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A New Way to Understand the Narcissistic Male

Pathologically narcissistic men often engage in high-risk behavior, aggression, and substance abuse. New research focuses on their feelings of distress and need for treatment.

Unraveling the Teenage Mind

Adolescence can be a mystifying time for everyone. This new book can help.

When Someone You Love Becomes an Addict

With addiction, love isn't enough. Here's how to get help.

Harvey Weinstein Proves Sex Addiction Doesn't Exist

By Marty Klein Ph.D. on October 11, 2017 in Sexual Intelligence
Labelling Harvey Weinstein a "sex addict" allows us to confidently say "I'm not like that," rather than encouraging us to look at our own pain.

More Posts on Addiction

Attractions of Inspiration and Attractions of Deprivation

By Ken Page L.C.S.W. on March 10, 2011 in Finding Love
If I could only share one insight with my single readers, it would be this: Learn to distinguish between your "attractions of deprivation" and your "attractions of inspiration." Then, only follow your attractions of inspiration. 
The Pursuit of Happiness--Or the Quest for Wealth

The Pursuit of Happiness--Or the Quest for Wealth

If in fact happiness is conceived in monetary terms, then the more money gained, the more material objects acquired, the closer you are to reaching this most enviable of goals. Right? Hardly! As ironic as it may seem, pursuing happiness materialistically is a goal that's not reachable--ever. . . .

We may be human, but we are also animals

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been around for a long time and has shown significant success in use for the treatment of difficult to treat disorders such as depression, impulse disorders, addictions, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, and others.

The Culprit Behind Bad Habits, Addiction & Going Nowhere Good

By Donna Flagg on March 04, 2011 in Office Diaries
Ubiquitous it is. Destructive behavior is everywhere. People are lost in addiction of every kind, stuck in cycles of bad habits and/or paralyzed by an inability to go forward in life.

Sheen's Slippery Slope

By Janine Driver on March 03, 2011 in You Say More Than You Think
Charlie on the kids...the godesses...the drugs.

The Art of Losing: Giving Up Diet Soda

By Susan Shapiro on March 03, 2011 in Unhooked
A lifelong diet soda addict finally gives up the sauce...

Charlie Sheen: Voyeurs "R" Us

Compared to being somebody, being anybody can feel like you're nobody.

David's Dilemma

By Janine Driver on March 01, 2011 in You Say More Than You Think

Franco and Sheen Are Addicted to Themselves

By Stanton Peele Ph.D. on February 28, 2011 in Addiction in Society
Accused of being addicted to drugs, James Franco and Charlie Sheen seem much more addicted to themselves.  And, really, what can we say - they both are supernovas.

THC for Huntington's Disease? CB1 receptors important for more than drug use

By Adi Jaffe Ph.D. on February 25, 2011 in All About Addiction
Everyone has heard of some of the medical benefits of marijuana - Glaucoma, anti-nausea, making T.V. funnier - but this early evidence that "weed" might help slow the development of one of our most devestating neurological disorders caught my eye.

10 Myths About Single People: Here Are Numbers 5, 6, and 7

By Bella DePaulo Ph.D. on February 22, 2011 in Living Single
Here are three sets of myths that single out particular subsets of single people for special stereotyping. They are the myths about single women, single men, and single parents.

America's Voyeurism and America's Escape from Self

Lindsay, Miguel, Charlie and Brittany, O' My! America; Heal Thyself. America is hypnotized by radio, reality and ravenous attention paid to other people's mental health. Celebrities are easy targets but while we point and laugh, are we not missing teachable moments with ourselves, our children and our culture.

Are More Intelligent People More Likely to be Alcoholics?

By Stanton Peele Ph.D. on February 14, 2011 in Addiction in Society
Evolutionary psychologist Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa indicates that intelligent people use alcohol more unhealthily than dumb people by drinking excessively rather than moderately.  What are the public health implications of such a finding?

More Intelligent People Are More Likely to Binge Drink and Get Drunk

By Satoshi Kanazawa on February 13, 2011 in The Scientific Fundamentalist
Not only are more intelligent individuals more likely to consume more alcohol more frequently, they are more likely to engage in binge drinking and to get drunk.

The Future of Video Games. . .Involves Gambling?

By Ryan G Van Cleave Ph.D. on February 13, 2011 in Unplugged
Players will soon be able to wager on the outcome of video games. Now anyone will be able to load up their account with up to $500 per day and see if they can win their way to more cash.

President Obama Quits Smoking... And So Can You

By Mark Goulston M.D., F.A.P.A. on February 08, 2011 in Just Listen
Doing something with others, takes the pain out of doing without an enjoyable habit you're trying to break.

8 Strategies for Mastering Illness

By Julian Seifter M.D. on February 05, 2011 in After the Diagnosis

The Five things Most likely to Ruin Your Child’s Life

By Michael Ungar Ph.D. on January 30, 2011 in Nurturing Resilience
Research on what are called "adverse childhood experiences" (ACEs) is showing that there is a shortlist of five things that happen to children that are most likely to cause them long-term harm. There's also three things parents can do to avoid these problems.