Essential Reads

"Is Adolescence Really Necessary?"

Surprised by early adolescence, parents wonder if their child's changes need be.

Don’t Let Shame Weaken Your Retirement Plans

Psychologists tell us that shame can lead to despair and weakness.

Love and Fear With Liam Wilson of The Dillinger Escape Plan

A musician understands the power of questioning.

Remembering a Medical Man for All Seasons

Oliver Sacks says farewell to a grateful public.

Recent Posts on Aging

The Bee

By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on October 09, 2015 How To Do Life
A fable that raises stinging questions about the life well-lived.

Senile Squalor and Hoarding

By Mark D. Griffiths Ph.D. on October 08, 2015 In Excess
Diogenes Syndrome (DS) that is sometimes referred to as ‘senile squalor syndrome’ (as it typically occurs in elderly individuals). Hoarding is often a consequence of having DS, and those with DS often live on their own in severe domestic squalor and unsanitary conditions. But what else is known about this rare syndrome?

The Transhumanist Party Turns 1-Year-Old

On October 7th, 2015, the Transhumanist Party reached its first birthday. Started as a way to introduce forward thinking and futurist politics into government, the party has caught on around the world and now has over a dozen national parties. The motto of the Transhumanist Party in America is: Putting Science, Health, and Technology at the Forefront of US Politics.

The Human-Robot Interface

By Nigel Barber Ph.D. on October 06, 2015 The Human Beast
The digital revolution is about to steal most people's jobs as artificial intelligence does our work ever more efficiently. What about caring for children and the elderly? If these tasks are soon to be taken on by robots, what will the interface look like? How will interacting with robots affect us?

"Is Adolescence Really Necessary?"

In their disenchantment with some early adolescent changes in their child, parents wonder if this transformation really need be? The answer is: Yes, so the process of redefinition for growing up can get underway.

Work, Love, Play: Do You Have a Healthy Inner Balance?

Do you have a healthy inner balance between work, love, and play? If not, this blog post offers some clues on how to create more inner balance inspired by theories of Erik Erikson and the insights of Doris Kearns Goodwin based on her extensive knowledge of former American presidents.

One Thousand Reasons Breaking a Sweat Is the Best Medicine

Do you hate to exercise? Would you rather take a pill that mimics the benefits of working out than actually going to the gym? A new study has identified over one thousand molecular reactions to exercise. These findings could lead to the development of a drug that imitates the health benefits of breaking a sweat.

10 Ways Coupling Has Changed Over the Past 75 Years

By Bella DePaulo Ph.D. on October 02, 2015 Living Single
In some significant ways, over the past three-quarters of a century, couples have been acting more like single people.

Don’t Let Shame Weaken Your Retirement Plans

How can you get power to save for retirement? Retirement planning is possible. Three tips that will empower anyone to plan better without despair and shame.

Love and Fear With Liam Wilson of The Dillinger Escape Plan

By Michael Friedman Ph.D. on October 01, 2015 Brick by Brick
Liam Wilson shares how he came to understand the power of questioning.

Do You Really Want to Know What People Think of You?

The idea of finding out what other people really think about you may fill you with dread. Yet, receiving feedback from those around us can be one the most useful ways to develop your potential to its fullest. Test your reactions with this 20-item quiz to see how to make the most out of your supervisors, your friends, and your intimate partner.

A Meditation for My Mother

By Susan Hooper on September 28, 2015 Detours and Tangents
I helped care for my mother for six years before she died. The sixth anniversary of her death feels like a turning point for me.

Improve Your Memory: The Case Against Crosswords and Google

Do crosswords help improve cognitive functioning, or are you just strengthening a strength? And if you can’t recall some bit of information, should Google always be the answer?

Do Millennials Grow Up and Settle Down?

By Eddy Ng Ph.D. on September 27, 2015 Diverse and Competitive
Millennials in college want different things from Millennials at work

Anxiety Can Speed Aging

By William R. Klemm Ph.D. on September 27, 2015 Memory Medic
No one gets to re-live the past, but everyone can influence their own future.

The Normalization of Aging and How To Make It Matter

By Jenni Ogden Ph.D. on September 26, 2015 Trouble in Mind
Aging is not a disease, but it can feel like one as the body wears out and the mind slows down. Staying alive too long can command a high price—pain, and an increasing dependence on others. When drastic medical intervention is the only option left to keep someone you care about alive, ask them what this would need to deliver that really matters to them now, at the end.

When Gentrification Hits Home

By Ariel Gore on September 24, 2015 Women and Happiness
I belonged here because my new father said I belonged here. "If anyone asks you where you're from," my new father said, "you say 'who, me?' and you point to the tallest, closest mountain you can see and you say, 'I just hiked down from the top of that mountain this morning. Where are you from?'"

How Do Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers Differ?

Researchers and the media, are seemingly obsessed with pointing out how Millennials are different than any other generation. There are guidebooks and articles that tell you how to deal and work with Millennials, but are they really different?

The M Word

By Billi Gordon Ph.D. on September 24, 2015 Obesely Speaking
If society consistently and frequently lies about women, eventually we will believe the lie even after we are confronted with the truth.

The Life Expectancy of 165 Breeds of Dogs

We all want to know how long our dogs will live. Here is the first large-scale data collection showing the expected lifespan of almost all of the popular dog registered breeds. The data is given on a breed by breed basis.

20 Tips for Living Well with Chronic Pain and Illness

Herein, a list of 20 tips to help with the health challenges all us face at one time or another in life.

Remembering a Medical Man for All Seasons

By Jeffrey Lieberman M.D. on September 22, 2015 Shrink Speak
A wise and gentle voice of humanity bids farewell.

Do You Lie About Your Age?

When I was a teenager I wanted to be thought of as older. Older girls seemed sophisticated, hip, and independent. Now that I am ACTUALLY older, it’s younger women who seem sophisticated, hip, and independent. Go figure.

Coping With Technological Overload

Is your job placing too many technological demands on you? Technology overload is often mentioned as one important area of stress, especially for older workers.

Athletic? Who, Me? Just What Is an Athletic Senior?

Learning to take advantage of your opportunity to move, and finding activities you love to do is the path towards fitness at any age.

The Road to Happiness

By Romeo Vitelli Ph.D. on September 21, 2015 Media Spotlight
A new research study published in the journal Developmental Psychology looks at how happiness changes over time. Results show that happiness generally increases in young adulthood as people become more emotionally mature. Happy people are less likely to develop mental health problems and generally lead more satisfying lives. So how happy are you today?

How Boredom Can Afflict the End of Adolescence

When it comes to leading a more independent path through life at the end of adolescence, finding a working interest to like and taking an active interest in work one doesn't like can both be hard to do.

One Simple Way to Improve Your Brain Function

By Christopher Bergland on September 20, 2015 The Athlete's Way
Do you want to improve the structure and function of your brain? New research shows that one simple lifestyle habit can optimize brain function and structure throughout a person’s lifespan.

Doing These Two Things Will Boost Your Well-Being

By Jason Powers M.D. on September 18, 2015 Beyond Abstinence
Out of 24 character strengths possessed in varying degrees by each of us, two of them hold up on their own as predictors of well-being. Here are a couple sure-fire ways to take control of your own well-being.

It’s Not Your Mother’s Aspirin

By Mark Borigini M.D. on September 17, 2015 Overcoming Pain
Of course, there are concerns surrounding the worried not-so-well: those individuals who live off of chocolate chip cookies, who consider bending over to pick up the morning newspaper their exercise for the day, and who will now think that taking an aspirin a day bestows immortality.