I see my grand daughter (& her physical environment) neglected... it breaks my heart. She is contented and quiet when with me, & the joy on her face is a treasure.

(And I have no desire to photograph it & slap it on Face Book. It's ours to share, and all the more precious for that.)

So why are you such a fan of cell phones, or are you simply balancing your article? I don't have one & I feel totally connected to all the people I love.

Why not take a walk and connect with Nature and then ring the person you love when you get home? What's wrong with looking at "the world's knowledge" in the evening on a PC or in a book? Enjoy a few moments wondering about it first! There's a lot to be said for deferred gratification...

Childhood needs to be a creative time, & screen-use quashes this natural drive by affecting the young frontal lobes. Thus, language development and creativity are curbed. Eyesight & posture are damaged too, & research suggests that the light frequency itself is addictive - thus the disproportionate time spent looking at the things. (Sorry - I digress. But it's so frightening...)

Moreover, screens are hypnotising children (& adults) with values NOT conducive to a healthy mind and body. Consider obesity levels, addictions, percentages of anorexics, teen pregnancies, depression, debt, self harm............ this continual "feed" (such an apt word) from these devices is fuelling no end of problems & giving precious little real benefit.

Life is about the living breathing moment, not how many "likes" the picture of one's dinner has received. I can only hope that this stupidity will eventually pass and that the world will learn something of value from it.

I do acknowledge the benefit of a phone in your pocket, but I'd still rather be free from it. Because this has gone way, way beyond just a phone. The online world is defining people at the expense of reality. So of course they can't be bothered with their children.