June 20, 2016 in Brick by Brick
Jethro Tull is considered by many to be one of the greatest progressive rock bands of all time.

Enhanced Cerebellum Connectivity Boosts Creative Capacity

A new study from Stanford University suggests that the "right brain" is not the seat of creativity.

The Decline of Duty

By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on June 16, 2016 in How To Do Life
A key reason America is in decline. And you?

Are You a Noun or a Verb?

By Karl Albrecht Ph.D. on June 14, 2016 in BrainSnacks
Each of us has a preferred arrangement of our inner world - well-defined, orderly, and deterministic; or ambiguous, complex, and speculative. How do they affect our thinking?

Writing: The Inner Edge—Part II

Writing is different from immediate performance, yet it shares a number of aspects with performance. General principles help make the process and outcome more productive.

10 Word Puzzles With Deeper Meanings

By Marcel Danesi Ph.D. on June 13, 2016 in Brain Workout
Humans are fascinated by meaning associations between words. These wordplay puzzles shed a little light into the nature of word meaning.

7 Tips from Elder Creatives on the Joy of Working

By Susan K Perry Ph.D. on June 12, 2016 in Creating in Flow
Worried you'll someday lose your passion and your ability to come up with fresh ideas for your creative work? Twenty still-working over-80s tell how they do it.

The Protest of "Me Before You"

By Jeremy Clyman Psy.D. on June 07, 2016 in Reel Therapy
"Me Before You" seems to be about disability, makes a comment on patient assisted suicide, and shows how depressed characters can dampen entertainment quality in cinema...

Teaching Creativity With a Story: A Lesson From Paul Smith

By Drew Boyd on June 07, 2016 in Inside the Box
Creativity is considered by many to be a rare, elusive gift only musicians or bohemian New York artists possess. Truth is everyone has the capacity to be creative.

What You Read Matters More Than You Might Think

By Susan Reynolds on June 07, 2016 in Prime Your Gray Cells
You are what you read: Why deep reading makes you a better writer.

We Are What We Speak

By Jennifer Hamady on June 07, 2016 in Finding Your Voice
If you want to improve the quality of your life and creative expression, take a close look at your words and thoughts.

The Psychology of Stand-Up Comedy

By Brian Hughes Ph.D. on June 05, 2016 in Homeostasis Disruptor
Academics have not only studied stand-up comedy. Occasionally they have performed it too.

Travel with Your Kids for Creativity’s Sake

By Erin Clabough Ph.D. on June 04, 2016 in Neuroparent
Worried about your child's creativity? A trip to another country may be the way to go.

An Existential Take on Cell Phones

By Sam Osherson Ph.D. on June 04, 2016 in Listen Up!
Our mobile devices free us and imprison us at the same time. Here's how it happens.

4 Ways to Go With the Flow (Even When It Seems Impossible)

Do you know how to go with the flow? Sometimes this is easier said than done.

Creating Their Own Worlds: Arts and Learning

How can we ensure children are creative throughout their schooling? Engagement in the arts may be one way.

Character Counts in a Novel's Pages

By Susan K Perry Ph.D. on June 02, 2016 in Creating in Flow
If the characters who people a book, no matter how wildly offbeat, don't feel real, readers may lose interest. Plot is definitely not everything. Character counts.

Mediated Dreaming

How do new media technologies impact people's dreaming experiences? And how can new digital tools enhance our understanding of dreams?

Experience-Based How-To's for Creativity

Getting creative – There’s nothing like drawing on experience!