Arthur P. Shimamura Ph.D.

Arthur P. Shimamura Ph.D., is a professor emeritus of Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley. His research program involved studies of human learning and memory using brain imaging techniques and investigations of individuals with neurological disorders. Dr. Shimamura is a founding member of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society and has been a scientific advisor for the San Francisco Exploratorium Science Museum. In 2008, he received a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship to explore links between art, aesthetics and brain. He has editied a volume on the psychology of cinema, Psychocinematics: Exploring Cognition at the Movies and is the author of Experiencing Art: In the Brain of the Beholder. Art's recent book, Get SMART! Five Steps Toward a Health Brain offers tips and information to foster healthy living and lifelong learning. Other books include A Walk Around O'ahu: My Personal Pilgrimage, MARGE: A Whole-Brain Learning Approach for Students and Teachers, and In the Mind's Eye, which showcases Shimamura's landscape, abstract, and close-up photography.

Author of

In the Brain of the Beholder

Explores the psychological and biological underpinnings of memory, learning, and our experience with the visual arts and movies. 

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