January 2014

Psychology Today Magazine January 2014

Unconventional Wisdom: No Physical Attraction

By Hara Estroff Marano
Advice on rekindling marital sex and break-ups.

Bookshelf: Your Own Worst Enemy

By Matt Huston
Anxiety disorder's impact spans the ages.

Q & A: Jennifer Ouellette

By Lauren F. Friedman
What makes us who we are?

Bookshelf: Positive Thinking

By Matt Huston
Positive thinking has become a staple of American culture. But how well does it actually work?

News: When Being Bad Feels Good

By Laura Entis
Cheating can be fun—so why don't we do it more often

Two-Minute Memoir: The Will Of The Weed

By Jeanne Safer
In the midst of a life-threatening illness, how do you hold on to who you are?

Quiz: Mind Space

By Anca Ulea
It's never too late to learn.

Nature's Bounty: Rich Dirt, Poor Dirt

By Daniel A. Marano
The dirt on the declining quality of soil

Outside In: The Beauty Paradox

By Carlin Flora
Attractive female leaders might not be sitting pretty.

One Big Change: Five Signs of Covert Addiction

By Adi Jaffe Ph.D.
Behavioral changes are often the first clue to addiction

Person of Interest: The Driving Furies of Martin Luther King, Jr.

By Nassir Ghaemi M.D.
Could mania have driven MLK to leadership?

Chart: Generation Song

By Matt Huston
Why do millennials have a soft spot for ‘80s music? Blame their parents.

Healthy Hints: The Butterfly Effect

By Emma Seppala Ph.D.
Meditation may not be a cure-all, but it heals—or at least eases—many ills.

Tip Sheet: What, Me Worry?

By Jordan Davidson
How to worry realistically

Stats: Forty-Year-Old Virgins

By Kelly Holmes
What middle-aged virginity looks like

News: Six-ish Degrees of Separation

By Jordan Davidson
Is the world getting smaller? Definitely—at least online

Between You and Me

By Lauren F. Friedman
Four new ideas help crack the mystery of how we relate.