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Grateful in the Time of Coronavirus

It is during the most stressful times that I focus even more on being grateful.

These are such uncertain times. Every day, it seems, the news becomes bleaker with the coronavirus spreading around the world and around our country. There are more and more closures and limitations within our lives.

We are now told to stay home and practice social-distancing. For today, it's my husband and me and our sweet puppy, Molly. For today, I can only visit with my children and grandchildren through FaceTime. Rather than focus on limitations and challenges, I have so much for which to be grateful.

1. For today, I do not have the virus.

2. No one in my family and none of my friends has the virus.

3. I have a roof over my head and enough food in the kitchen.

4. I have a television with zillions of stations.

5. I have a computer, where I can write whatever I want, whenever I want.

6. I have FaceTime so I can see my kids and grandkids even when I cannot really "see" them.

The author with her three favorite little ones.
Source: bjaffe/blogger

7. I have a family who cares about each other, and they are checking in.

8. I have many, many shelves of delicious books.

So many books to read!
Source: bjaffe/blogger

9. I have a lot of pens with which to write.

10. I still have my sense of humor and my optimism, which allow me to feel positive despite the challenges.

11. I had enough toilet paper before people started hoarding it. I still have enough for now.

12. I can walk outside my house and see beautiful trees, grass, flowers, and birds.

13. If I can’t travel for a long time, my memories of our trips will suffice.

The author practicing her dancing in Beijing during better times.
Source: bjaffe/blogger

14. We are all in this together.

15. There are people who care deeply about others, even if some people do not.

16. I have my morals and values intact.

17. I have a washer and dryer to wash my clothes and dry them.

18. I still have Chardonnay in my fridge.

19. I have bags of triple-dipped chocolate malted balls in reserve.

The best triple-dipped malted milk balls!
Source: bjaffe/blogger

20. Molly is our sweet puppy, who came to us six months ago.

21. I can still take Molly for a walk.

22. Molly sees life as normal, which helps me view it that way, too. She goes on her walks and gets to play with us (more than usual), so for her, everything is gloriously the same, maybe even better.

A selfie with the author, her husband, Paul, and dear Molly.
Source: bjaffe/blogger

23. My writing class has always been online so I don’t ever have to worry about missing it.

24. I can rest during the day if I want to.

25. I am retired so I don’t have to worry about my job.

26. I am saving money on gas because I am not going anywhere.

27. I can speak to people I love on the phone and through email and texting.

28. I can make myself coffee whenever I want even if it’s not the same as going to a coffee house.

29. I have my health today.

30. Those I love are healthy for today.

Waking up to Molly is such a joy!
Source: bjaffe/blogger
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