November 2012

Psychology Today Magazine November 2012

Unconventional Wisdom: The Cost of Sobriety

Some paths to sobriety come with unexpected costs.

What it's Like: To Be Homeless

Losing it all doesn't have to mean losing hope.

Bookshelf: Pigs Do Fly

Our crafty brains make sense of the world.

Field Test: Hello Darkness, My New Friend

Music seems to be getting sadder. Are we?

Chart: Sorority Majority

When gender balances tip, everyone acts differently.

Why You Buy

In shopping—as in life—it's not just what's inside that counts.

Final Analysis: The Out-of-the-Box Thinker’s Guide to Denial

Bending reality as if it’s your job. Because you don’t have another job.

Keen Cuisine: Fudging It

Ailing minds can benefit from bitter chocolate.

Nature's Bounty: The Spice of Life

Herbs and spices are at the forefront of research.

Mind Your Body: The Underrated Sense

In defense of smell: It's crucial to love, health, and survival.

Outside In: You Are What You Eat

Food can affect your behavior

Blogs: I Get Knocked Down—But I Get Up Again

Our ability to bounce back is impressive.

Manners: I Rule

When is it okay to toot your own horn?

Tip Sheet: I Can't Believe My Eyes

What makes us buy a lie?

News: Do You Have a Sec?

The upside of workplace distractions.

News: Save Yourself!

Trying to dodge a threat?

News: One Step at a Time

Clues to your character can hide in your stride.