Hey there I wanted to ask about a dream I had just yesterday I have never had this type of dream before and it happened fast I was outside in the middle of the night staring at the stars when I saw 6 bright stars in the form of a hexagon as I thought they were gonna hover past me it stopped a few feet away from where I just was at this point I couldn't move and I was paralyzed with fear it had transformed into a giant bird I can't remember what type but it seemed mechanical it walked towards me while I was in fear trying to scream my lungs out and couldn't it swallowed me whole before it killed me I looked into it's mouth before I closed my eyes and it was pitch black no teeth or anything the moment it swallowed me I closed my eyes I didn't feel pain and the fear fainted only being scared to open my eyes when I did I was back in my bed where I was sleeping I checked the time and it had been half an hour since the whole thing happened I'm not sure what this dream meant I usually have weird dreams or complete darkness while I sleep but a robotic giant bird when I haven't even seen a bird in months doesn't make sense I wanted to know if it had any meaning to it I feel less scared of the dark and started to embrace it because that's all there is darkness and nothing more I start walking in the house in pitch black and avoid light because I started to hate it maybe I'm just crazy but if you have any ideas to what this is or just tell me I'm crazy that would be great but I'd love a reply what your thoughts are on this dream.