September 2014

Psychology Today Magazine September 2014

Dating: The Soft Breakup

By Matt Huston
Technology can make finding new love a lot harder.

Eccentric's Corner/Q+A: The Toughest Man In the World

By Nando Pelusi Ph. D.
Ed Hamell turns a life of mayhem and tragedy into humorous music

Unconventional Wisdom: Take Two

By Hara Estroff Marano
How to get intimacy back and help a depressed spouse

How to Shoot an Elephant

By PT Staff
The art of making abstract ideas concrete

Fear Facts

By Amanda Glickman, Matt Huston
New findings on fear and anxiety.

Nature's Bounty: (Agri)Culture Shock

By Andrea Crawford
Millennials take their Ivy League degrees to the farm

Person of Interest: The Everywoman in Gracie Mansion

By Jennifer Bleyer
Chirlane McCray reflects a rapidly changing America.

The Story of Us

By Jessie Mooney
The origin of your relationship may have greater significance than you think.

The Great Experiment

By Matt Huston
A Q&A with OkCupid co-founder Christian Rudder

A Series of Unconscionable Events

By Annabel Lau
Why do injustices snowball? Research explains.

Wild Laughter

By Matt Huston
We share something funny with our primate relatives.

When Beauty Bites

By Laura Curren
Beautiful is not necessarily better

Give a Little, Get a Little (More)

By Annabel Lau
Make helping even more of a win-win.

Q&A: Steven Pinker

By Matt Huston
Cognitive science allows clearer writing

Hacking Fear

By Amy Nordrum
Fear keeps us alive in a dangerous world, but too much can make it hard to function.

Would Tolstoy Pass The Marshmallow Test?

By Kaja Perina
The work of Walter Mischel reveals hard truths about self control—and its limits.