For anxiety, I would suggest the sudist approach. One of the biggest strategies is to cut back significantly on foods with added sweeteners (whether its real sugar, alternative sweeteners like stevia/monkfruit or artificial sweeteners like splenda/aspartame/sorbitol). This would include fruit yogurts, granola bars, energy bars, protein bars/shakes, Boost drinks, virtually all prepared breakfast cereals (eat plain oatmeal instead), and any organic/natural cookies/cakes/etc. This made a tremendous difference in my own chronic anxiety, without meds. I no longer have *any* chronic anxiety because of this single change.

For insomnia, I am all too familiar with it. Going for a morning walk outdoors every day can be very helpful, since daytime sunlight exposure helps us to feel more awake during the day and more sleepy at night. Regular exercise definitely helps too; if you don't have lots of energy, start with short walks outdoors and gradually add a few minutes to your walks each day. If you can't sleep at night, get out of bed and read something that's not too stimulating (or even better, outright boring) until you feel sleepy--it will help get your mind off of whatever you are worrying about. And if you're brave, try a cold shower before bedtime or when you can't sleep. It will cool down your body temperature, and I have noticed this does help. You can modulate the degree of coldness to whatever you can tolerate.

Good luck to anyone out there that this might help!