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Behavioral Addictions: A Dangerous and Slippery Slope

By Allen J Frances M.D. on May 16, 2016 in Saving Normal
The potential list of behavioral addictions can conceivably expand to include almost every area of activity that people feel passionate about.

The Myth of the Addictive Personality

By Mark D. Griffiths Ph.D. on May 11, 2016 in In Excess
The concept of 'addictive personality' is often used to explain addictive behaviour. This article argues that the concept of addictive personality is a complete myth.
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Yes, It Is Time to Finally Move on From Sex Addiction

A new clinical model for the treatment of out of control sexual behavior appears to suggest that the sex addiction model is approaching its expiration date.

Addiction as a Family Affliction

The addiction of a loved one brings up many difficult questions and may leave you feeling like you are riding an emotional rollercoaster you can’t get off.

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The Grim Power of Borderline Personality Disorder

The turbulence and trauma of borderline personality disorder make self-harm and suicide attempts frighteningly common. But recovery is common, too.

I'm Not A Broken Toy Anymore!

By Amy Dresner on December 20, 2015 in Coming Clean
Still in the "addict" bin even though you've been sober for years? I get it.

What Community-Based Addiction Treatment Looks Like

By Stanton Peele on December 20, 2015 in Addiction in Society
While addiction treatment has become more intensive/expensive and centered around residential stays, the most effective way to deliver addiction services is to make access easier.

The Dirty (Loud) Secret Behind Mass Gun Violence

By George Michelsen Foy on December 17, 2015 in Shut Up and Listen!
Killers shoot for prime time, and we won't give up our infotainment
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How to Survive Your Office Holiday Party

By Richard Taite on December 17, 2015 in Ending Addiction for Good
Remember, it is a work activity. There are very, very, VERY few jobs where it is ever socially acceptable to be drunk.
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Our Consumer Culture’s Double Bind for Hoarders

By Barry Yourgrau on December 17, 2015 in Mess
One image that neatly distills how profoundly mixed are the messages about over-acquisition in our society.

Betting To The Beat

By Mark D. Griffiths Ph.D. on December 17, 2015 in In Excess
The effect of music has been studied extensively in commercial contexts but what does the psychological literature tell us about the effect of music on gambling behaviour?

4 Things You Should Know about the Changing Face of Heroin

While there are certain demographic groups statistically at a higher risk for heroin abuse, an implicit conclusion from the CDC’s study is clear: now more than ever, anyone can bec
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Overcoming the Holiday Blues

By Fran Simone Ph.D. on December 14, 2015 in A Family Affair
It isn't all "ho, ho, ho" for loved ones during the holiday season. Here are a few suggestions for overcoming the holiday blues.
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Learning from Scott Weiland’s Death

The best way close family members and friends can encourage someone in recovery is to learn more about their addiction and any physical or psychological disorders.
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4 Ways to Be There for Someone Recovering from Addiction

Be patient. All paths to recovery take time, and each person’s recovery will look different.

Coping with Traumatic Events without Turning to Substances

By Richard Taite on December 11, 2015 in Ending Addiction for Good
Be tolerant. People react in different ways to disasters and traumatic events. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to think, feel, or respond.

The Elderly and Substance Abuse During the Holidays

By Richard Taite on December 09, 2015 in Ending Addiction for Good
Older adults are more likely to drink or use drugs at home, privately rather than in public.

What Makes Teenagers Abuse Drugs and Alcohol?

By Romeo Vitelli Ph.D. on December 09, 2015 in Media Spotlight
A new research study examines the role of psychological distress in drug use for a large sample of Australian adolescents. The results provides clues for treatment and prevention

Psychology And Competitive Gaming

By Mark D. Griffiths Ph.D. on December 09, 2015 in In Excess
If a player can make a career from video gaming, this raises interesting questions about whether such excessive activity could be a gaming addiction or workaholism.

What Can Help College Students Who Flood Counseling Centers?

Why are anxiety, anger, depression and addictive habits plaguing so many college students? It may have to do in part with the prescriptions for pills that they bring with them.

Recovery (like Addiction) Relies on Neuroplasticity

By Marc Lewis Ph.D. on December 07, 2015 in Addicted Brains
Recovery requires changes in thinking and feeling — which rely on brain change or "neuroplasticity." Luckily, plasticity is a fundamental feature of the human brain.

Understanding Self-Destructive (Dysregulated) Behaviors

Have you ever realized that one of your behaviors was causing you harm – but been unable to stop the behavior?

Sex Addiction is About Morality, Not Sex

By David J Ley Ph.D. on December 05, 2015 in Women Who Stray
Study after study finds that sex addiction is about a moral conflict over sexuality, not about frequency of sex behaviors.

Losing my Erection

By Sam Louie MA, LMHC on December 05, 2015 in Minority Report
Part of sexual addiction recovery for men is going to feel like they're "losing their erections". Part of it is allowing the body to reset to a healthier sexual baseline.

Yes I Believe in God. Except When I Don’t

By Anna David on December 05, 2015 in After Party Chat
You could say my recovery has basically been a vacillation between having a strong spiritual connection and none at all.

How Dana Fuchs Found Her True Voice

By Michael Friedman Ph.D. on December 04, 2015 in Brick by Brick
Dana Fuchs, known for her roles in Love, Janis and Across the Universe, shares how she has heals herself and others through music.

Small Decisions and Their Unexpected Consequences

By Shahram Heshmat Ph.D. on December 03, 2015 in Science of Choice
Choices that create an undesirable way of life are made one day at a time.

Shocking Sex Lives

By Mark D. Griffiths Ph.D. on December 03, 2015 in In Excess
There are many published case reports of autoerotic deaths of people who have died in strange sexual circumstances. This article looks at electrophilia (arousal from electricity).

8 Ways Carly Simon's Memoir Is a Psychological Tour de Force

By Christopher Bergland on December 03, 2015 in The Athlete's Way
Carly Simon's riveting new book, 'Boys in the Trees: A Memoir,' deconstructs a wide range of complex psychological dynamics with fearlessness, wisdom, and grace.

Masturbation or "Master"-bation

By Sam Louie MA, LMHC on December 02, 2015 in Minority Report
Clients in recovery from sex addiction invariably ask about masturbation. What is healthy or unhealthy? It can be very confusing, shaming, especially within Christian circles.

Sex Addiction: Myths vs. Reality

The vast majority of properly trained sex addiction therapists recognize that sexual addiction is defined by out-of-control behaviors that are causing negative consequences.

What Video Gaming Tells Us

By Kirby Farrell Ph.D. on November 29, 2015 in A Swim in Denial
Humans everywhere use culture to turn fear into play. Video games turn paranoia into survival ecstasy and fertility—more life. These deep creaturely motives are symptomatic of many concerns today, from terrorism to virtual identity.

High Potency Marijuana Damages Cerebral Brain Connections

By Christopher Bergland on November 27, 2015 in The Athlete's Way
A new study reports that smoking marijuana with high levels of THC damages brain connections between the left and right hemispheres of the cerebrum.