Shimon Edelman Ph.D.

Shimon Edelman was brought up in the USSR during a golden age that valued science geekdom, encouraged sci-fi addiction, and fostered general dissidence among the thinking classes.

His research interests, which range across many areas of cognitive science, led to publications in animal and machine vision, robotics and motor control, learning and learnability, theoretical neuroscience, neuroimaging, memory, computational linguistics, acquisition of language and of birdsong, consciousness, ethics, and metaphysics. He is the author of Representation and Recognition in Vision (1999), Computing the Mind: How the Mind Really Works (2008), The Happiness of Pursuit (2012), Beginnings (2013), and, most recently, Life, Death, and Other Inconvenient Truths (Oct. 2020). He is Professor of Psychology at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, and is married to Esti, a psychotherapist.

Author of

The Happiness of Pursuit

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