Essential Reads

Understanding Addiction With Electronic Registries

Disruptive technology with a $40 per patient clinical trial price tag.

What's Wrong with Treating the "Disease" of Addiction?

Although still prevalent, the disease model has outlived its usefulness.

Family-based Programs for Substance Abusing Teen Girls

How can we stem the growing trend of substance abuse in girls?

The Mysteries of Habit

Neuroscience studies reveal why some behaviors are so difficult to change

Recent Posts on Addiction

Opioids Don’t Always Make Chronic Pain Better (and They May Make It Worse)

Questioning the common practice of prescribing opioids for the long-term treatment of chronic pain

Addiction and Magical Thinking

We’re a society of addicts. Just look around you. There are smokers, drinkers, drug abusers, degenerate gamblers. Then there are the slightly less obvious examples: compulsive shoppers, overeaters, workaholics, those endlessly glued to video games or Twitter. When it comes to addictions there seems to be no end to the possibilities. Why?

The Workaholic Breakdown Syndrome—Guilt

Guilt, because it signals the need for corrective action, is a healthy response when one’s insensitive and thoughtless behavior and irresponsible wrongful actions negatively affect and trouble others.

What Will You Do?

Loving a “monster” is possible. For women that love psychopaths, love and monster often exist in the same thought. The problem is, someone who has never been in the midst of this level of psychological trauma may not understand why women stay and don’t see how bad he is. This lack of understanding of the power of pathology is killing women.

Wanting It Yesterday

Addicts who want to recover must learn to live with cravings, both for their substance and for answers/events/things. Unhaveable things, however, often have important information that we need to listen to.

Drugs 'R' Us

We need a new strategy to deal with the ubiquity of drugs in our lives. If people—if our society— can't manage such experiences, it is hard to see how they, and we, can cope in the 21st Century.

How Superstitions Really Work

According to a Gallup poll, almost 50 percent of Americans are superstitious, believing that certain rituals, like wearing unmatched socks, will influence the likelihood of an event, like pitching a no-hitter. Yet few people — or polls — attempt to determine exactly what force connects such rituals with good outcomes.

How to Be Ultra Productive — 10 Tips for Mastering Your Time

Do you ever wish you had more time to do everything? Have you had days that were busy but inefficient? Would you like to be highly productive, feel accomplished at the end of each day, with even time to spare? The following are ten tips to help you master your time.

Finding Love on the Internet: Does it Work?

Online dating can improve your odds of finding a date but can it find your perfect match?

No More Blaming

Whether in families, workplaces, or courts, finding who's to blame and what the "appropriate" punishment would be is a central preoccupation when our own needs or those of someone we care about are not met.

Social Interactions and Brain Cell Connections

Humans are social beings, and it shouldn’t be surprising that there are specific groups of nerve cells in the brain that are directly influenced by social experiences.

Thin From Within: Reflections on How We Change How We Eat

Thin From Within celebrates two years of posting this month. What strikes me as I reread the posts altogether, though, is how the stream of new discussions about weight continue to complicate how we understand both “inner conflict” and “stuckness”.

The Bike

Schwinn 1963 Stingray. Treasures hidden by addiction.

Anorexia and the Diet Delusion: Healthy Eating After Recovery

Having recovered from anorexia, how does one cope with the prevalence of ‘unhealthy’ relationships with food in the general population, and what factors might usefully be taken into account in constructing a sustainably healthy relationship with food for oneself?

If Sugar Is Poison, Why Is Everyone Eating Cupcakes?

My favorite hole-in-the-wall used-book shop is gone. A sparkling, pastel-colored shop selling designer cupcakes has replaced it, and judging from the line of moms and their kids every afternoon, it has become the preferred spot for an after-school snack.

Angry Intimacy

Are you married to someone who can't take any criticism? Do they get defensive and blame others rather than accept responsibility for their actions? Making progress with a love like this can be difficult - but it is not impossible.

Drew Barrymore, Sober Winemaking Newlywed

How did Drew Barrymore become both sober and a vintner? Well, in the first place, it depends how you define sobriety. Then, there's her life success.

5 Danger Signs that Invite Inadvertent Infidelity

Best to know and to heed the warning signs that indicate you're heading for an affair if you don't want an infidelity to put you and your loved ones through agony.

Dressed to Kill

Addiction and homicide are often related, but few of us think of compulsive shopping as a motive for murder.

A Genetic Blueprint for Addiction?

By Marc Lewis Ph.D. on June 04, 2012 Addicted Brains
There are genetic components to personality traits, like impulsivity, and impulsive people take more risks. But experience is the final arbiter of the pathway to addiction.

What's Your Life Story?

"Filters color our experiences and perceptions: He felt reconnected...she felt insignificant, lonely. When he initiated sex, she gave herself to him...the way a girl carelessly gives her younger sister hand-me down clothes she no longer desires."

The Politics of Suicide and Depression

There are always differing views of events, based on the standpoints and interests of those relating the events. In the case of Mary Kennedy's suicide, these differences rose to the level of a public dispute, a disputation of the cause of her death, and a treatise on the nature of depression.

Are You a Workaholic? Take This Test.

A workaholic is an achievement-addicted person who puts work above all else. What are the symptoms of workaholism?

Using Illegal Drugs to Cope with Trauma

A growing body of evidence suggest that addictions are very often a response to early trauma and abuse. That makes addictions a health issue, not an issue for the criminal justice system.

Mary Kennedy and the History of Addiction of Political Wives

The recent suicide of Mary Kennedy tracks to the long, sorry history of addiction and depression among prominent political wives and shows how little our popular treatments have to offer them.

Bringing Down Baby

A study, published online in the Journal of the American Medical Association, shows that from 2000 to 2009 the number of infants that has to be weaned off illegal and legal drugs at birth tripled nationwide.

Is Opiate Pain Medication Safe for Addicts? Part I

You often hear people in "recovery" talk about freedom from all mind-altering substances. But what happens when chronic pain requires treatment using medication that can be both mind altering and addictive?

Food-Addicted, or Food-Obsessed?

Obese people love food, while those with anorexia hate it, right? Some new brain imaging results suggest it might not be that simple.