July 2015

Psychology Today Magazine July 2015

My Secret Father

By Gigi Rosenberg
A strong-willed mother wanted to erase memories of her ex-husband, so their daughter was made to live a lie.

Meet The Martians

By Faye Flam
What's propelling Mars One finalists into space?

Depression, Dissected

By Carl Sherman
New research illuminates the role of inflammation in the common mood disorder.

Eccentric's Corner: Science Is Sharing

By Gary Drevitch
Ellen Jorgensen’s DIY lab, Genspace, launched a movement by bringing biology to the masses.

Dear Interior: Podcast

By Eleanor Davis

Status Updates Don’t Lie

By Matt Huston
Slicing through millions of messages offers a vivid look at personality.

The Reach of Probiotics

By Hara Estroff Marano
The real breakthrough in treating psychiatric disorders may hinge on cultivating the “downstairs brain."

Words With Strangers

By Matt Huston
Random pairings of Tweets can be apt, funny, and even deep.

Vox Populi

By Jacquie Itsines, Matt Huston, Jamie Downey
Words can win and lose elections.

Unconventional Wisdom: Honor Thy Father (But How Much?)

By Hara Estroff Marano
How far to go in honoring a parent's memory?

Ask Not What Your Buyer Can Do for You

By Meghan Pryce
Remixing your sentences could help close the deal.

Hit Me Baby One More Time

By Jacquie Itsines
Chart-topping hits share a common ingredient.

I Am Man, Hear Me Swear

By Bailey Wolff
Evolution may help explain why men are more prolifically profane than women.

Little Words, Big Thoughts

By Jamie Downey
Students’ essays contain stealth predictors of future success.

Paging Dr. Twitter

By Meghan Pryce
The sentiments we express online offer a surprisingly reliable gauge of well-being.