March 2014

Psychology Today Magazine March 2014

Unconventional Wisdom: The Purpose of Dating

By Hara Estroff Marano
The real purpose of dating; moving on after being used.

Q & A with Phil Klay

By Matt Huston
An ex-Marine sketches the faces of a decade-defining war

Bookshelf: What Else Could It Be?

By Kaja Perina
Is it ADHD?

News: Decoding the Kiss

By Noam Shpancer
Why must we kiss?

Nature's Bounty: The Psychobiotic Revolution

By Jordan Davidson
It may be possible to relieve anxiety and depression solely by manipulating bacteria in the gut.

Sex: If I Could Do It All Over Again

By Matt Huston
Rethinking a sexual fling is normal

Eccentric's Corner/Q+A: Memory Maker

By Matt Huston
Globe-trotting photographer Jimmy Nelson makes the case for indigenous cultures.

Bookshelf: Lost in Translation

By Kelly Holmes
Reading others is an essential human skill—but it's not failsafe.

Bookshelf: What’s So Funny?

By Matt Huston
Poking around the marrow of the funny bone

News: Shorts

By Anca Ulea
The latest studies on cheating, fatigue and spanking

News: Color War

By Lauren F. Friedman
Colors of culture

News: Checking Him Out

By Erin Brodwin
Women scan potential mates in a flash

Give It to Me Straight

By Matt Huston
How to deliver unwelcome messages.