Anonymous wrote:

:) it is NOT my opinion - it is the BAIT sentence I took from the article...

Actually, it is just your opinion. Period. You don't have the authority to elevate it to fact. It's subjective. If you think it's evil in your morality, that's fine.

The fact remains, whether you like it or not, there is porn made by people who enjoy making and who are NOT under duress, and there are people who enjoy watching it. You are in no position whatsoever to announce to those people that it is "evil".


And YOU are playing DEVIL'S ADVOCATE when you mention educational videos in this context...

Not really, because those videos exist, and they are educational and are beneficial for those who don't have hangups.

There are people in the world who think women need to be covered from head to toe in burkas, and they think it's evil to have women exposing their legs in summer shorts. But fortunately, they don't get to dictate how you or your wife or daughter have to dress.


The article uses faulty logic and most comments as well.

Actually, your logic is faulty.


Smoking tobacco is beneficial - it relieves stress.

A perfect example of your faulty logic. Tobacco has been demonstrated to be medically harmful to anyone taking it. Porn has not been demonstrated to be that at all.

[fquote]Do you want more examples of highly beneficial activities?[/quote]
Actually, you've failed to provide any examples.

As for your earlier comment that it is not a cartoon, the author never said that. Try reading with better comprehension.