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Photo of Diante Fuchs, Psychologist in Queenstown, Otago
Diante Fuchs
Psychologist, MA
As a clinical psychologist and certified anxiety coach I help women who are tired of anxiety or depression getting in the way of everything they do. I support those who are passionate and wanting more from their relationships and their lives, but are feeling held back by mental health concerns. I work with women who want more intimacy (get your libido back) and connection, as well as mothers who are tried of anxiety getting in the way of their parenting. I support career and business women who want to scale their dreams but find anxiety keeps getting in the way...
0800 627 004 x53 
Queenstown 9300
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Hypnotherapy Counsellors
Hypnotherapy is guided hypnosis, or a trance-like state of focus and concentration achieved with the help of a clinical hypnotherapist. This trance-like state is similar to being completely absorbed in a book, movie, music, or even one's own thoughts or meditations. In this state, clients can turn their attention completely inward to find and utilize the natural resources deep within themselves that can help them make changes or regain control in certain areas of their life.

Hypnotherapists in Queenstown use hypnotherapy as an adjunct form of therapy. Hypnotherapy can be used to treat anxiety, phobias, substance abuse including tobacco, sexual dysfunction, undesirable spontaneous behaviors, and bad habits. It can also be used to help improve sleep, learning disorders, communication, and relationship issues.