I have tried everything. I tried a neurofeedback device and discovered that "anxiety" is not what is causing the insomnia. I am trying to research the possibility of organ damage from pharmaceuticals that were irresponsibly prescribed to me in the past. I can't seem to get any responses from doctors. Most deny that pharma pills can cause organ damage so I am left with nothing. I can only experiment on my own, which is leading to a lot of wasted money on "cures" that do nothing. Purchasing these fake cures is getting to be a very bad habit, but I'm so desperate to end this exhaustion. The last fake cure I tried actually kept me up all night long. It has been nine years. The closest thing to a useful reply that I have ever had was from a naturopath who told me likely it is my pituitary that is damaged by the drugs, causing inability to sleep. I am at a loss as to how to fix this. I am tired of the fake cures, tired of the rollercoaster I go through thinking "This will be it!" and then, the letdown when I discover it doesn't work. Lack of sleep and constant exhaustion has wrecked my career and productivity. On my days off I can only lie down (and I still can't sleep!) because I'm too tired to get much done.