January 2013

Psychology Today Magazine January 2013

Two-Minute Memoir: The Newlywed Examination

Justin was the quiet presence who helped me heal from sexual assault. So why wasn't I fighting the accusations against him?

Rant: Divorce: Not an Option for Me

A child of divorce grapples with raising her own children.

Outside In: But It's All Natural!

Do we have an instinctive preference for herbal remedies?

Unconventional Wisdom: Love on the Internet

Relationships substituting electronic contact for real contact may suffer in the long run.

Two-Minute Memoir: Love and Fatigue

Illness won love and lost love—then taught me how to live.

Eccentric's Corner: The Master of Hide & Seek

Privacy expert Frank Ahearn helps people bury the skeletons in their closet.

Bookshelf: Your Bigoted Brain

Deep-seated stereotypes shape your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Blogs: Old Dogs, New Tricks

Can people change? Or are some parts of us set in stone?

Q&A: The Brain That Heals Itself

On whether we can reverse damage in the brain, instead of just trying to fix it.

News: A Toasted Marshmallow (Test)

The classic test of self-control is not as straightforward as you might believe.

News: Rebuffed!

Four reasons someone might reject your help

Blogger: I Love Being a Guy

The trade-offs of the Y chromosome.

Sex: Can't Hurry Love

When you first decide to have sex matters—even years later.

Mind Your Body: Sick with Sadness

Why do some people die from grief, while others pull through?

Field Test: Help Me, Help You

Why every customer should be polite.

Romance: Till Unfriending Do Us Part

A modern guide to navigating the lifecycle of a relationship—on Facebook.

Tip Sheet: On the Other Hand...

Remove your blinders before picking a side.

News: Take the Money and Run

Why splurging on the honeymoon instead of the dress is tied to greater happiness

Eyes on The Prize

Is happiness something you can chase, or is it foolish to try?