November 2013

Psychology Today Magazine November 2013

Is Your Partner "Good Enough?"

By Aaron Ben Zeév Ph.D.
Is your partner a perfect 10?

Unconventional Wisdom: Is It A Relationship Yet?

By Hara Estroff Marano
How much together time does it take to make a relationship?

What It’s Like: To Live In Space

By Lauren F. Friedman
Life aboard the International Space Station

Eccentric's Corner/Q+A: The Jigsaw Provocateur

By John Grossmann
The mind of puzzle maker

Bookshelf: May We Recommend...

By PT Staff
Let yesterday's favorites point you toward something new.

Bookshelf: Q&A with Jesse Bering

By Matt Huston
The Perv author tackles taboos with a light touch.

Crime: Hiding in Plain Sight

By Leonora Desar
He doesn't look like a "bad guy"

Tip Sheet: How to Escape Misguided Decisions

By Adam Grant
A little foresight can help you avoid throwing good money after bad.

News: Bye, Dear

By Lauren F. Friedman
A guilt-free commute for Mom

News: The Insatiable Shopper

By Agata Blaszczak-Boxe
Money may not be able to buy happiness

News: Tradition!

By Matt Huston
Rituals help strengthen relationships

The United States of Satisfaction

By Lauren F. Friedman
The state of happiness

Final Analysis: The Neurotic's Guide to Relaxation

By Jason Good
The facts on chilling out

Nature's Bounty: Getting Your Goat

By Leonora Desar
Goat meat and dairy are boons to the body.

Mind Your Body: Buoyed By Design

By Amy Maxmen
The future of anti-depressants

One Big Change: The Truth About Addictive Triggers

By Lance Dodes, M.D.
Know what sets off your addiction

Tip Sheet: (Don't) Get Used to It

By Laura Entis
How to hold on to that happy feeling.