July 2014

Psychology Today Magazine July 2014

Unconventional Wisdom: A Dream of Retirement?

By Hara Estroff Marano
How to compromise in retirement

Two-Minute Memoir: When Love Is a Foreign Concept

By Carlin Flora
A disabled orphan finds love and family far away

Dating: Love the One You're Near

By Jennifer Bleyer
What do GPS-enabled mobile dating apps mean for intimacy?

Nature's Bounty: What's in a Drop?

By Amy Nordrum
Finding flavor in the world's most common drink

Mind Your Body: The Brain Aquatic

By Zachary Slobig
Take two waves and call me in the morning.

Eccentric's Corner: Boyhood Wonder

By Gary Drevitch
Richard Linklater's boldest filmmaking experiment yet required an unprecedented twelve years of shooting.

What's Your Excuse?

By Amy Nordrum
Shielding yourself from blame can both help and hurt you.

Stopped in Your Tracks

By Kelly Dickerson
One scientist takes the measure of our amazement

News: Him, Her, and Hillary

By Matt Huston
Leading ladies seem to us a different kind of woman—and not in a good way.

News: Don't Tell Me to Cheer Up

By Kelly Dickerson
"Think positive" may be the wrong advice.

News: Rain? Check.

By Kelly Dickerson
Rainy days bring productivity

News: Love & Lust

By Amy Nordrum
When and why we withhold affection

Attitude Adjustment

By Matt Huston
The "Me Me Me Generation" may be getting a little less self-centered.

Dissecting the Date

By Matt Huston
The subtle forces steering your first night out

Math: The Extra Sense

By Kaja Perina
Math is an extension of common sense