Issue Archive

May 2004

The Surprising Truth About Addiction

More people quit addictions than maintain them, and they do so on their own.

March 2004

Great Expectations: The Soul Mate Quest

Has the quest to find the perfect soul mate done more harm than good?

January 2004

Seven Deadly Sentiments

Introducing the shameful feelings that many people have, but few admit.

November 2003

How to Get Great Sleep

When one fitful night turns into full-blown insomnia.

September 2003

The PermaParent Trap

Baby boomer parents and their boomerang kids.

July 2003

The New Sex Scorecard

Men and women's minds really do work differently -- but not on everything.

May 2003

Susan Sarandon: Speaking Out

The actress-slash-activist makes herself heard.

March 2003

Prozac Nation with Christina Ricci

Depression is ugly in reality and in film.

January 2003

An Interview with Lisa Ling

The talk show host shares her thoughts on success and loss.

November 2002

The Powers and Perils of Intuition

When is it safe to go with your gut?