Hey there! I you're suffering from insomnia let me tell you somenthing that worked really great for me :)

Two months ago my life changed completly, I got fired from my job and two days later my boyfriend left me for another girl. By that time my head was full of thoughts and my nights started to be a nightmare, sleeping an average of two or three hours a night, leaving me tired and unable to concentrate the rest of the day.

Two weeks ago I came across this website: http://sleepsync.co.nf, like you will see they promise you to "get 8 hours of unbroken deep sleep" using audio recordings. At that time I was really desperate and decided to give it a try... Thanks to god I've done that! I don't really understand what this audio recordings contain (they're so relaxing) but when I play them i fall asleep in minutes, they help me to keep my mind clear and without thoughts.

I wanted share this because I know how fustrating can be having insomnia and if this worked for me probably will work for you too :)

Hope this cane helpful for someone :D