Essential Reads

Don't Aim for Happiness

Melancholy can't be avoided.

Metaphors in Therapy

A short animated video about how words change us

Getting Existential with Josh Rouse

Musician Uses Mindfulness to Manage Anxiety

Cities Are Green After All

Agriculture fingered as key source of global warming.

Recent Posts on Creativity

The Shadow

You may be lonely, but you are never alone. Inside each of us is a second self, another being. The great Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, named this hidden part of us the Shadow.

Do We Ingest Information Just Like Food?

Is information something the body takes in just like food? Can what we know about nutrition and eating help change the way we learn and think? Sure it can.

Why Those Workplace Plaques Are Killing Trust

Plaques touting people as the most important asset are trust-killers. In most workplaces, they should be taken down.

"Awake" as a Positive Psychology Experience

By Jeremy Clyman Psy.D on May 30, 2012 in Reel Therapy
In a follow-up to my earlier blog post, read about the show's shocking finale and the ways in which resilience, character strengths and other phenomena of the positive psychology movement embody the show's plot and central character.

If Music Be the Food of Love

Why did modern humans survive the climatic deterioration in Paleolithic Europe, when Neandertals went extinct? Did music help?

Fiction Addiction

Imagine you find a magical device that allows you to enter an alternate universe as an invisible observer. Before entering, you know you will witness brutal, scarring things: the rapes and murders of women and children, bodies tortured, defiled, and dismembered.

Only One Food Has Been Shown to Prevent Dementia

By Stanton Peele on May 29, 2012 in Addiction in Society
Only one substance known to humans has reliably been shown to sharpen and maintain your thinking -- but you're not allowed to know what it is.

Why Do We Hate Big Tobacco and Love Big Food?

Obesity experts argue that it is time to stop blaming the victims and start exercising the same kind of moral outrage towards Big Food that we feel toward Big Tobacco.

Designing Our Children’s Future

By Michael Hogan Ph.D on May 29, 2012 in In One Lifespan
It is sometimes said that biology flows downhill — we are endlessly concerned with the well-being and competency and future adaptive success of our children.

Writer's Block

I see a lot of writers in my practice and every one of them has gotten blocked at one time or another. It isn’t hard to figure out why. Imagine sitting in a room by yourself trying to create a whole new world populated with entertaining and original characters. Now imagine doing it day after day. It’s lonely, difficult work.

Back From a Vacation? Don't Waste Your Clear Mind

By David Rock on May 29, 2012 in Your Brain at Work
If you are one of those people who think for a living (like me), then you've probably noticed just how much clearer your mind is after a break of some sort.It turns out there is now some very good science that explains the value, importance and function of mental rest.

Isadora Duncan's Dancing Soul

On May 26, 2012, Isadora Duncan celebrated her 135th birthday. On hand were Lori Belilove and the members of the Isadora Dance Company, performing at Judson Church, in New York City. I offered the following comments before the company's inspired, rousing, and highly accomplished recreation of Duncan's work. Happy Birthday, Isadora!

Gay Parents Raising Kids: How Will They Fare?

These days, gay parents are no novelty: We see them strolling through our neighborhoods, participating in our PTA meetings, and, perhaps most notably, appearing on our TV screens.

The Lesson of Skill Transformation, Also Known as “You’re Good at Many Things"

One week down, many weeks to go. I’ve met 700 people on the $100 Startuptour so far, and looking forward to seeing many more. This week: Chapel Hill, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, and Denver.

When Desire Is Found Wanting

A simple love for music may be the greatest contributor to long-term success for musicians. But not all aspects of the musical life are desirable or fun.

But I Can't Draw (or Write or Dance or Sing)!

Drawing is a lot like writing. Regular practice may help to free up creativity and still that pesky inner critic. Try these four exercises.

Who Is the Mental Equivalent of Usain Bolt?

What does it really mean to be the fastest man in the world?

Visualize and Make it Happen!

Vision Boards—the controversy continues

Your Creative Summer

By Lisa Rivero M.A. on May 26, 2012 in Creative Synthesis
I am sharing here twelve TED Talks for twelve weeks of a more creative summer. Some of the presentations are specifically about creativity, while others inform us about one or more of the six ”high-touch and high-concept aptitudes” or senses that Pink says are crucial for the conceptual age in which we live.

Movie Review: We Have a Pope (2011)

By Kristi Pikiewicz PhD on May 25, 2012 in Meaningful You
Just stay away from sex, childhood or foiled ambitions. Oh yes, and the Cardinals will be with you in the room.

Your Chaotic Mind

Would you want to share free will with fruit flies? If so, there may be hope for you. If not, you need to accept that neither you nor fly boy have free will. You can still enjoy life, though.

Our Greatest Source of Sexual Creativity

There are two fundamental sexual cues, mostly innate, that do more than all others to define our sexual identity and fuel our sexual imagination: (1) which gender we find attractive, and (2) whether we prefer to be dominant or submissive in the bedroom.

On the Road to Surrender

Surrendering to your circumstances is the first step toward a life of Slow. It is not about admitting defeat, but about accepting 'What Is' at any given moment. Here's how.

The Garden Provides More Than Food

In my personal economics, my vegetable garden provides much more than food.

4 Simple Steps for More Composure and Calmness

We all know that we live in a very stressful world and have been reminded over and over that too much tension can lead to chronic illnesses and abuse. Instead of immediately turning to drugs instead learn a simple technique called Meditation in Action.

How You Can Alter Your Past Or Your Future — And Change Your Present Life

Can you travel back into your past and alter something that will change yourself in the present? And could you travel into your future, and also alter your present? It looks like it might be possible, and it’s not science fiction.