May 2013

Psychology Today Magazine May 2013

Final Analysis: The Prodigy and The iPhone

By Jason Good
Deconstructing digital captures By my 3-year-old son

Unconventional Wisdom: Lopsided Love

By Hara Estroff Marano
Lopsided love and a shrink on the brink

Bookshelf: The Real Culture Wars

By Matt Huston, Mara Model, Bahar Gholipour
Are we defined by ourselves or our community?

Blogs: Mending Challenging Relationships

By PT Staff
PT experts share their insights.

Tech: From Fun To Done

By Mara Model
Can an app make your to-do list seem like child's play?

Tip Sheet: How to Get Your Way

By Nick Tasler
Want to influence others? Cast aside these three common misconceptions.

Stereotypes: The Worst Kind of Flattery

By Matt Huston
Positive stereotyping isn't as innocent as it seems.

News: Generation Trap

By Lauren F. Friedman
When you were born may affect your lifelong well-being.

Blogger Spotlight: 10 Reasons Why Some People Love What They Do

By David DiSalvo
Why some love their daily grind

Rant: Shared Decision Making in Medicine

By Peter Ubel M.D.
Physicians-patient communication needs improvement.

Keen Cuisine: The Great Fructose Debate

By Susan Carnell Ph.D.
Is fructose a factor in liver disease and obesity?

Nature’s Bounty: A Nation in Ferment

By Daniel A. Marano
Fermentation long ago created most of the world’s favorite flavors. Chefs are now rediscovering the process. Is that pistachio miso on your plate?

Mind Your Body: The Shroom Shift

By Emily Laber-Warren
Can psychedelic drugs leave a permanent mark on our personalities?

Field Guide To The Stage Mom: The Pusher

By Hara Estroff Marano
She drags her kid to auditions and yells at her for needing a nap.

Snap Judgments: Politics at a Glance

By Matt Huston
We judge many traits instantly—if not always accurately..

Why We Cheer

By Matt Huston
The fuzzy logic of sports fans

The Upside of Dark Minds

By Matt Huston
Some killer traits can make the world a better place.

How to Spot a Sociopath

By M.E. Thomas
Characteristics of a sociopath