Essential Reads

Think You Can't Get Drunk on Soda Water? Think Again.

A powerful demonstration of how easily we can be fooled.

Malignant Narcissism and the Murder of a Parent

Loving parents, disturbed children and 12 approaches to the problem

8 Negative Attitudes of Chronically Unhappy People

8 Negative Thoughts of Chronically Unhappy People

Writing a New Pain Prescription

A new report brings bad news and good for our prescription opioid epidemic.

Recent Posts on Addiction

Will There Ever Be a Cure for Addiction?

Despite our national obsession with quick fixes, there’s no simple solution to our country’s drug problem. We have to recognize that addiction, like many other chronic diseases such diabetes and cancer, is here to stay.

Dreams and Recovery from Addiction

After more than thirty—five years of working with my own and other people’s dreams I am convinced that all dreams come in the service of health and wholeness.

iDivorced: How Marriage Saved My Family From Technology

What the wilderness, a fly rod, and a reconciliation gave our son.

Cave-Man Approach to Stress-Management

Humans have used the same basic stress relievers since we first walked the earth: Put something in your mouth. Follw a leader. Distract your mind. This cave-man guide to anxiety shows how to put new stress-relief tools in your tool kit.

Matricide by Teen Girls

Teen girls who murder their moms are either trying to end family abuse or they've become the abusers themselves.

Five Reasons We Can't Stop Distracting Ourselves

You’ve got an imminent deadline for that creative project. And yet, you can’t stop checking your email or Facebook, playing your favorite Zynga game, or seeing what’s happening in sports, entertainment, or the news online. Why are these temptations so irresistible even when you’re up against the clock? And how can you arrange to resist these time-wasting demons?

Making Mountains out of Molehills and Ending up in Hell!

By Graham C.L. Davey Ph.D. on July 14, 2012 in Why We Worry
For many chronic worriers ‘catastrophizing’ has become a daily pattern of thinking that is distressing and debilitating. It makes mountains out of molehills and grows small harmless seeds into giant threatening forests.

Binge Eating & Its Impact on the Workplace: An Interview with Richard Bedrosian Ph.D

In a company of 1,000 employees, the estimated annual productivity loss due to binge eating is $107,965. Learn how binge eating impacts you as an employer or as an employee.

Rethinking Everything We Thought About Addiction

Activation of the brain’s pleasure center is the primary starting point of addiction. But once a person takes drugs habitually, their use affects other brain regions.

Lessons from the Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Divorce

Katie Holmes' divorce from Tom Cruise caught many folks by surprise. Here's one analysis of how marriages come apart.

I'm Afraid That I Get Obsessed with Girls

What to do if you become obsessed with girls

Can You Really Be Addicted to Sunday Football?

By Jeff Wise on July 11, 2012 in Extreme Fear
Once, drugs and alcohol were addictive. Now the view is that you can get hooked on things like sex, sports, even rock music. It may sound like we're just making excuses for bad behavior, but there's a powerful urgency behind our beliefs about addiction.

Batman's Mental Health Part 2

Taking Dick Grayson as a sidekick Robin was a lapse in judgement. Further lapses in judgment came with his taking on each subsequent Robin.

What Does the Desert Do to Human Minds?

By Anneli Rufus on July 10, 2012 in Stuck
A desert hermit dug his own grave, then shot a cop. What was it about life in the hot American vastness that led up to this?

Playing Alone

By Stanton Peele on July 10, 2012 in Addiction in Society
Kids are no longer allowed to play outside, or in public, alone. What a shame.

What We Believe About Pathology and Relational Health

"Some of the most disturbing realities are not that pathology exists, but that so little public pathology education for the general public exists."

An Introduction: Where Science Meets the Steps

Diverse and often conflicting perspectives have created confusion about the most effective ways to treat addiction—a disease that affects more people now than any other time in history.

The Workaholic Breakdown Syndrome: Loss of Feeling

Only by bringing into conscious awareness the escalating fears of failure, boredom, laziness, discovery, self-discovery, and paranoia will workaholics begin to recognize that something is seriously wrong.

Sex, Celibacy and Spirituality: Why the Dalai Lama Doesn't Date

By Stephen A Diamond Ph.D. on July 06, 2012 in Evil Deeds
CNN's Piers Morgan recently interviewed His Holiness the Dalai Lama, at one point asking him candidly about sex. Does the celibate14th Dalai Lama really think sex is "dirty"?

Recovery from Boredom

The biggest open secret about being an addict is that treatment and early recovery is invariably experienced as a choice between dying from boredom and dying from alcohol or drugs. Many addicts repeatedly vote for the latter.

Social Phobia ≠ Shyness

By Jenny C. Yip Psy.D. on July 05, 2012 in The OCD Monster
Social phobia also known as Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is not simply extreme shyness. Many people experience some shyness and discomfort, especially in new situations or with unfamiliar people.

War Games: What Are They Good For?

By Gillian Ragsdale Ph.D. on July 04, 2012 in Empathy
“Video games are bad for you? That’s what they said about rock and roll.” Shigeru Myamoto. Just what is the link between violent video games and bad behavior?

Batman's Mental Health, Part 1

Taking Dick Grayson as a sidekick, Robin, was a significant lapse in judgement. Further lapses in judgment came with his taking on each subsequent Robin.

Meditate Just Like The U.S. Marines

The US Marines have embraced mindfulness meditation to help them cope with anxiety, stress, depression, pain and exhaustion. Have they gone 'soft' or is it their secret weapon in their fight against the Taliban and Al Qaeda?

Synthetic Drugs

Before writing this blog, I decided to see just how easy it was to locate synthetic drugs. I took off on what I thought could be an adventure... Little did I know that my "adventure" would end within five minutes of walking into the store.