January 2014

Psychology Today Magazine January 2014

Unconventional Wisdom: No Physical Attraction

Advice on rekindling marital sex and break-ups.

Bookshelf: Your Own Worst Enemy

Anxiety disorder's impact spans the ages.

News: When Being Bad Feels Good

Cheating can be fun—so why don't we do it more often

Two-Minute Memoir: The Will Of The Weed

In the midst of a life-threatening illness, how do you hold on to who you are?

Quiz: Mind Space

It's never too late to learn.

Nature's Bounty: Rich Dirt, Poor Dirt

The dirt on the declining quality of soil

Outside In: The Beauty Paradox

Attractive female leaders might not be sitting pretty.

One Big Change: Five Signs of Covert Addiction

Behavioral changes are often the first clue to addiction

Chart: Generation Song

Why do millennials have a soft spot for ‘80s music? Blame their parents.

Healthy Hints: The Butterfly Effect

Meditation may not be a cure-all, but it heals—or at least eases—many ills.

Tip Sheet: What, Me Worry?

How to worry realistically

Stats: Forty-Year-Old Virgins

What middle-aged virginity looks like

News: Six-ish Degrees of Separation

Is the world getting smaller? Definitely—at least online

Between You and Me

Four new ideas help crack the mystery of how we relate.