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How Drug Addiction Impacts Infant Care

Substance abuse short circuits neural connections.

Rumination and Your Health

Rumination is linked to poor physiological reactivity

4 Predictions for the Future of Addiction Treatment

These advancements may be just over the horizon.

Spirituality and Addiction

Is addiction a problem of the spirit?

Recent Posts on Addiction

Looking to Meet Mr. Right Online?

By Rick Miller LICSW on February 05, 2015 in Unwrapped
Faster, faster, faster should not be confused with better, better, better. Turning to technology to find Mr. Right often goes all wrong as the technology itself often takes the place of human connection.

When Sex Isn’t About Pleasure

By Rick Miller LICSW on February 05, 2015 in Unwrapped
Sexual compulsivity is treatable. That may be one of the most important sentences you will ever hear. If it’s threatening your personal and professional life, there is an alternative.

How Alcohol Advertising Affects Adolescents

By Richard Taite on February 05, 2015 in Ending Addiction for Good
Remember all those great Super Bowl ads for beer? According to a study by researchers at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center (NCCC) and Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock (CHaD), seeing and liking alcohol advertising on television among underage youth was associated with the onset of drinking, binge drinking and hazardous drinking.

A New Drug Treatment for Binge-Eating Disorder

By Alexis Conason Psy.D. on February 04, 2015 in Eating Mindfully
On January 30, 2015, the FDA approved the use of Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine dimesylate) to treat binge-eating disorder (BED) in adults. This is the first medication ever approved by the FDA for the treatment of BED. But before you run out to your nearest physician to get your prescription, here are some things to know.

Occupational Hazard

By Mark D. Griffiths Ph.D. on February 04, 2015 in In Excess
To date, few measures of workaholism have been developed. A couple of years ago, I and some of my colleagues developed a new work addiction scale that was actually based on addiction components (called the 'Bergen Work Addiction Scale'). Find out if you are a workaholic using our psychometrically valid scale in this blog.

What We Can Learn From Russell Wilson’s Super Failure

Failure doesn’t get much more public than this. The Super Bowl. 114.5 million people watching. A ball thrown slightly off the mark. The end of a dream for the Seahawks and their fans. Yet, after it was over, the man who threw the ball sat before a press corps assembled to record his humiliation and said, “I can use this for the future.”

Alcohol, Marijuana, and Motor Vehicle Accidents

Alcohol and marijuana are among the drugs most commonly used by adolescents and young adults.


By Steven C. Hayes Ph.D. on February 03, 2015 in Get Out of Your Mind
Just because you’re not sick, doesn’t mean you’re healthy. We are used to that idea in physical health. The clarity we have with physical health, however, vanishes once we get to our own emotional, psychological, and social life.

Welcoming the Mentally Ill Back into Our Community

By Allen J Frances M.D. on February 02, 2015 in DSM5 in Distress
It has been my life’s passion to help the victims of mental illness discover that they can again be loveable, loving, purposeful people with the ability no longer to be overwhelmed by their illness.

NFL Message: Just Go Punch Someone

By Stanton Peele on February 02, 2015 in Addiction in Society
The NFL wants players to eschew unjustified, irrational, emotionally-driven violence—except if they feel like hitting people.

Is Addiction a Disease? Part 2

By Joseph A Shrand M.D. on February 02, 2015 in Manage Your Stress
Even addicts are doing the best they can.

Day 30: Picking Your Starting Place

By Eric R. Maisel Ph.D. on February 01, 2015 in Rethinking Psychology
Pick your starting place as you work to improve your mental health.

Exploring the Medicalization of Emotions

The team of professionals at The Pain Recovery Program at Father Martin’s Ashley believes that an integrated pain recovery treatment approach can successfully help chronic pain sufferers get well without reliance on pain medications.

"What's He Building in There?"—Anatomy of an Irrelationship

In irrelationship, we believe that we doing all the heavy lifting, either by giving, accepting or accommodating. Sooner than later, this creates smoldering resentment and distress on both sides. This disconnect is the result of each partner’s continuing as adults to play care taking roles that they took on toward their caregivers when they were small children.

Men Of Steal

By Mark D. Griffiths Ph.D. on January 30, 2015 in In Excess
In previous articles I have examined activities like shopping as an addiction. One similar such behavior is shoplifting. This article briefly looks at a new typology of shoplifting and argues that in some cases, shoplifting may even be an addiction.

The Mysterious Demise of Mr. Mojo Risin'

By Stephen A Diamond Ph.D. on January 30, 2015 in Evil Deeds
What was Jim Morrison's state of mind at the time he died of an apparent drug and alcohol overdose in Paris? Existentialist Friedrich Nietzsche was his favorite philosopher. Had Morrison succumbed to nihilism and clinical despair?

Are You Too Busy to Be Yourself?

Are we so busy being busy that we've forgotten to be ourselves. One man found the answer.

Should You Use a Fitness Tracker?

The downside to fitness trackers

Day 27: Releasing Grudges

How holding grudges can become a "distraction addiction" and harm our mental health

The House We Build for ADHD

You’re building a home and a family — one with ADHD in the mix. The sheer volume of information and misinformation about ADHD can compromise your designs and make your house seem built of straw more than bricks. But it needn’t be this way. Reinforce the foundation, build upwards to address the rest of ADHD, and your home can be as solid as every other one on the block.

Talking About Sex Addiction

By Sam Louie MA, LMHC on January 28, 2015 in Minority Report
Questions such as "Do you believe in sex addiction?" or "Is porn/masturbation ok?" are simplistic questions to challenging clinical issues. Instead, these questions need to be reframed from another vantage point.

Is Porn the Most Prevalent Drug?

Pornography is an increasingly widespread addiction, that continues to fly under the radar of common concern. Do you know just how addictive porn can be?

This Is Your Brain on Love

Remember the 1980s public service ad where the guy fries an egg and says: This is your brain on drugs? It is clear to most people that addictive drugs cause unnatural reactions in the human brain – reactions that sometimes lead to strange behaviors. But doesn’t love sometimes cause similarly strange behaviors?

Write Your Story, Improve Your Health

By Richard Taite on January 28, 2015 in Ending Addiction for Good
Studies have shown that writing about yourself and your personal experiences can improve mood disorders, improve health after a heart attack, reduce doctor visits and even boost memory.

Potential of Psilocybin in Mental Health Therapy

Over the past 50 years, tens of millions of people have used entheogens, yet there just is not much scientific evidence on either positive or negative long-term effects of these substances. The classical psychedelics (LSD, psilocybin, etc.) are not known to cause brain damage and are regarded as non-addictive.

Day 26: Using Your Strengths In Addiction Recovery

Learn how to use your strengths to help deal with your addictive tendencies

The Joyless Addiction

By Shahram Heshmat Ph.D. on January 28, 2015 in Science of Choice
Addicts often express that they continue to use drugs even when they no longer derive any pleasure.

The Fosters: A Terrific TV Series About an Adoptive Family

By E. Kay Trimberger Ph.D. on January 27, 2015 in Adoption Diaries
Main stream TV has created a show that documents both the difficulties and rewards of an open adoption system and the complicated adult relationships it spawns.

James Holmes: A Psychiatric Analysis

Is James Holmes a victim of insanity or a calculating killer?

Brush with the Law: An Arts in Prison Program

By David Gussak Ph.D., ATR-BC on January 27, 2015 in Art on Trial
Guest blogger and artist Maria Maneos describes the tragic impetus and the development of her innovative nonprofit Prison Art organization "Brush with the Law," and how it has brought about effective and healthy change in those inmates that participate.