November 2016

Psychology Today Magazine November 2016

The Long Road to “Politically Correct”

Free Think: The Long Road to “Politically Correct”

By John McWhorter
Words evolve, ideologies creep. Is that “problematic”?
Around the World in 2,557 Days

Eccentric’s Corner: Around the World in 2,557 Days

By Gary Drevitch
Nearly four years ago, Paul Salopek began his trek—on foot.
An Unlikely Bond

2 Minute Memoir: An Unlikely Bond

By Alissa Ackerman
Seventeen years after being raped, a criminologist finds a surprising path to closure.
How to “B” Smart

Supplemental Science: How To “B” Smart

By Emily Silber
There are eight B vitamins, and they’re all instrumental to the brain.
We Are Not Alone

Books: We Are Not Alone

By Gary Drevitch
There are few creatures on Earth that seem as alien as the octopus, starting with its strangely evolved brain.
Show Me the Money

Social Media: Show Me The Money

By Elizabeth Kelsey
What compels people to give to others online.
Tear Down This Wall

Tear Down This Wall

By Matt Huston, Emily Silber, Libby Ryan
Meet five thinkers whose oeuvres span two worlds.
So Little Time

So Little Time

By Shira Polan
To salvage neglected pursuits, try these tactics.
Can You Handle the Truth?

Can You Handle the Truth?

By Colleen Park
Being less than accurate about what others think of you may have an upside.
An Invisible Edge

An Invisible Edge

By Matt Huston
The hunt is on for genetic clues to children's future achievement.
Positives From a Partner

Unconventional Wisdom: Positives from a Partner

By Hara Estroff Marano
Compliments are oxygen for a relationship.
Boomerang Wisdom

Boomerang Wisdom

By Emily Silber
The cast-off ideas of yesterday could inform the next breakthrough.
Bank Notes

Bank Notes

By Jacquie Itsines
The amount of happiness a dollar buys depends on how you use it.