Steve, I’ve been following NDEs and OBEs for a long time. I first heard about OBEs through Monroe’s work and books. However, in his later years, he came to the startling conclusion that OBEs represent a shift of consciousness rather than some spirit leaving the body. Much to my disappointment, I’m coming to gradually accept this conclusion. As such, OBEs would be re-named since consciousness isn’t actually leaving the physical body.

I’m wondering if the same conclusion can be drawn with regard to NDEs. The anecdotal evidence for subjects seeing events outside their physical bodies seems compelling. But reasoning backward, if NDEs represent a shift of consciousness outside the physical body, then proof of principle is established for OBEs being a similar phenomenon.

I’m not sure why researchers
don’t study OBEs in the manner that Dr. Charles Tart did with his Miss Z experiment? While the experimental design could be improved, it would constitute a paradigm shift into studying the nature of consciousness.