Essential Reads

What Is a "Good Enough Mother"?

Being a "good enough mother" involves a balancing act between two equally important things for a child's healthy cognitive development and future happiness.

Autistic vs. Psychotic Spectrums: Overlapping or Opposite?

The first study to consider both cognitive modes proposed by the diametric model finds evidence of overlap and diametric opposition of autistic as opposed to psychotic traits.

The Surprising Psychology of Baby Naming

Your name was, in all likelihood, selected by your parents and you, in turn, will select names for the kids you decide to have. Here's what might influence that decision

Daydream Your Way to Better Grades

Got a final exam tomorrow (or some other memory task)? A good night’s sleep is the best preparation, but what if you don't have time for sleep? New research offers a ray of hope.

More Posts on Cognition

Pronouns and Their Antecendents

Who uses more first-person singular pronouns (I, me, mine), those at the top of a social hierarchy or those lower down?

Building a Politically Tolerant Social Psychological Science

Social psychology is uniquely positioned to be a model for diversifying science.

For Dogs It's "Of Course I'll Obey — If You're Watching Me!"

Data shows that how well dogs obey their owner's instructions depends upon how much attention the owner is paying to the dog

The 7 Habits of Highly Mindful Leaders

By Ray Williams on May 04, 2016 Wired for Success
Highly mindful leaders are more productive, proactive, and impactful.

Aging and Stereotyping

When knowledge about aging increases, ageist attitudes decrease.

The Dieter's Paradox: When More Feels Like Less

He added some chopped nuts and strawberries. Somehow convinced that it now had fewer calories, and guilt-free, he dug in.

If History Were a Pool, How Much Water Would Your Life Be?

Simple cells formed 3,600,000,000 years ago. That’s three billion, six hundred million. How can we picture that?

Death by Stop Sign

Are you annoyed by stop signs? You're right!

Poetry in a Second Language

Once upon a time, in Renaissance Europe, multilingual poetry was not an exception but the norm. Was it also a secret tool for learning foreign languages?

Moist and Oozy: Are We Talking Cake or Crevices?

Does the word 'moist' evoke cake or armpits for you? Powerful words evoke powerful emotions.

Our Maps Are Lies: How the Internet Reshapes Our World View

Thanks to information technology, our mental map of the world has, largely unbeknownst to our conscious selves, mutated into a very different animal

Perfect Practice for Softball (And Sports)

Is your practice full of reps? It shouldn't be.

Mobile Devices and Corporate Culture

How mobile devices alter our thinking and corporate culture

Corner Flags, Constraints, and Creativity

Sometimes what we see as blocking our way can be just what we need to creatively guide us forward

Is Your Cell Phone Your Best Friend?

Is your cell phone your best friend? How to avoid becoming the tool of your tools.

Watch Your Language!

Just what is your choice of language telling yourself and others?

There Are Cognitive Predictors of Longevity

By Art Markman Ph.D. on April 29, 2016 Ulterior Motives
Women live longer than men. Nonsmokers live longer than smokers. What other factors predict whether someone will live longer?

Does Joining Your Head and Your Heart Create Wisdom?

New research shows how heart rate affects reason when dealing with complex problems. It highlights the importance of stepping outside of a narrow, self-centered perspective.

5 Simple Ways to Turn Around a Bad Mood Fast

Learn how to control your emotions so your emotions don't control you.

How to Have a Mystical Experience

By Aaron C.T. Smith on April 28, 2016 True Believers
What happens in the brain to bring about the conditions necessary for a peak or ‘mystical’ experience?

Why Donald Trump Inspires the Confidence of His Supporters

Trump supporters don’t care how insensitive, obnoxious, or inaccurate Trump is, because honesty and sensitivity are not major criteria for judging their reality TV star.

Launching Into Multi-Dimensional Thinking

Can we tap into "three-dimensional" thinking?

A Bright Future for Teaching: Views From the Heartland

Yeah, this is anecdotal evidence. But it’s enough to reinforce my optimism about the future of college teaching.

Bernoulli and the Taxman – Part I: Fair Tax

Psychology can help design a fair income tax

My Boss Stole My Idea

By Rolf Reber Ph.D. on April 23, 2016 Critical Feeling
You presented an idea. Nobody listened. In a meeting three weeks later, your boss suddenly bursts out, “I have an idea!” It is your idea …

Why 9 out of 10 Parents Think Their Kids Are at Grade Level

By Denise Cummins Ph.D. on April 22, 2016 Good Thinking
Kamenetz seems to believe "grade level" means "average". A grade level standard is a minimum, not an average.

Speaking Depression

By Frances Kuffel on April 19, 2016 What Fat Women Want
A bad depression is like an endless flu with fluctuations in temperature. If you want to help, learn the language.

16 Research-Based Hacks for Your Social Life

By Ryan Anderson on April 18, 2016 The Mating Game
Psychology really is one of the most important things to know about, especially for social interaction. Some of these techniques can help you to navigate your social world

The Neuroscience of Losing Your Train of Thought

Are you easily distracted? New groundbreaking research identifies the brain mechanics that cause physical interruptions to derail your train of thought.