May 2015

Psychology Today Magazine May 2015

The Letting Go

By Bonnie Rose Marcus
A poet confronts her fear of death by spending time with the dying.

The Earth's Backup Plan

By Diane Cole
2.5 billion seeds of hope lie under Norwegian permafrost.

Unconventional Wisdom: Stop This Divorce!

By Hara Estroff Marano
Divorce and unrealistic expectations in love.

Eccentric's Corner: Drawn to History

By Gary Drevitch
A Canadian cartoonist finds humor in history.

The Empathy Trap

By Robin Stern Ph.D., Diane Divecha Ph.D.
Too much empathy can blind you to your own needs.

What The Elite Won’t Talk About

By Jeffrey Lieberman M.D.
Stigma about mental illness continues, even among the elite.

The Meaning of Maturity

By Matt Huston
What does mental growth look like at different stages of life?

Young Adults, Same Old

By Matt Huston
Young people have long faced similar challenges on their way to adulthood.

Don’t Fear the Reaper

By Jacquie Itsines
The dread that comes with age may guide your everyday choices—for better or worse.

Look at the Big Picture

By Meghan Pryce
Ease your present angst by thinking about the future.

Q&A with Susan Neiman

By Matt Huston
How to balance idealism and realism.

Wisdom of the Ages

By Matt Huston
How do our cognitive skills change over time?

You Can Cry If You Want To

By Jamie Downey
Trying to force happiness can make sadness worse.

Growing Into Yourself

By Bailey Wolff
The evolution of self-esteem

Once in a Lifetime

By PT Staff
How to savor a fleeting moment